The Dalai Lama’s Left-Hand Man: A Twitterscript of Geshe Thupten Jinpa Interview

Monday, November 15, 2010 - 10:38 pm

The Dalai Lama’s Left-Hand Man: A Twitterscript of Geshe Thupten Jinpa Interview

While at Emory University for The Summit on Happiness a few weeks ago, Krista sat down with Geshe Thupten Jinpa, the Dalai Lama’s chief English translator, for a one-hour interview. We live-tweeted the conversation and collated them into this Twitterscript for you. Look for our produced show of this interview on our website and podcast this Thursday.

  1. Ten minutes until Krista’s interview starts live video streaming with Thupten Jinpa, the @DalaiLama’s chief translator: (3:18 PM Oct 18th)
  2. Excited to be live tweeting Krista’s interview with the humble and intelligent Thupten Jinpa (3:44 PM Oct 18th)
  3. From Sanskrit, #meditation is a reflective exercise involving repetition of the mind in a directed way – Thupten Jinpa (3:57 PM Oct 18th)
  4. “In #Buddhism, philosophical inquiry is done through ethical motivation, for a spiritual goal”- Thupten Jinpa (4:00 PM Oct 18th)
  5. We begin with knowledge but need to process it through cultivation so that acting goodly becomes 2nd nature. -Jinpa (4:05 PM Oct 18th)
  6. “One should honor their classmates as much as their teachers.” -Jinpa on debate as a main means of education for Tibetan Buddhist monks (4:09 PM Oct 18th)
  7. “The fact that he embodies what he says is what makes his talks so powerful.” -Jinpa on the @DalaiLama (4:13 PM Oct 18th)
  8. The fact that murder, etc makes headlines means we don’t expect humans to behave this way. Humans are naturally good. -Thupten Jinpa (4:18 PM Oct 18th)
  9. Krista is conducting a brilliant interview with Thupten Jinpa, the @DalaiLama’s chief translator. Watch here: #Buddhism (4:19 PM Oct 18th)
  10. “I can’t quite see how in the end consciousness can be entirely reduced to physical processes.” – Thupten Jinpa (4:21 PM Oct 18th)
  11. Physical phenomena is characterized by measurability where the mental’s primary characteristic is subjectivity. – Thupten Jinpa (4:27 PM Oct 18th)
  12. I can’t reduce Thupten Jinpa’s explanation of #Buddhist reincarnation to 140 characters. You have to hear it from him. (4:35 PM Oct 18th)
  13. “One thing that surprised me a bit was how challenging relationships can be.”- Jinpa Thupten who left monastic life to get married (4:42 PM Oct 18th)

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