We regularly receive inquiries about the theme music that often introduces our radio show and podcast. Such is the case for Marc Martinez from New Castle, Delaware:

“I’m a new fan of the show. Please, please, please tell me the name of the great theme music, which plays at the beginning and ending of every show.”

On Being commissioned the composer Victor Zupanc to create new theme music. Victor ZupancHe composes scores for theater and has done several films. There are a couple of CDs of his music available, though they are in very different styles from our theme music. One features Chinese folk music and the other is a classical piece he wrote for the early music choral group The Rose Ensemble.

Victor’s artist statement explains this wide range:

“I am a composer who thrives on variety. I am happiest when each successive project is completely different in style and concept from the last project. Many of my commissions involve composing music in the style of cultures from all over the globe which is thrilling for me and as a result I have become an avid student of many ethnic musical cultures.”

Photo of Victor Zupanc courtesy of Mpls/St.Paul Magazine

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Wanna post an mp3 of the theme song? Pretty please? :)