It’s late afternoon. The SOF quadrant is deserted since most of the staff are working the Minnesota State Fair. And as I was uploading videos, I watched this inspirational story of Tesfaye, an Ethiopian man who watched the deforestation of his home, did nothing, and is reclaiming his land and his memories.

How many other efforts similar to Wangari Maathai’s Green Belt Movement are happening on the African continent that hear little about?

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Thank you, Trent. This is an important message to "broadcast" to the SOF community & beyond. My heart aches for Ethiopia - it also rejoices as an adoptive Mom of a daughter who was born in Ethiopia. Beautiful, loving, hopeful people in a country of many struggles...

Mary, sadly, most of the daily news coming out of Africa focuses on the worst of events: famine, war, genocide, rigged elections, etc. Stories like this are a poignant reminder that there is a lot of good happening too and that, no matter the difficulty of circumstances, people have this amazing power to heal and start anew.