Apple is taking legal action against Samsung for making several products (including their Galaxy Tab 10.1) that resemble the patented Apple iPhone and iPad. Samsung’s defense? Someone else came up with the ideas for these smart phones/computers predating even Apple, namely Stanley Kubrick and his 1968 film 2011: A Space Odyssey. The characters in the video above appear to be reading their paper off of an iPad-esque device. This is called the “prior art” defense. The idea is that if Samsung can invalidate Apple’s patent, then they are no longer in violation of it.

The concept of owning an idea is so complex. It requires a very individualistic notion of creation. On the one hand we should recognize and reward a talented individual who can put ideas together in an original and useful way, but is there really anything new under the sun? Is there such a thing as a purely original idea, uninfluenced by any past ideas, and conceived by only one person?

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There were two original ideas. 'Eve' gave birth to humanity by being the first to ask "Why am I?" 'Adam' created the first response. Since then each successive generation has been influenced by inherited 'knowledge'. However, it is possible for an individual to analyze the inheritance and assemble relevant information in a unique way. This is a hopeful possibility for if we continue to live off our inheritance, we will self-destruct.

The one with the most money always wins in court.

This is not a philosophical question for Apple or any of the other lawyers who are currently abusing the patent system. As we reform that system, it may be one we all need to address. It would be nice if we came up with something that didn't reward the rich and powerful for figuring out how to be more rich and powerful and instead rewarded anyone who contributes to making the world richer.

I do not think that there is any new idea that is not a producr of some previously heard, started or concived consept. I think that the creation is a collective unconscious thing. The experiment was conducted in England that shows that if first people solve crossword puzzle in Sunday newspaper the subsequvent people have easier time solving the same puzzle, It is as though there is some collective knowledge that exist unbeknown to us and is passed on the rest of us in some unknown way.
So the original first idea probably does exist, but many otheres stem or inspire the rest of many so calld original ideas. 

I believe ther are many reasons why Apple is doing what it is doing.  I also believe that one of them is their unability to see share power.  It is interesting that all this thing happens when asian countries are raising.  The US and the US corporate world will never be able to swalow their pride.  In their view nobody else can or should be better.  I have seen it in my own country when Coca-Cola  litteraly killed any other national soda company in order to control the market. 

This year Samsung has really taken the market of the all other brands...