James K.A. Smith and Nancey Murphy —
Evangelicals, Out of the Box

Stereotypes tell us this: Evangelical Christians are politically conservative, closed-minded, morally judgmental, and anti-science. We speak with two creative members of a new generation of Evangelical thinkers and teachers, who defy stereotypes and reveal an evolving character for this vast movement that describes 40 percent of Americans.

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is an associate professor and Director of the Seminars in Christian Scholarship Program at Calvin College.

is a historian of science and professor of Christian philosophy at Fuller Seminary. She's the author of Theology in the Age of Scientific Reasoning and Whatever Happened to the Soul.

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"It Only Hurts When I Laugh"

In this essay, Smith points out that while influential journalists may find much to criticize and parody in Evangelical red America, such attitudes of condescension contribute to a sense of victimhood that galvanizes the religious right.

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Evangelical Christian Leonard Knight mixes adobe for his future straw bale and adobe museum for Salvation Mountain — a large hill painted with expressions of Biblical messages.

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