Radiohead's Response to Rejection for the New Year

Friday, January 1, 2016 - 9:57am

Radiohead's Response to Rejection for the New Year

Rejection and failure are inevitable aspects of being part of the human community. Out of those dashed hopes and smoldering ashes, we hope something fresh and beautiful arises. So, let us take our cue from the band Radiohead, who was asked to compose a theme song for the recent Bond film, Spectre:

“It didn’t work out, but became something of our own, which we love very much.”

Their message — and their creation — seems like the right thing to hear on this first day of 2016. Happy New Year!


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Trent Gilliss

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radiohead lives far beyond the gates of hollywood thank god

Oh his beautiful voice...

I've never heard this band before, but I would like to hear more. I listened to a minute and a half and understood only two 3 word phrases. Although I love the singer's unusual and lovely voice, I have no idea what he said. I appreciate their confidence in admitting they weren't chosen, but decided to put their song out to the world, anyway. It's a beautiful piece. I just wish I could understand more of the lyrics.

To C E C E, Here are the lyrics to the song:

Inspirational words from the band that matters.

Always timely...THANK you Trent and ONBEING for your inspirational presence and gifts to us all! Baci! Buon Anno!