In black and white not princely purpleArchbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams

On BBC Radio 4 Today program’s “Thought for the Day” segment, the leader of the Anglican Church, as The Telegraph reports, “called for  a return to the medieval tradition when monarchs ritually washed the feet of the poor would serve to remind politicians and bankers what should be the purpose of their wealth and power.”

(photo: Steve Punter/Flickr, CC by 2.0)

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Love it. first time to this site. Great stuff

a couple of hours every year? how about a couple of hours every week?

That is the greatest visible sign of humility that we are called to imitate. It is still difficult for many, even the leaders of our churches not to talk of our politicians and bankers. "The greatest among you must be your servant". We can do it if we want to but by the grace of God.

Jesus washed his disciples feet, healed the sick and fed the hungry. If a politician has more than one house whilst another has no roof over his head, they just arent following the way of Jesus, blessings be upon Him. God bless The Arch Bishop and all who do unto others as they would have done unto themselves. Jesus said another commandment I give unto you, to love one another as I have loved you. We do reap what we sow and not just us, but our childrens children. We must love our enemies, a good start is with our own ego,(often our greatist enemy,hence, deny your self pick up your cross and walk the way Jesus did.) which tries to seperate us from God. May Easter be a blessing to all people of all faiths God 1st, then love your neighbour as yourself. Love from Brother Peter, a fool for Christ.

Would God that there were more fools for Christ in the world. Then we would need no more new laws. We have Jesus as an example to follow and that should be enough. I call myself "the old fool" and I should add, "for Christ."

The desire to serve others first from a Christ like mind should be the first requirement of every politician ! Why is that the last thing they desire to do ?

Its curious, this from the man who also suggested at one time that we should consider allowing Shariah law to be implemented by muslims in the UK amongst their those of their own faith. Perhaps he never read what it says about the penalty for blasphemy, or does not know how that same law is used to settle scores between families.
I believe the man may be day-dreaming aloud on some occasions, since the latter thought about politicians would be hoping for the quite impossible, and the former would be quite incompatible with British culture. Bring on more of Rabbi Jonathan Sachs, now there is a man with extraordinary wisdom, insights courage and the true skills of a faith leader... Sadly, being a Brit, I can only voice my great sadness for the direction, or rather the lack of it in the COE, which seems completely divorced from reality. Perhaps its only the leadership though...