Scene from the Season Finale of "Lost"I discovered Lost just a few seasons ago and immersed myself via Netflix with the zeal of a convert. Trent has been asking me to blog about Sunday’s finale, but honestly I’m stumped — still trying to wrap my mind around what it means. For now I am happy to pass on this from Diane Winston, one of my favorite observers of how we are telling the story of our time on television.

She called her blog on the finale “The Day After” and it starts like this:

“Last night’s Lost finale may have done more for mainstreaming religion than Mitch Albom’s bestsellers. All around the Internet—from forums and blogs to MSM sites and academic journals—musings on faith, redemption and the power of love are suddenly de rigueur. Here’s one good wrap-up of first-wave critiques, but also check out Brent Plate’s excellent overview for Religion Dispatches. Plate revels in Lost’s religious mash-ups and pop-culture mixings because the show’s ultimate meaning is key: ‘Whether Locke or Shephard or Austen are saviors or demons does not matter. The hero is the community, the living together.’”

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The redemption and peace at the end was like an oasis in the middle of the world's troubles. I loved it!

....On Krista's and several other friend's suggestion(s) (the rule of three recommendations!) I became a LOST fan/convert last August -- and watched 5 seasons in 6 months, catching up just in time for season 6 in February. Sunday's finale packed a huge emotional and spiritual punch and I'm still stunned, but the finale felt right and true and is clearly the culmination of the partnership of a fantastic writing/creative team! Community, love and connection is all ...

I too was brought to LOST through "Speaking of Faith." Netflix was my source for the first 5 seasons and I couldn't wait for the final season to find out how the mystery would resolve. Having given into the temptation to decipher the mythology of the island and its supernatural effect on our lost heroes, I expected a lot of scientific, literary and theological explanations that would tie up the loose ends. Instead, we viewers were brought, in a very moving way, to understand that the point of the story was not the power of the island or its caretakers, but the extraordinary power of human relationship. Through the trials, tragedies, frustrations and joy the survivors of Oceanic 815 experienced together on the island, they were transformed from broken, alienated souls into a trusting, willing-to-die-for-each-other family -- something each had never really known. I found the finale surprisingly and completely satisfying!