Sometimes the magical, the transcendent resonates in the seemingly mundane. I know; I just flew a Spider-Man kite with my three-year-old son for the first time. An image I had taken for granted as being fun came to life in a moment while looking at the awe on his face as he commandeered the strings.

This 8.5” x 11” piece of folded paper floating across the Brooklyn cityscape has that same affect. Take a bite of your lunch and enjoy.

(via VSL)

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magical is the word. somehow the simplicity of it makes it even more so.
nice find.


I felt myself cheering for the plane to keep going, keep going!

And I wanted the pedestrian to pick it up and send it on its way yet again!

I eagerly anticipated the person rescuing the plane before it met it's certain crushing death by the wheel of a bus or semi. But, no such luck. My wife had a completely unexpected reaction: "Hey, that guy's littering!" It never even crossed my mind!

I place this image on the same pedestal as that of the blowing plastic bag in "American Beauty. " My throat tightens every time I review the image in my mind. We're all blown about; if only it felt so natural and magnificent while happening as flying paper planes or blowing plastic bags would have us believe.