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Remember taking notes while listening to teachers, speakers, professors, et al at university or for on-the-job training classes? Well, I do. At best, my notes were a punctilious outline, as stale as that extra challah sitting on the icy snow pack in my front yard waiting for birds to peck at it or, more commonly, a jumbled mess of chicken scratches and sloppy penmanship jumbled with arrows, circles, and underlines. Doug Neill, a self-professed "sketchnoter" from Portland, Oregon, showed me a new way forward for visualizing our own work at On Being.

While listening to Krista Tippett's interview with Seth Godin, Doug did some real-time, visual note taking and created this sketchnote of the conversation. A most delightful and unexpected surprise. Would this be something you, the listener and the reader, might be interested in seeing each week?

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Yes! Love this visual mapping and organic relationship of concepts. Fun,creative and helpful. Stimulating too!!

Fascinating and helpful.

I found this fascinating and helpful please ask Doug Neill to show us some more. Anyway he could go back and design some of these for the older shows? How about starting with the Elizabeth Alexander segment. It reminds me of a recent New Yorker article called Structure by John McPhee. With gratitude.

I enjoyed the interview and found your sketch notes.while looking for.the link to hear.more of.Seths interview. art.

Visual notes speak to me! Your message reaches farther. Thank you for this important program each week.

Most Excellent! Appreciative Inquiry uses this technique in large group dialog!

Very Inspiring. Imagine someone saying that it's a good idea to create meaning. And thank God Krista Tippett is on the air when I am awake.

Yes! This is a great way to get a visual representation of the conversations shared, take home points and idea's worth further contemplating.

I teach First Year Writing and several of my students have expressed difficulty in comprehending material, so I've tried to come up with some alternative ways to interact with the readings so that they feel less overwhelmed and can get something out of it - this is PERFECT. I love this, it works for me, and I definitely think it would work for them, so YES! More! This is so great! Thank you!

Yes! absolutely love this Krista. helpful and fun.

I wouldn't mind. These would serve as a nice reminder to think again about some of the ideas that were brought up in the broadcast.

Yes. Exactly!

This would be awesome to see for every interview! As an architecture student it reminds me of mental mapping or Kevin Lynch's concept of imageability of the physical environment, except documenting a conversation and language, not a place.

Well said. Thanks

I love the sketchnote. I for one was able to make it through college only because taking notes helped me learn and I was always jealous of my peers who had this amazing talent of learning just by reading a book. I absolutely needed to listen and take notes. However for me reading someone else's notes is no better than reading a book as far as my learning is concerned. If I take notes it has profound meaning for me, I think because it structures the information into a concept graph that I understand. Neill is far better at making clean sketchnotes than I will ever be, but it just reminds me that if I really want to understand the deep discussions you share with us, I need to do the work of making my own graph while listening to your show.

Thank you for the quality of your productions, they have a positive impact.

When I saw this sketchnoter tweeted, I downloaded and loved the way it captured so much, so coherently and essentially. It offers a great tool for *consolidating* the interview's ideas and therefore making the ideas more accessible in day-to-day "being."

Yes, it is something I would be interested in seeing each week. Thanks for asking! Thanks, Doug Neill, for being an artist and saying, "Here, I made this." (That's an approximation of a quote I think I recall from the interview.)

Yes! I would be interested in seeing more of these! I am a visual thinker. This is a great complement to the audible interview.

Please have one each week, this is a very creative way to recap . Thanks

Yes. Beautiful. Paul Soupiset is also brilliant at this kind of sketch noting. It's fascinating to watch it unfold!

Maybe you could open it up to other sketchbookers to get variety ...!?

I'd love to see this every week. It's very interesting and it adds another dimension to the learning.

Trent, I think this is a great way to not only capture significant points in one of Krista's conversations, but also to promote that conversation before it is aired/released--the "movie poster", if you will, for a particular podcast/episode. It's also powerful that the concept of sketchnoting "On Being" started with this particular podcast...a manifestation of some of Seth's thoughts that he shared.

This is so helpful. I am smiling and recalling larger portions as I read the sketchnotes. I love it! Please consider adding that for a summary. It helps for some of the more important points to really sink in.

In addition to "sketching" my notes I also use different colors and directions intuitively. Later when going back to my notes I find more connections in them than I recognized at first hearing.

I'm a big note taker and info-vore so I find this note-taking methodology absolutely fascinating. Count me in.

No. I'd rather consider statements than tertiary thought processes. I have my own thought processes and rarely have time to read my own notes much less go back to look at mostly indecipherable notes written by someone else.

Yep! This is great. Reminds me of dootleing my thoughts. Could ask others to compare how we heard things too? Will use these to listen and see how it enhances my On Being experience.

Yes. A very nice visual as reminder and "evoker".

Yes - this is a nice visual representation - and easy way to see the whole. Would also be interesting to see this in a mind map..

I adore this idea since I am a visually oriented person and reading something in black and white gives the words materilaization. This is a very good idea. It's Similar to RSA, but different.

I also adore listening while I'm doing something else, like working or blogging or any other thing and that's why I love ON BEING.

I wonder what my school years would have produced if I had used a sketch pad instead of a ruled notebook in class. Yes, please consider offering this on other shows. I always find this program to be food for my personal and professional journey and this one with Seth Godin particularly so. The rich content on the website as well. I am an Episcopal priest working hard to build community that can be relevant for a new age. Our religious traditions have gold, and yet are packaged in the institutional equivalent of those horrible plastic containers that are so difficult to get into that it begins to feel like it's not worth the trouble.

Yes! Love it! Looks similar to my own visual note-takings, (but far more organized).

This is amazing! I would love you to offer this each week. I write notes as quickly as I can during the show and listen to the podcast afterwards to fill in the blanks, but a visual record like this would be awesome!

Yes, but it shouldn't be produced. It should be volunteered by listeners. Sketchnotes, done well, are a doodling art form. They are fun and helpful, but should be unprofessional.

This will be a helpful way for me to review your conversations. It also offers another perspective on what mattered in that particular conversation. I'd appreciate these sketchnotes from Doug Neill.

Yes. I find at the end of the interviews there have been so many thought provoking moments. Something like the sketch note is a great way to refresh the brain on what some of those were.

Simplistic in so many ways. Seth doesn't address issues like equality in any meaningful way and seems to be lost in his own hope and well being.

Thanks for posting this. I do something similar when I am writing my sermons and other talks. I'd be interested in read a little theory, how-to on the process behind this.

This sketchnote taking is good. It has allowed me to gain an understanding of what was discussed even before I was to listen to the podcast. This is good as if I was to miss a live show particularly as I am in Australia I can determine if this is something that i would be interested in listening.

"Would this be something you, the listener and the reader, might be interested in seeing each week?" Yes! I'm a visual-person and it hits-the-mark for me in a different and profound say than prose.
I would appreciate, however, that Mr Godin - or whomever does the sketchnoting - make a rough draft, followed by a more considered sketchnote for On Being's website. Thank you.

definitely yes, a wonderful jog to the memory for the rest of the conversation

Thanks! :)

yes. this is fun and engaging. it would be a nice addition to an already fantastic show!

I, too, am a sketch note taker, though never knew it had a name. I need to have a pen or pencil, paper and write or draw, in order to listen to, and hear a speaker. I take notes, illustrate words and thoughts, etc. I have had people sitting near me at seminars tell me they were amazed & preoccupied watching what I am doing. Speakers have come up after meetings and ask to see what I was doing. I have saved some of the images for possible use in future art projects - however, they turn out to be works of art in and of themselves. No piece of paper is safe if I am nearby with a pen and needing to listen! I think sketch notes of your show would be interesting. Doodles unite!!!


Thanks for this!

Yes I would enjoy seeing a weekly sketchnote. This is the first time I have heard the word "sketchnote" and the first time I have seen a model of this artistic way of collecting and preserving the "footprints" of a message received. I plan to bring a pencil and pad to the next interview or lecture I hear or meeting I attend and try this myself.

This sketch note picture was very helpful as I reviewed the podcast of Krista Tippett's interview. I think such notes would be helpful in listening to the interview the first time, but I would not be likely to sit at my computer and login to view them, as I listen to Tippett's interviews on Sunday mornings on my local NPR station, with my 2nd cup of coffee. Maybe if you produced them regularly for a while, I would change my habit, and follow on my computer. Thanks for trying this idea!

I would love to have notes such as this each week.

No question. Love it!

Love it


Yes Yes Yes! Please consider posting Doug's visual notes after each "On Being!" I often urge my colleagues to listen to "On Being" podcasts, and if I had this visual to forward to them, I believe it would help anchor the ideas and increase their eagerness. Thanks for posting!

Loved the show and the Sketchnote. Really helpful, non-linear way we actual perceive the universe.

YES YES YES!! I am doing my own sketch notes for TONS of interviews now. I LOVE it!

YES YES YES!! I am doing my own sketch notes for TONS of interviews now. I LOVE it!

Yes! I am a very visual learner and this a great synthesis of the main points of the conversation.

Yes, I've just started doing this myself -- I didn't realize there was a name for it. I love seeing something handwritten on the screen, which I know sounds strange -- but it's somehow so human.

Yes, I've just started doing this myself -- I didn't realize there was a name for it. I love seeing something handwritten on the screen, which I know sounds strange -- but it's somehow so human.


Please do include more of Dougs sketchnotes.I'm a visual big-picture type and this really enhances the message. Thanks for posting it!

Yes, I've seen this as mind mapping ~ taking notes from our own perspective and valuing our own artistic creativity.

Yes! The sketch notes are helpful. Please continue.
Thanks for all you do for us.

I'm new to On Being...Being a visual learner, I love the sketchnote. It allows me to consider another's point of view and fill-in-the-blanks with my own experience. Thank you. Keep this one.

I would definitely like to see this feature continued. Great tool to visualize the key takeaway points from the interview.

I find the relationship between the various text sizes and juxta-positioning very helpful in connecting the various ideas at a glance. yes i'd be interested in seeing more.
I am a huge fan of your show and share it often with friends and family.
thank you

I heart this. I do this myself and I love seeing other people's sketch notes!

I love Doug's work. I like using it for my sermon prep. It gives a new understanding.
His notes helped me this week as I was trying to tell my husband about the interview and the notes sparked my memory.