The Still(s) of an Evening Event

Thursday, May 28, 2009 - 9:45 am

The Still(s) of an Evening Event

DuBois and Krista onstage
We decided late in our planning stages for our event with Joshua DuBois that we wanted a professional photographer there. When I asked Tony Bol, APM’s director of live event programs, for a recommendation, I didn’t even have the full sentence out of my mouth before he said “Ann Marsden.” Now I know why. Ann, a Minneapolis-based photographer, took some stunning pictures of our evening at the Fitzgerald Theater.
After it was all over, I stood on the Fitz stage wondering how everything had gone. I had been running around so much during the event, making sure x,y,z details happened as planned (and adjusting when it didn’t), that I hardly had a sense of if the event went well overall. But when I look at Ann’s photos, I don’t recall the frenzy of the evening; instead, I’m filled with a quiet, intimate sense of the power of convening community, the value of connection through public conversation, and the beauty of performance.  Here’s some of my favorite pics:
Krista Tippett and Joshua DuBois
Krista in action, gesturing with her hands. We often get media requests for these kinds of photos, so I’m sure this one will come in handy in the future.
Laughter. Everyone works hard – host and guest alike – to pull off a live event. And our conversations have a lot of weight at times. Lighter moments are lovely, too.
Audience = Inform. Inspire. Entertain. It’s what we do, who we serve.
A great photographer creates intimacy in crowded moments.  An example.
DuBois speaking at reception
…and has an eye for capturing VIPs both in and out of the frame.
Fitzgerald Theater
The Fitz at dusk – a sense of place, a landmark.
DuBois signing Fitz wall
Every guest at the Fitzgerald Theater is invited to sign the brick wall behind the stage.  Yes, you guessed it – this is NOT an Ann Marsden photo.  This is an attempt by yours truly to capture some behind-the-scenes action.  Intimacy and beauty lost…must take photography classes…(Sigh).

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