I grew up with Evil Knievel and the Flying Wallendas. Thrilling as their stunts were, it was always a noisy spectacle. It seemed to be more about man conquering the Grand Canyon or the Tallulah Gorge than interacting with nature. The backdrop was a prop.

In this video, though, Michael Schaefer and Dean Potter create a scene as thrilling in its composition as in the act itself of walking the highline at Cathedral Peak. As the sun sets and descends, the moon rises and looms large — the orb cradling the dyad of rock towers turned burnt-red. As the National Geographic filmmakers say, it is "the ultimate full moon shot" — captured from over a mile away with a serious telephoto lens.

As Mr. Potterbegins his unaided walk, you hear the camera operator take deep, calm but anxious, meditative breaths. And you breathe with him. Oh, if we all could witness such panoramic beauty like this each day...

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My palms got all sweaty holding my mobile device as I watched the video ... Wow!


Amazing view and balance....

My heart beat to the camera operator's breaths. This moment showed me how we are ONE on this walk, individually and collectively. I was on that high wire, at risk and in glory, and I was holding the camera, breathing, deeply, to stay conscious and out of the mouth of fear.


Breathtakingly beautiful....I was taking deep breaths too!

Ecstasy of life and awareness of our place in the universe. Thank you.


Spectacular as this is . . I challenge the thought that it is a full moon. To my eye, it is clearly one night BEFORE a full moon. Look at the lack of roundness at about the eight o'clock position, and the fuzziness of the edge there, as opposed to the sharp edge at one o'clock. Nope, sorry, this is not a full moon.

DRAMATIC and beautiful shot in any event!

It was the moon I couldn't take my eyes off. I had to remind myself periodically to check out the dude on the wire.

A moment of perfection, thank you.

A perfect blend of man, nature, and technology. Breathtaking!

Absolutely fantastic, breathtaking and makes the heart pound.