“Marrying a Catholic, in some ways, made me more Jewish.”
Steve Roberts

“When I was pregnant for our first child, I understood the meaning of Passover and wanted to have that celebration in our home and didn’t know how to go about it.”
Cokie Roberts

Steve and Cokie Roberts WeddingWho knew that listening to two veteran power journalists discuss their “mixed” marriage, the meaning of Passover, and the importance of the Seder could be so delightful and entertaining? If you’re looking for apleasant 20 minutes to spend this weekend morning, listen to Sara Ivry’s interview with Cokie and Steve Roberts for Vox Tablet. Ivry’s style and demeanor are relaxed and comfortable, which makes you feel like you’re participating in a dinner table discussion rather than a question-and-answer session.

For me personally, I know that as my wife and I transition our boys from preschool at a Jewish community center to a Catholic elementary school (both foreign worlds to me), I don’t want to lose some of the gifts and rituals present in both of these faiths and people. This conversation is a refreshing, uplifting perspective that I found quite helpful in making the most of one’s own journey.

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For a different take on Steve and Cokie Roberts' new Haggadah, and the vision of the Jewish community they espouse, please see:


Thanks Harold. I look forward to reading your book. When you speak of transformation in your commentary, I imagine that there are many ways for an interfaith family to live this out. It just might depend on what each family deems important, necessary, and nourishing for them to thrive and bow their heads to the traditions and legacy of their ancestors, non?