We recently had the folks from YERT visit to ask Krista a few questions about environmentalism and sustainability. YERT (an acronym for “Your Environmental Road Trip”) is an “eco-expedition to explore and personalize environmental sustainability.” Prompted by Trent and Colleen’s suggestion, I grabbed a video camera and headed up to get some footage of their interview with Krista, and asked them a few questions about their project.

You’ll see YERT’s Mark, Ben, and Erica talk about their mission, and a bit of Krista discussing what she learned from Majora Carter. You can also hear Krista’s conversation with Majora in our program “Discovering Where We Live: Reimagining Environmentalism.”

I definitely took something from YERT’s visit as well: Mark seemed to be pretty excited about vermicompost (he mentioned composting with worms a few times), so I did a little research and found some plans to make my own little worm farm. I took some time over Memorial Day weekend to set up the compost bin, now I’m just missing one (rather important) ingredient — anybody know where I can find some good worms?

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We really enjoyed meeting Krista and the APM team during our visit to St. Paul. Thanks so much for having us-- and for the great work that you do!

Vermicomposting is quite the little miracle in a plastic bin. I bought my worms at www.wormwoman.com, and have been composting for six months. You can get more information about vermicomposting from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's Learning Resource Center. (which happens to be where I work!)

Thanks Alexis, I'll have a look at this Worm Woman site. I can't say I ever thought I'd be waiting for a box of worms to come in the mail ... seems like the sort of thing you'd normally avoid...