Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan SacksOn October 15, 2010, Krista interviewed Lord Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth, during our trip to Emory University for a conference called “The Pursuit of Happiness” with the Dalai Lama. We are producing an hour-long radio show and podcast of this face-to-face conversation that will be available on Thursday, November 11th.

We streamed live video of this interview and also live-tweeted (@Beingtweets) some of the highlights. We’ve gathered them together for you in the form of a Twitterscript:

  1. Krista is starting a live interview with Chief Rabbi of the Commonwealth @rabbisacks. Watch at and follow our tweets
    2:01 PM Oct 15th
  2. “God never sets us problems that can’t be solved” - Rabbi Sacks on the problems we face in the 21st century
    2:06 PM Oct 15th
  3. “Most people are struck by the history of Jewish suffering. I’m struck by the history of Jewish recovery from suffering” @rabbisacks 
    2:09 PM Oct 15th
  4. Rabbi Sacks has some engaging ideas…that exceed 140 characters. Watch Krista interviewing him right now: 
    2:14 PM Oct 15th
  5. “I don’t think the logic of scarcity applies to God. A parent doesn’t love just one kid.” @rabbisacks on the dignity of religious diversity
    2:19 PM Oct 15th
  6. “Don’t think we can confine God into our categories…God is bigger than religion.” -@rabbisacks Watch live at
    2:23 PM Oct 15th
  7. @rabbisacks on Orthodox Jewish rapper @matisyahu “Everyone can relate to him, Jewish or not, because he’s so unique.”
    2:41 PM Oct 15th
  8. “Any real religious ritual will receive new meaning with every passing age” @rabbisacks explaining Passover rituals’ modern day significance
    2:50 PM Oct 15th
  9. “It’s when you can feel your opponents pain that you begin the path to reconciliation.” @rabbisacks on ending violence through communication
    2:55 PM Oct 15th
  10. “We are in an age where we’re solving the mysteries of nature, but not yet of ourselves. That is the challenge God has given us.”@rabbisacks
    3:06 PM Oct 15th

(photo: Trent Gilliss)

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On the Rabbi's comment that some of the most peace activistic people are those who have lost a family member or child to violence in the middle east I am reminded of a quote from Golda Meir who said 'Peace will come when we love our children more than we hate each other'.