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There must be something in the Spanish water. Queuing up in any office can be a dreary experience, much less waiting in the unemployment line in Madrid. A small group of musicians and singers inject a bit of sunshine into the cold fluorescence with an organized flash mob performing The Beatles classic "Here Comes the Sun."

The soloist is marvelous, and this just may be the best way to kick off this hump day.

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WOW! Especially significant and wonderfully timed.......

Thank you. We needed that.

A bright spot in a dreary day for these people. I hope one day to be in the presence when a flash mob occurs

That's wonderful! So uplifting.

I hope many people were inspired and were able to find jobs....

Love it! Music always makes life better!

Awwww! This was so wonderful. Being out of work can be so very overwhelming, and these people did such a beautiful job lifting spirits! Well done!

A perfect gift of beauty and hope.

As this spreads virally, I hope that it is copied in unemployment, food stamp, and social welfare offices across the world.


Thanks for sharing this ray of audio sunshine!

This is sacred...

Muy bien!

¡Maravilloso! The human spirit working as its best!

The renewal of hope makes all things possible.

Hubiera sido lindo que canten en espa~ol

It brought tears to my eyes. We forget about those who are struggling and here we sit in our cozy little home with food in the cupboard and the bills are paid. What a kind and loving thing to do to share a few minutes of music and hope for those less fortunate. Reach out to your fellow man today and spread a little joy.

Hope is SO powerful

Awesome. If there were people playing like that when I was unemployed, it definately would have lifted my spirits. Thanks.

This is a lovely note to witness on any day. Thank you for catching this ray of humanity! May it spread!

cying and weeping, so beautiufl sol, sol, sol, here it comes!

Angels of hope and truth when we forget that everything always changes...

Fabulous! But please note that all these performers are musicians.


made me cry. flashmobs are from heaven.

Hermosa. Me hubiera gustado estar alli.

So moving.
What a beautiful gesture and what a magnificent voice.

Thank you

This is the best thing I have seen in years.........

I think this needs some contextual explanation: Among other resonances, this is an allusion to the "occupy-like social emergence" that began in Puerta del Sol (Gate of the Sun) Square in Madrid...

beautiful ,thankyou !

what a hopeful mood lifter!

I especially liked the sign that said, "Silence Please" [Se Ruega Silencio] That is the LAST thing people in need required. Nicely done.

Bring a tear to a glass eye..

This is my kind of flash mob!

That was beautiful.We the people should find ways daily to rejoice and live life to the full.

We are so capable of sharing joy and inspiration with each other, this lovely video proves it once again.

What a joy!


Mabuhay ang Mga Manggagawang Makasining! (Hail to The Art Workers)

There is no better way to show and spend humanity...
Thank you!

What a beautiful way to start the day. Thank you for lifting spirits up of the people.

We all need a little of that!


The perfect gift of hope!

I missed this on Wednesday, but it's a marvelous start to my Friday and weekend. Thank you so very much for sharing this.

Nothing beats hearing a song by The Beatles to lighten the day!!!

Lovely, lovely, lovely. VIiva La Musica & all the musicians & singers who play to en-lighten, to give respite, to bring joy...

It made me cry. It was such a touching scene: to watch the flash crowd's reactions..

So lovely..just so darn lovely! There's always a bit of humane love in humanity, and this video shows it. :')