We’ve Got Our Eye on You!

Monday, July 28, 2008 - 4:26 pm

We’ve Got Our Eye on You!

If you didn’t know it, each member on our staff, including Krista, pretty much reads every piece of e-mail that’s sent to our inbox. And we receive a healthy amount of correspondence! But we’re also aware that there are many more conversations and responses to our show taking place in the greater online world, especially in blogs and social networking forums.
I thoroughly enjoy reading the increasing number of blog posts and articles about SOF, and commenting on others’ sites. Sometimes they’re simple observations or recommendations about a particular show, or entries that gave us new insights and ideas for future shows, as well as feedback on our productions. With a little link love, I thought I’d point out a few:
In her blog, Experiments in Physical Chemistry, Dawn Dennison wrote a gritty post about the power of play in her own life. She has a wonderful sense of the importance of play, and some good humor to boot:

I am often scraped and bruised and dirty, but I never think I’m too old to be falling down as much as I do. I fall down hard at least once every week. I’m always happy that I usually jump right up continue the ride. Mostly, though, I’m happy that I’m still doing things that occasionally make me hurt myself. I think an interesting survey would be to ask people in their 30’s and 40’s “When was the last time you fell down while playing?”

Tennis with your wii doesn’t count.

The blogger known as Life Junkie wrestles with issues of reconciling faith and science so that they complement one another:

Most religious people I’ve heard have to suspend rational thought when they talk about their faith but John Polkinghorne didn’t do that. Speaking of Faith is a great show and I’m enjoying exploring the faiths of others and broadening my limited Catholic-influenced perspective.

Sometimes the comments section of a post are as interesting as the post itself. I found this to be the case on Kenneth Kemps’ LeaderFocus Weblog:

After a recebt week of “light saber sword fights” and “gang tackle football” with four energetic kids aged 8, 6, 4, and 2, it’s taking a while for this old body to recuperate but every ache brings a smile.

Can’t wait to show this to my wife :-). Wonder if my bosses will buy it?

As I read more, I’ll highlight other entries and hopefully you’ll find some of them relevant to your own lives. Man, there are some keen observers out there.

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