Major John Morris — The Soul of War
May 24, 2007

With Iraq veteran and chaplain Major John Morris, we explore how war challenges the human spirit and the core tenets of a life of faith. The War on Terror, he says, presents its own spiritual challenges. He is working to support the reintegration of National Guard and Reserve personnel, who are being mobilized for active duty at record levels in Afghanistan and Iraq.


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Selected Readings

"Beyond the Yellow Ribbon: How Churches Can Help Soldiers and Their Families Readjust After Combat" by John Morris

In this essay, Chaplain Morris offers seven steps to help in this process. He suggests that communities of worship should be on the frontline of helping combat veterans and their families readjust to life in the U.S.

SoundSeen (our multimedia stories)

Travels with a Military Chaplain

In this audio gallery, Maj. Morris describes images taken during his time spent ministering to soldiers in Iraq. (Flash required)

Selected Audio

Unheard Cuts

Listen to audio clips of Krista's conversation with Chaplain Morris that didn't make it into the radio broadcast.

Pertinent Posts from the On Being Blog

For service members returning home from combat, PTSD diagnoses are commonplace and extensive. But one VA psychologist argues that the complications of PTSD compound to create a moral injury — one that requires a community, not a clinic, in order to heal.


The filmmaker David Lynch has been a vocal advocate of transcendental meditation for some time now. But I’m quite intrigued with the work that his foundation is doing with returning veterans.

Tragedies have the ironic habit of bringing people together, and some tragedies are so grave that they unify an entire nation. Often these are natural disasters, but there is a national tragedy of another form which we have witnessed consistently throughout the last few years: the death of a soldier.

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Thanks, sis. Soldiers matter. And, I can tell you first hand that knniwog their efforts are appreciated means everything. They are more than troops, they are individuals who give up more than we can imagine in the name of freedom. And, God bless Don and all the good work he is doing.

Voices on the Radio

John Morris

is a chaplain major currently serving the Minnesota Army National Guard and co-creator of "Beyond the Yellow Ribbon," a program that serves to reintegrate National Guard members into society.

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