Your Top 3 Shows of the Past Year

Monday, June 30, 2008 - 3:23 pm

Your Top 3 Shows of the Past Year

"Antony Gormley: Olympic podium" by threefishsleeping
(photo: “Antony Gormley: Olympic Podium” by threefishsleeping/Flickr)
Our company’s marketing folks have asked us to put together a compilation CD featuring material from the past 12 months. This CD will be used to give to public-radio programming directors who are not familiar with the program, as well as to potential funders, and for other marketing uses.
Rather than some edited compilation, we’re thinking of putting together the first half of three separate programs on the CD (each half being about 25 minutes). That way, we can showcase the depth, intimacy and storytelling we aim for. The other criteria? The shows must have been produced in the past year.
Choices, choices… It would be wonderful to highlight our Peabody Award-winning Rumi show. I’m also fond, myself, of the Mathematics show, the Architecture show, and the Jean Vanier show (yes, Jean Vanier is his own subject). Oh, and Heschel.
Three programs, 12 months, one CD — what are your three picks? (Our 2007 and 2008 archives, for reference.)

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