I guess we’re not the only ones struggling to come to terms with a new name. After an intensive naming process with marketers and executives, Conan O’Brien reveals the title of his new show on TBS. Yes, it is Conan: “Simple. Pure. Like the man himself.” Perhaps we made it too complicated and should’ve just named our project Krista? *grin*

And, I’m hoping that they stick with TeamCoco.com as their URL. It’s a nod to the massive outcry from his fans. It remembers their efforts and support. As of September 16th, you can type in onBeing.org or onBeing.com. Perhaps we should’ve gone with TeamTippett.org… Oh, and in case you were wondering, you can still use speakingoffaith.org to get to our site, even after the launch on September 16th.

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I am adding my comment here because I can find no other space/place to express my distress at the upcoming name change, from "Speaking of Faith" to "Being". "Speaking of Faith" is precisely what Krista Tippet does so elegantly, and why ever in this world would she choose to re-name her program? No doubt this was a totally market-driven decision, to re-brand a product in order to attract new listeners. The time, money and effort spent on changing the name of the program could have been better spent. I think it is bullshit, pure and simple.

Is it too late to go back to the drawing board on the name change? It seems wrong in several ways. Putting Krista's name in the title is antithetical to the show's theme that this is not about media stardom but is a humble quest to find new ideas in out-of-the-way places, and is not one of the many personality-driven shows. The word "being" also seems kind of new age at best and meaningless at worst. Put the two together and you have a name that says nothing. And taking "faith" out of the title seems like a bow to the secularists and atheists that won't please the "faithful" devotees of this show.