The SOF Facebook group has hit its first milestone of 1,000 members. I’ll admit that we haven’t devoted as much time as we’d like to nurturing and gleaning content ideas from participants in this space. And yet, it grows.

In the coming new year, I’d like to dedicate more time to this bunch of fans. For now, it’s a great opportunity to invite all of you who are members to Krista’s events and inform you of other things on the radar.
But, there’s so much more we could do to engage this audience. One of the immediate questions that comes to mind is whether we should migrate to a fan page set-up. We wouldn’t delete the SOF group, but let it live on in ways yet undetermined.

I’m sure you have suggestions. Feed me, Seymour (yes, LSOH lives on). How do you live on Facebook? What would you find helpful?

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Hey--does anybody want to help me explain how wonderful SOF in the comment section of this blogpost?

How do I join this group? There's got to be a quicker way than trying to find it by browsing thru all spiritual/religious groups on Facebook.

Ksenia, if you are logged in to your Facebook account, the link I provided in the first paragraph of this post will take you directly to the SOF group page. If this doesn't work, I'll do some investigating.

I am logged into my Facebook account. And I have tried following your embedded link. But it does not get me there. There is no place I see on the Speaking of Faith website that will link me through. And when I do a search at Facebook itself, it yields no results for the SOF group. So I think some serious work needs to be done, Trent, to even make the group findable, even through your own program website. Extremely disappointing.