This altered scene of The Last Supper is popping up in the strangest places and all over Tumblr. Here, Snoop Dogg warms up the room before the main act takes the stage. You know Jesus is big when Snoop’s just the opener!

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That's whack. -Ed

Respect and reverence for religious traditions are Krista's trademark. Both are absent here.

I think it's Great! We take religious Mythology WAY too seriously in the US of A. True Spirituality comes from the INSIDE. Religious institutions (specifically the 3 Yahweh cults and their mythologies) are brainwashing mechanisms of social control, nothing more. So what's the harm?

'God' by whatever name is everywhere, is everything, including our jokes. Therefore 'God' has a sense of humor.

Dog is my Copilot!! LOL!

I can't understand what SD has to do with being. I have an adverse reaction to seeing him - not a person representative of the "being" of men or women.