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These last few weeks have been action-packed, pressure cookers around the SOF shop. I had to step back from Final Cut Pro, ProTools, HTML/CSS, and too many meetings looking at charts — just for a few minutes — and breathe.

There’s nothing like time-lapse video from Mount Fuji and prefectures of Japan to slow me down, even as the images are sped up. Take a break and join me.

Psssst…I couldn’t resist the Calgon reference. Sorry.

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What is more amazing - the beauty of the scenery itself or the magnificent photography and the technology that enables it to be shared. Awesome!

Thanks for sharing Trent and here's trusting that your little rest gave you renewed vigour - your efforts are very much appreciated.

Incredible photography and natural beauty. My choice would have been to have adagio music, though, instead of the quick fast rhythm of this music. It made the whole thing feel speedier. The contrast between slow music and quickly moving images would have been interesting. I'm glad to have filled my eyes though with these images. Many thanks. Glad you're keeping your batteries charged. SoF is very, very special.

Thank you. Took a break during meeting with clients (I'm a therapist), and now I feel ready for the next one.