Shivanika, friend of KanikaAt a coffee shop in Delhi, Kanika thought she was spending just another afternoon passing time with her childhood friend Jo Jo, avoiding the heat and the crush of people outside. But there was something different in the way Jo Jo approached her that day. He had a special question for her: Do you know what is happening to your soul when you die? Kanika had no idea, and that worried her.

Surprisingly, in their twenty years of friendship, Jo Jo, an Indian Evangelical Christian, and Kanika, a Hindu, had never discussed their religions. That day at Costa Coffee though, Jo Jo started a long discussion, scribbling Christian themes and images on the napkins scattered around him. Kanika collected the napkins and poured over them that night in bed.

In the weeks to come, Kanika began talking to other Christian friends and considering a conversion. She knew hardly anything about Christianity and had grown up in a devout Hindu family, but the question of life after death remained unanswered for her.

Now, four years later, at 24, Kanika is at a crossroads. She has become an Evangelical Christian in secret, and her family disapproves of any reference she makes to Christianity.

There are an estimated 24 million Christians in India, or 2.3 percent of the population. In Delhi, less than one percent of the population is Christian; 82 percent are Hindu. Throughout India, Christians have faced violence and had their churches destroyed, but Delhi residents have largely avoided persecution. It is a point of city pride that so many different religions can coexist: Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Jains, Buddhists, Christians, and even a small Jewish population. But coexisting doesn’t mean the lines between the faiths are blurry.

Kanika’s parents are not happy with the changes they’ve seen in their daughter. In many ways, their household resembles that of any with a young adult still living at home but testing the limits. Daily life involves regular battles over Kanika’s participation in Hindu worship. Often, Kanika finds herself “not telling a lie, but not telling the truth.”

Recently, her family planned to rise at dawn to join long lines of practicing Hindus waiting to worship Manasa devi, the goddess of snakes, which is thought to cure chicken pox, among other things. Her parents thought it natural that Kanika accompany them on their 5 a.m. journey to the temple, but Kanika resisted. At this point, Kanika is embarrassed and dismissive when she explains Hindu customs.

“Hindus worship the animals, the plants, the trees, the rivers — idols, I mean they would do a lot of crazy things. I do not get what they do and why they do it,” she said. In worshipping Manasa devi, Hindus avoid using heat. They cook food the day before and don’t use hot water. They’ll also leave food in the road as an offering to the goddess. Kanika could barely walk down her street because it was covered with offerings. In her view, it’s all part of “worshipping a weird kind of ugly looking idol.”

At first, Kanika told her mother not to wake her, but in the middle of the night she changed her mind. This would not be a battle she would take on. “I realized I should go with my mom and witness what people do and pray for them.” She secretly told the idols: “‘Okay, people worship you, but you are not God.’”

It had been a long time since Kanika had gone to temple with her family. She stopped practicing in the midst of her conversion. Jo Jo gave her a Bible, took her to his church, the Delhi Bible Fellowship, and introduced her to more Christian friends. When her parents caught on, they limited her contact with her Christian friends. When they found her Bible and a notebook filled with letters from Kanika to God, they threw them away. “It is a difficult thing because you cannot share with them, and they will not even listen to you.” Kanika was saddened, but not deterred.

Kanika’s parents want her to marry a Hindu from her caste, or social designation, the Marwaris, known as business people or shopkeepers. She can choose a man who fits those criteria or they will choose a husband for her. “I do not want to hurt my parents by going against them but I have been praying about it because I want to get married to a believer.” It’s a dilemma, but Kanika is turning to prayer for an answer.

Kanika’s family is devout. Her grandmother attends temple everyday for at least two hours. Her parents go every Tuesday, at the least. They also worship in a special room in their home, filled with images and statues of gods. Before every meal, they take some food to the temple as an offering.

“They would definitely disown me if they knew I was a Christian, ” Kanika said. There are struggles ahead, on both a daily level — whether to appease her parents by going through the motions of Hindu worship — and on a more monumental level — how to marry a Christian of her choosing. Kanika is calm though. “I strongly believe that if you believe in Christ you do not need anybody to depend on…ever. Yeah, he’s our best friend, he’s our first love.”

About the photo: One of Kanika’s fellow Christian converts at the coffee shop who attends the same Bible study group with Kanika.

Emily FrostEmily Frost is a radio reporter and online journalist. She is an Annenberg Fellow at USC’s Annenberg Graduate School for Journalism and an executive producer and host at Annenberg Radio News.

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Courageous. But I think it could be better to say "You are not my God." If she wants to heal the divide with her family, she could accept them for their beliefs, or they may not be as ready to accept her for hers.. maybe she has, though, I don't know.

A nice story : )

I find it interesting that while the reporter covered incidents of Christians facing violence in India, she did not mention anything about how missionary activities by evangelical Christians have (at times) negatively impacted Indian society and culture. Nonetheless, interesting post. Thank you for posting!

I was thinking the same thing...
I have a friend from India who was very hurt by her conversion experience. She is a very kind, intelligent and gentle person who was TOLD by the Evangelicals that "she is depraved, her Hindu culture is evil, her soul is damned without the belief in Jesus...etc.". After many years of this sort of indoctrination she became very unhappy and depressed. Today she is beginning to heal from this and she is coming out of the cultish mindset of those Evangelicals. .....I hope the young woman in this story fares well.
I think Evangelicals who go on missions around the world to convert are doing harm, it's a very subtle form of violence to the spirit.

I totally agree with this comment. Through the sharing of a dear friend of mine who is Indian, I know very well... "how missionary activities by evangelical Christians have (at times) negatively impacted Indian society and culture." It seems Evangelicals will always feel justified in whatever they do because....they will find justification for it in the Bible.

I am an Indian who lives in the midwest nowadays.  Hudson's comment, however, does not take into account the way Indians are. Kanika's conversion would never be accepted. Her views would never be accepted. I know of these things from experience-  I converted to Christianity as a undergrad at the Univ of Michigan, my Indian parents and the extended family totally disowned me. I have had no contact whatsoever with my family since 1993. And, supposedly, I was a valued member of the family!!!!!

That's quite a different perspective then the one my family has! I guess Indian culture can be so fixed as to have those kind of things never be reconciled.

our prayers are with you. you have much greater family now.

Your family still loves you and will regret disowning you because after all most people live in fear of what others may think . I'm sure they want to reach you but don't know how. That's my opion anyway.

Indian in Hudson ... :) sad that you have no contact. Continue to pray that they will come to know Christ. And you have a vast family of God, who will bear you up in prayer and support.

"Kanika is turning to prayer for an answer." This is so profoundly sad. Prayer and meditation may help to bring calm and focus to the mind, but to throw your hands up and rely on some "higher power" for rescue is tragic. As a now-atheist raised in a family of Evangelicals, I can relate to being shunned by your family because of your new beliefs.

Some may say its profoundly sad that "you" don't pray to a higher power! You contradicted yourself , you say you can relate to her story by being shunned for her beliefs yet you start your coment out by saying its sad that she prays to a higher power, then you go on my pushing your own beliefs by saying that medatation is a better way and gaining clarity of mind is far better , in other word. So tell me how is that any diffrent than what your family did to you and what's going on with this lady on this blog? I'm neither believer or a non believer in the divine so I'm not trying to insult you I'm just trying to show you another side. And forgive me for saying so but I don't think in your heart you are a atheist I think your family may have wronged you to a point were you wouldn't wanna believe what they do because maybe how they are or for what they have done to you so believing in the absence of god is your way of getting back at them . And I'm saying this because of type of feeling I got from reading your statement. Take care.

Kanika is doing the right think. Prayer . and of course her focus on God. shows her faith!

This young woman's story strikes a strong cord with our mythology in the US. It's the story of the child leaving tradition behind and striking out for something new and seemingly better. The Little Mermaid is one of the best examples I can think of. People who are better read surely can think of more. Lack of understanding of religions, of our own and others, is also at the heart of this story.

Dear kanika,
Messiah himself said in book of Mathew 10:35-39 For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. 36 And a person’s enemies will be those of his own household. 37 v
Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. 38 And whoever does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. 39 Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.
Dear Kanika Shalom of Abba Yahuah and Love of Messiah be with your heart.

I can understand Kanika situation. I am also from a Hindu family. I came to know the Lord because I was earnestly seeking an answer from Him after I failed my exam. I could not study for my exams because my father was abusing everyone in the family. So I want to help my mother and siblings to not suffer like that. I accept Jesus and bring them out of poverty. Except for my dear mother, all they did to me is curse me in the worst form. In worldly terms, this will be described at utterly shameless.

I understand radhika very well.My story is exactly same with no changes.Indian or say third world culture is so much centred around religion caste customs that even family bondings are sacrificed what to say about general public.Indians are of feudal and medieval mindset and will remain so whatsoever education they have received.I wish to know current status of radhika and kanika perhaps even contact them.

you said you got out of poverty, how.
i helped my hindu friends, my relatives when they were in need of money. and now iam in need but nobody is there to help me. i dont know what to do.

Great article Emily! I'm happy to have the opportunity to pray for Kanika. May The Lord Jesus continue to protect her all the days of her life and grant her the desires of her heart. That she may lead by example and continue to allow Jesus to work through her by reading the Word daily and prayer. In Jesus name, Amen.

Jesus said: Except a man hate his mother, father, brother and sister he cannot be my disciple. This means that our Creator's call to acknowledge Him as the one and only way of salvation takes presidence over loyalty to famiy.This is right, because Jesus, God's Son, so loved us that he was willing to leave his position and priviledge with his Father in heaven and dwell here on earth in flesh in order to show us the true and only God and provide eternal life. He did this and suffered the pain and humiliation of death on the cross because of his unfathomably great love for us. Kanika, by holding strong to her faith in Christ and not compromising will show this higher form of love to her family have the best chance of spending eternal life with them, because they will have the opportunity to know the truth also and come to know the true God and his love for them.

If Jesus is the protector of all,then before jesus comes to earth who was the protector of all?

Good question Srikath.

It's a story from darkness to light.God will answere when we trust him.Jesus has plans beyond human knowledge to rescue us to do his will.even I come from a Hindu background but God helped me to accept him as my saviour and my best friend. Don't loose hope God will help you.

dude but jesus died 1980 years he gonna come back from dead ? its really disturbing to see so many gullible,religious bigots even after so many scientific advancement.

The Christians are out here in the hordes. These religion practitioners scare me to death...more than any ugly looking idol.

How can he come back. Even current day christians are continuously nailing him in a cross and worshipping him..Let them set him free so that he can come and resue ...but he has already told several principles but sadly were destroyed and rejected ironically by the church.. He was a great and supreme prophet who learnt values from the east and wanted to correct the barbarians in the west ....... Christianity was nowhere till emperor Constantine made the religion powerful...... Many gospels which were directly from Jesus and his disciples were destroyed by the church itself..... everything is controlled by the church.... missionaries are given huge sum .....

I hate your fellow christians to lure gullible young hindus into conversion.. can christianity survive without its mean and on the sly activiites..

You forget the hatred and divide that Christians bring along with them and use any means to convert people, whether it is by assimilating Native beliefs or forcing Christianity on them. Something for you to realize and wonder why no one talks about this:

The National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT), a rebel group operating in Tripura, North-East India, has been described as engaging in terrorist violence motivated by their Christian beliefs. The NLFT is currently proscribed as a terrorist organization in India. It is classified by the National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism as one of the ten most active terrorist groups in the world, and has been accused of forcefully converting people to Christianity.

The insurgency in Nagaland was originally led by the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN), and it is continued today by a faction named "NSCN–Isaac Muivah", which explicitly calls for a "Nagalim for Christ". The state government reports that the Baptist Church of Tripura supplies arms and gives financial support to the NLFT.

In April 2000, the secretary of the Noapara Baptist Church in Tripura, Nagmanlal Halam, was arrested with a large quantity of explosives. He confessed to illegally buying and supplying explosives to the NLFT for two years. The NLFT has threatened to kill Hindus celebrating the annual five-day religious festival of Durga Puja and other religious celebrations. At least 20 Hindus in Tripura have been killed by the NLFT in two years for resisting forced conversion to Christianity. A leader of the Jamatia tribe, Rampada Jamatia, said that armed NLFT militants were forcibly converting tribal villagers to Christianity, which he said was a serious threat to Hinduism. It is believed that up to 5,000 tribal villagers were converted to Christianity by the NLFT in two years.

These forcible conversions to Christianity, sometimes including the use of "rape as a means of intimidation," have also been noted by academics outside of India.

please read the book by rajiv malhotra "BEING DIFFERENT " to undersatnd vedic culture or attend to innerawakening in vedic temples spreading all over the USA by lifeblissfoundation.etc I promise you what those green pastures who saw vedic culture raise can give, a barren desert who saw an authoritarain religion can never give

Oh really? What happens to the soul when you die?? It's all crap talking. Religion is over rated, and Hinduism is not a religion, it's a way of life. Missionaries in India are involved in all kind of sex scandals(This is true for rest of the world also). They will lure poor with money and after conversion they won't help them.

Emily this is a shameless writing by equating hinduism to worshipping snakes. The god in vedic religion is defined as per neti neti

Is moon a god? Answer : Neti neti English no its not
Is sun a god? Answer : Neti neti English no its not
Is snake a god? Answer : Neti neti English no its not
Is mountain a god? Answer : Neti neti English no its not
Is river a god? Answer : Neti neti English no its not
Is krishna a god? Answer : Neti neti English no its not
Is any human a god? Answer : Neti neti English no its not
Is jesus a god? neti neti

God is beyond human senses.

Christians also dont understand why Hindus will never adopt islam and christianity. Hindus are original pagan or worshipper of god Indr or Paarjanya the god of Indo europeans the people who occupy northern hemisphere from ireland to india and from same gene pool. The traditional enemy of Indo european people were Asurs or arabs as in Syria/assyria. Islam and christianity are Asur religions. The trademark quality of Asur population is using lies in life.

It is sad part of history that most of europeans were converted to christianity using sword. Thats why more and more whites are realising the violent past and returning to life of reason and atheism.

This girl is ignorant and her friend used her ignorance to convert her. But soon she will read more about religion and will dump brainwashing and return to life of reason.

So you are saying Hinduism is a racist religion which says people from Syria /Assyria according to you assur are evil.Then i suggest you should find a new path my friend.Peace.

Asur does not necessarily mean evil. It means they are not gods(Sur). And Hinduism is not what your church tells you it is.

Church never tells us about other religions

Religion is a way of discipline and worship of a power that surpasses human. If educated youth were to become staunch, then there is something really worrisome. Kanika is doing exactly what her parents are doing by not participating in Hindu customs or denying any affinity to them.

HI Kanika. Myself Hareesh. Hope you will read this also. I am writing comment here because I find no other way to contact you. See its up to you to follow any religion. Because every where its the same god molded in different forms. No one can say their god is the powerful one others are less powerful because there exists only one. You remember story of blind guys describing an elephant. Its the same we describe about god. But the truth is its beyond description. I got to know tht you best friend jo jos conversation made you to think about the christianity about after life and all. What does it differ if u die as a christian or a muslim or a hindhu? After death as far as I know there is no religion at all every soul is taken care of according to the karma they hav gone through. According to me, its good to know about every relegion.We can see different perspective for a better understanding. You are a Hindhu and ur family members are orthodox too. But hav you ever try to understand what is the real concept of hindhuism. If not, try it. and as one of our great guru has said If you have lost faith in the religion even for a second then do not wait for even a second to get converted. Hope you will have a good future. God Bless You.

People who like hinduism, don't have to convert and there not missionaries going around to get you to convert. Ofcourse, there are bad people in every religion.

Converting gullible people from other religion ? is this what christianity is ? pathetic

Gullible.... you call them that only when they want to accept Christ. Christ, the person, gives us eternal life and a relationship with God. Understanding life on earth in the fallen state (crimes, confusion and lack of hope) and then finding peace and hope in Christ is an amazing experience.

This is exactly the problem here!!!!! As a good friend kanika's friend should've helped her find happiness by living life, acquiring knowledge a new language,musical instrument, dance anything and asking her to read the Vedas instead of shoving her beliefs down an ignorant person's throat. I have christian friends protestants and Catholics both; we live and let live!! If there's ever any spiritual dilemma we,encourage each other to read up/find answers by reading our respective scriptures. We don't take advantage and act like conniving conversion-ists pushing our beliefs forcefully down each others throats. Grow up man.

61 christian countries.
2 world wars.

Because Jesus is the Savior?
Helps you find peace?

Does Kanika know that jesus visted India (puri) learnt sanskrit & studied the vedas . Jesus never told anything about the concept of god, he was misquoted by st.peter.

I think if Kanika wants to find God thru believing Christ let her be so, there is no harm in believing Christ since in Hinduism we believe 'All Paths Lead to God', even if she converts she will never cease to be a hindu because the essence of culture and hindu philosophy is embedded in her thru generations. It is sad that her friend asked her to convert, the one tells to extinguish family traditions can never be a friend.
Anyways she will one day realize that Hinduism is more than a religion, it is path which can lead you to God and that is possible in this very life. She need to not die to see God.

Do you see God in your idol..?? that has no life no soul ..neither it moves know that Ramayana is an epic story .!! Can you still say that He 's a God ?? There are numbers of Hindu Gods think around 2000 gods still ur not satisfied with it then y are you complaining...?? and remember no missionaries had ever force people to convert into hinduism...infact Jesus's disciples just followed what he mention clearly in the bible that to spread the word of God , tge creator.l but not to convert hindu to christianity..

Sitting here, u think that way. Luring is worst than forcing. In bible, u need to love Jesus more than parents etc. Rt? So why r u loving converting people. It means u cannot go to heaven. Myth or real is not important. Faith is important. That u took by targeting over populated countries and poor countries. If u have a heart, u should support those who r already Christians and facing financial troubles. They need much help. But no, why should u, bcoz they r already Chritians. U should show that Chritian population on earth is more. Pathetic.
The story revolves around Kanika to convert. Not even one converted Chritians family in India will allow to marry hindu or Buddhist or muslim unless they convert to Christian. They will take us to churches, but ones they used to come to masjeed and temple, ones converted father brain wash them, to throw prasadam (holy water type) before us into trash. U only hear stories from converted Christian families. Why bcoz we keep quite, thinking who cares what they tell. But one day volcano will erupt and that time, most of the religions will unite that will go against ur. Their parents threaten to die. Even its a boy or girl, they have to convert to Christianity if they r in love, bcoz the church father don't allow. Brain wash them. Bcoz they get money to convert neighbors, relatives and their kids lovers. And they get all discounts from education to buying a land. One day it will come when ur heir will convert to other religions, not by luring but faith and centuries of ur cunning behavior. Then ur people will understand.
There is nothing wrong if we have 2000 God or zillion Gods for even thing. Yes we give name for air as AirGod, Fire as FireGod etc. Only difference is, u have one God for all of these. We name them differently, just like different teachers are assigned different task by a principal. People like u come, start knocking our doors and tell ur Hindus has so many Gods, u shud convert to Christianity. But we never lured with Rs5000- Rs25,000 per person conversion. U r doing great job. Love converting, more than Jesus.
Good thing for us is, corrupted people/churches who lure to convert neighbor, relative, friends, families etc are not giving money after 4-5 yrs, so they r reconverting back to hindus or muslims. This is the start. Look what will happen in future.


God is Not Proprietary to any Religion. Christians uses Idols in their worship. Ask any Christian to spit on the Bible or statue of the Cross or Joseph or Mary etc.

Emily- I changed my faith from hinduism to an adventist christian in Gaziabad(U.P) last year in october. I along with my wife and 5 year old son was disowned by my parents, not only they did that they also published the reason of disowning in 2 national newspapers of india. I had to move out of the house and the area of gaziabad to escape pulic comments and public humiliation. I was tracked down by bajrang dal in kanpur and beaten by their extremist goons, they threatened to burn us alive if I do not convert back in hinduism again. Police in Kanpur(Fazal Ganz police station) refused to act upon our written complaint due to bajrang dal's name in the report. My wife's office was also tracked down by them, we spent lot of time hiding at different places just because I changed my faith. My pregnant wife had to go through the mental trauma and we were afraid of our life there. New Delhi is not what it is projected as very liberal and safe place in India. It is the most dangerous and unsafe place in india. Southern india is also not a safe place for christian due to their goverments anti- conversion rules which is often abused by these extremist group with the assistance of goverment elements. I had to move my pregnant wife, son to Illinois in U.S to escape another attack. We had to sacrifice everything including our established careers. But I'm not going back to hinduism again and accepted jesus as my saviour. It is my personal choice and it should have been respected in India which unfortunately was not. I love my country but extremist group like bajrang dal due to their alliance in politics do whatever they do on the streets in the name of religion and no one control them.

Had you studied Hinduism properly before embracing Adventist sect of Christianity?

praise though lord Mr.Sanjay , for protecting you and your family..even though the banjrangdal people threatened to kill, you have not denied jesus...Please do forgive those peopl who tried to harm you and your family for they probably did not know what they were doing..your faith in god is amazing..let it live on..

Dear, I think you belong to Uttarakhand,

GOD ALMIGHTY will honor your your faith and as you are standing firmly with the LIVING JESUS, now the count the troubles, but wait how you are going to be blessed and honoured in the days ahead in multiplied blessings! If you became an atheists, or joined any political party of your choice, nobody will bother you. But, when you began to follow the PRINCE OF PEACE and GOD OF LOVE, you are persecuted. You are in my prayers, likewise many are praying with you.

Hold fast your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, Sanjay. I recommend you reading the book "Death of a Guru" by Rabi Maharaj, (son of a Brahmin priest of Banaras. He was converted to Christianity and he authored this book which has been translated over 60 languages. It is available on God bless you. Sam

This is a brave women, that is strong minded and strong willed and I say this because you have to believe quit a Bit in yourself to go tottaly against 82% of your country and all of your familys religous beliefs and believing in ones self is the key to sucees because so many people are conflicted. But I say make your stand in life so you may have a seat with the lord in heaven.

the quest.asked was if kanika know what happens to the soul after death. if she had studied hindu scriptures she would of been able to understand and give the most logical answer as compared to any other religion. but alot of hindus are converting like in this case out of mere ignorance.

What Kanika is seeking in God is the personal relationship which many Hindu bhaktimarg devotees did and have gone on doing for centuries and what Hare Krishna panth does. she, however must be a girl going to a convent and so enamoured by superior status given to Christianity there.There is scope for prayers and simple prayers in Hinduism as well. It is strange that her family has not understood the need of many young minds. One does not need Christianity for that asthe need is more psychological than religious.

I don't think this article contain any truth in it. First of all Hinduism explain after death better than Christianity. Hell and Heaven are just Myths. Hindus believe in reincarnation which is the most acceptable where as heaven and hell make no sense because if a person born in a religion whether Islam or Hinduism it's not their fault that they continue that religion , By telling those who do not believe in Jesus will go to hell is a kind of diminishing Christianity it self. Most importantly even five year old Hindus know that Adam and Eve never existed we are formed by evolution and hence Christianity is a lie. This kind of articles create more hatred against Christianity and hence it will go against the Author wish to convert more , so i urge the author not to publish this kind of rubbishes any more

Does this ignorant person know why we Hindus worship?

Hindus dont worship idols, it is an act of symbolism. Christians also respect Crucifix was it made from the real one from which Jesus was hanged? No, it is act of symbolism, if you say why Hindus worship idold? then we can also say why do you respect and worship two combined sticks?

The murtis (idols) used in Hinduism are not 'symbols' and if you actually studied Hinduism from Hindu gurus you would know this. They are considered to be alive, to be the real embodiment of the deity - to call them symbols or suggest God is not actually present in them is actually considered unfaithful and offensive. They "feed" them, wash them like they are bathing a child, put clothes on them and "put them to bed" in little beds every single day. They even believe if you forget to feed them regularly (breakfast, lunch and dinner) the deity will become angry. Here is a "guide" to what they do (it is from them, you can't say it is not true):

This is information is so wrong. You are being fooled Mr. Aesan. The idols are symbols and no one, specially, puts clothes on them and puts them on bed.

Go to a Christian Church and you will see an idol of Jesus crucified. Why is it that Christians say that Hindu's worship idols when Christians also have idols and statues of Jesus in their churches? They probably don't bath or feed them, but they worship and praise them just like Hindus in their religion.

Beautiful story.Well written and can be related to very nicely.

We Hindus don't worship trees, rivers, animals or idols. The definition of worship in Hinduism is the recitation of the holy texts, now me may recite those texts infront of idols, or trees, or rivers or any other place we find spiritual. Can anyone show me any verse from any Hindu text which says "idols / animals / trees are considered God"? Let me post a few verses from the Bhagavad Geeta to make it simple what we mean by God. The Supreme Personality of Godhead - Lord Krishna said in the Bhagavad Geeta :

Bhagavad Gita 7:4 - "Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and false ego(space) —all together these eight constitute My separated material energies."

Bhagavad Gita 7:6 - "All created beings have their source in these two natures. Of all that is material and all that is spiritual in this world, know for certain that I am both the origin and the dissolution."

Bhagavad Gita 7:7 - "O conqueror of wealth, there is no truth superior to Me. Everything rests upon Me, as pearls are strung on a thread."

Bhagavad Gita 7:8 - "O son of Koonté, I am the taste of water, the light of the sun and the moon, the syllable OM in the Vedic mantras; I am the sound in ether and ability in man."

Bhagavad Gita 7:9 - "I am the original fragrance of the earth, and I am the heat in fire. I am the life of all that lives, and I am the penances of all ascetics."

Bhagavad Gita 7:10 - "O son of Pårthä, know that I am the original seed of all existences, the intelligence of the intelligent, and the prowess of all powerful men."

Bhagavad Gita 7:11 - "I am the strength of the strong, devoid of passion and desire. I am sex life which is not contrary to religious principles, O lord of the Bhäratas [Arjuna]."
Bhagavad Gita 7:12 - "Know that all states of being—be they of goodness, passion or ignorance—are manifested by My energy. I am, in one sense, everything, but I am independent. I am not under the modes of material nature, for they, on the contrary, are within Me."

7:15 – “Those miscreants who are grossly foolish, who are lowest among mankind, whose knowledge is stolen by illusion, and who partake of the atheistic nature of demons do not surrender unto Me.”

9:4 – “By Me, in My unmanifested form, this entire universe is pervaded. All beings are in Me, but I am not in them.”

9:8 – “The whole cosmic order is under Me. Under My will it is automatically manifested again and again, and under My will it is annihilated at the end.”

9:17 – “I am the father of this universe, the mother, the support and the grandsire. I am the object of knowledge, the purifier and the syllable OM. I am also the Rig, the Säma and the Yajur Vedas.”

9:18 – “I am the goal, the sustainer, the master, the witness, the abode, the refuge, and the most dear friend. I am the creation and the annihilation, the basis of everything, the resting place and the eternal seed.”

9:19 – “O Arjuna, I give heat, and I withhold and send forth the rain. I am immortality, and I am also death personified. Both spirit and matter are in Me.”

Can u prove that beef is strictly prohibited in Hindu religion?
But already i found that the ancient hindus were eat beef. and its alredy proved in many books, u can search in google......

Well I suppose christianity is the biggest bane to ever come to the world. these were the same group of people that threatened to burn scientists who said the earth was round. The same who would go on to kill millions on the name of religion. And yet here they are with their statements saying Christians face prosecution ( totally untrue ) this is also the religion which says that once you are with a woman .you are deemed impure because woman was sent to slow down man . So think for yourself my dear man and woman. Where do you want to Be . In a religion which deems your mothers and sisters as sinners put where they are worshiped like the queens that they are " Sri Rama Krishna para maHamsa

Wow! Such a great way of thief calling another person thief. I was a Christian once. Please educate me on the troubling topics:
* Why did Abraham sleep with his daughters.
* Why won't God heal amputees?
* If God is omnipotent (all-powerful), why did he take six days to create everything? Why not speak everything into existence all at once?
* Can god make a rock so big that he can’t lift it?
* Why does God demand the death of so many innocent people in the Bible? - Exodus 35:2 – God demands that we kill everyone who works on the Sabbath day.
- Deuteronomy 21:18-21 – God demands that we kill disobedient teenagers.

- Leviticus 20:13 – God demands the death of homosexuals.

- Deuteronomy 22:13-21 – God demands that we kill girls who are not virgins when they marry.
* If human evils must be allowed so that we can have free will, why did God also create natural evils, like floods and disease?
* Some Christians pray to Jesus in the hope that he will intercede with God. Does this make sense if Jesus and God are the same person?
* God did not create the world in 6 days 6,000 years ago like the Bible says.
How did Noah fit the millions and millions of species on this planet into his ark?
Why is God such a huge proponent of slavery in the Bible?
Why would Jesus want you to eat his body and drink his blood?
What about people who have never heard even the name of Jesus?
If God sometimes interferes in human events, why didn’t he either prevent the Holocaust or arrange for it to end sooner?
If God told you to kill a child, would you do it? If God told someone else to kill a child, would you interfere?
If you believe homosexuality is wrong, would you encourage Christian girls to marry gay men and end their lives of sin?
Why did Christians kill people, enslave and murder blacks and others, invade Muslim countries.etc.?

If you are able, post a refutation to them here on your website.

It is quite natural that her parents would be feeling the pain due to her change of heart to follow JESUS CHRIST, the living GOD.
Thousands of young people are coming to follow CHRIST in India and around the world. Massive conversion is taking place in Iran among the young people, and they are following CHRIST as their Lord and saviour. The parents will have to think at first, their daughter being a follower of CHRIST, is she is a better-peace loving-caring and calm person? As it is written in the Bible
" that at the name of JESUS every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue acknowledge that JESUS CHRIST is LORD." Phil 2:10,11. I pray and strongly believe that her parents will follow the same LORD JESUS. I ,met the same JESUS 58 years back when I was 10 years old, and HE is real and living today.

how unhealthy of a religion to pull away its child from parents, relatives and friends and the very own culture that belongs to you.

I just need one answer - when sikhs, hindus and another few hundred versions of it, buddhists and jains - all could get assimilated yet maintain their path - why is it that christianity and Islam pride themselves in creating an identity that they are different from the rest - when its after all another faith.

We should learn everything from the best - that doesnt mean we should give up ourselves.

Most loveliest religion is Hinduism.. all geniuses of highest order from various parts of world expressed saying that India is the only source for highest wisdom and philosophical values.. Hinduism has everything.. people leaving Hinduism are blindfolded and it is due to their Karma and no one can help it.. There is deviation from what is said by Bible, Purans, Bhagawat Gita, Koran and what is followed practically by humans.. Conversion to christianity is a big business involves lot of money and that is evident from those once penniless now most well known rich pastors.. Leave religion.. Indian has become so low esteemed is ready to do anything for money at any cost.. do the people use their minds before rejecting one and taking up the other? No.. they don't have any capacity to understand the real philosophy of Hinduism.. Like Kanika.. she is so no mature says that she does not like hindu practices and hence changed to Christianity.. sounds absurd.. All sages came and gone by leaving with us some philosophy, wisdom and taught us how to realize god.. People from various parts of the world irrespective of the path they are in or chose finally ends up in putting efforts to realize god... some see jesus, some see shirdi baba, saints, indian gods, some see god as Alla.. not a problem.. There is no need to conversion to any other religion when god realization is not a problem from whichever platform you chose.. If money is not involved then who will do conversion and none will get converted.. Poeple should understand that these converting predators are doing so for a luxurious life.. Many beggars today are wealthy pastors today.. Indian must change his attitude

Yeah I agree with you. Christin missionaries are like spreading violence, they want to convert people by money. We have to fight this evil.

I m join church

You join english classes first.

hehehe, good one

Hahaha best comment so far :D

i dont care how your english is.god understands all languages. you dont need an interpreter or some other idiot on EVERY tiniest need to connect you to God. You are brave enough to follow your heart and do the right thing. IMMEDIATE RESULT -you will have independence of thought. just follow the one true God who has chosen you and you will keep your mind and heart in the right path :) :) you'll be in my prayers :)

Hi friends.... Do not fight over things don't exist.. Pls understand onethinf.. My name is siva, I speak tamil, english understand hindi, telugu and malayalam.. Travelled across india.. That does not mean nothing exist other than what i know and been taught... The world is so big and is just part of the universe which has numerous world in it. So God (the creator)is one and named by different people in different places and followed by thier disciples.. We humans are free to adopt and live as per our wish and understanding... We live less than 100 years of which first 10-15 years just confined to our family life under stand the life.. After 60 no one listen to us... We look at the world exactly the opposite of what we lived.. In between that 40 years to understand everything about the world and the God and making allegations or gossipping about others is not a worthy affair. Please follow what your inner voice tells and be happy about it and see others live happily with whatever they do without harming the humanity... Love all..

Hi Kanika!
"Jesus said, “Truly, I say to you, there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or lands, for my sake and for the gospel, 30 who will not receive a hundredfold now in this time, houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with persecutions, and in the age to come eternal life." (Mark 10:29-30)
God bless you, sister!!

Krishna said said " abandon all religions and just surrender unto me; i will deliver you of all sins and don't fear" chapter 12 verse 66. This was said that supreme lord himself, not by son of God...

Yes , the same mythical SUPREME GOD who slept with multiple Women, stole their clothes, cheated to win a war and was killed by a hunters arrow!!!

Hello everybody. May I suggest that evveryone reads articles written by or for Professor Hyam Maccoby, Profrssor O'Leon, Professor Jeffrey Lang, Dr. Garry Miller, Dr. Laurence Brown and Dr. Maurice Buccile about the religion that they believe in.

Why are people worried about life after death??? Isn't it better to live in the present and do good work and help people?? Religious conversions disturb the social fabric of India. Also idol worshiping is symbolic in nature. One person converted from Hinduism, one more enemy to Hinduism.

Basically equating Hinduism to worshipping snakes... References have been made to Hindus committing violence against Christians in India, and not vice versa? Pure bullshit and ignorant writing.

Bcoz we don't tell what they tell. We keep quite, thinking who cares. U on other hand, if anything bad comes in youtube against christians, it is removed. We cannot tell anything bad about churches or crimes that father commits in news or media. Bribing. Need to show always good about churches and father good in film industries. Ur bribing leg is everywhere now. From ministers to poor all convert bcoz they r well paid. I can buy land if I convert to Chritianity., who isn't lured? BTW, do u own a house. Sad. Bcoz u r busy donating to churches to convert poor people by luring them.

Silly Girl !!!! Whole story is pro conversion .....i have seen conversion with money.......lured with many things....

Kanika's dilemma is not rare, there are many Hindus like her who are ignorant about their religion and whenever they are confronted by people like Jo Jo who themselves have no knowledge about the religion they are maligning The kanikas get influenced by what they say and become so called believers. It is funny to say the least when two persons talk about a religion which they both know nothing about and conclude that it is no good, thereafter they compare it with christanity which one of them have limited knowledge about and decide to turn believer. It took Kanika no time to read the Bible wherein Jesus himself gets very little to say because more than 50% is about what St. Paul says who was not even an Apostle. Mathew Mark Luke and John contradict each other The genealogy of Jesus is confusing because he is supposed to be born of a Virgin but even that does not match between Mathew and Luke. I am sure Kanika has not even heard about "The Council of Nicea" and how the Bible was conceived and forced on people by Emperor Constantine. I advise her to do some research on the Bible and read The Bhagwad Gita which has all the answers to the questions put forth by Jo Jo then and only then decide on whatever path she wants to follow.

I could hear wailing "Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming" from the neighbor's house. And not just the family, there were other people; unknown voices, who were equally as panicked, or petrified, at whatever was coming in there. A few seconds of silence, and then I heard the trigger-words "your Gods are demons. Jesus is the real God", and that was it for me. I banged at their door hard and swift. Aunt came out in a minute and asked what was the matter. I strongly demanded to speak to the voice which had just not sit out racial abuses to our religion and Gods...He wasn't going anywhere without a beating.

You can still remain hindu and accept jesus.jesus is never about religion.for the son of god died for eveybody ,s sins.nobody can acheive the perfection as jesus even the best christians so claims.jesus teaches about being gentle ,helping the needy,even says to love your enemies. Its giving eveything even if you have nothing left.

Matthew 19:16-26 ERV

A man came to Jesus and asked, “Teacher, what good thing must I do to have eternal life?” Jesus answered, “Why do you ask me about what is good? Only God is good. But if you want to have eternal life, obey the law’s commands.” The man asked, “Which ones?” Jesus answered, “‘You must not murder anyone, you must not commit adultery, you must not steal, you must not tell lies about others, you must respect your father and mother,’ and ‘love your neighbor the same as you love yourself.’ ” The young man said, “I have obeyed all these commands. What else do I need?” Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, then go and sell all that you own. Give the money to the poor, and you will have riches in heaven. Then come and follow me!” But when the young man heard Jesus tell him to give away his money, he was sad. He didn’t want to do this, because he was very rich. So he left. Then Jesus said to his followers, “The truth is, it will be very hard for a rich person to enter God’s kingdom. Yes, I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter God’s kingdom.” The followers were amazed to hear this. They asked, “Then who can be saved?” Jesus looked at them and said, “This is something that people cannot do. But God can do anything.”

its a funny world, we are living,people spent more time on researching by reading articles,reviews,consumer reports for buying a good mobile or tv or they can buy value for their money.when it comes to the concept of god,they say well everbody has his own beliefs.
as far as i know there is only two religlions in this world one says to attain god do something, mediate,worship,recite holy mantras,be good person,help,others basically it means save yourself by your own efforts.
but other one says a saviour is given, his name is jesus christ.he is the way,truth and the cannot save himself by his own efforts.

It's a pity that instead of actually reading the Vedas and the Gita and getting to know Hinduism in its true scientific form she took the escape route and simply switched religions as if she were trying on clothes in a mall. The Vedas do not support idol worship, at all ; they ask us to worship elements of nature because they help sustain life BUT there is no emphasis on mindless rituals anywhere. All the rigid, meaningless rituals were practiced by humans which became custom with passage of time." What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right" I am a strong believer of Hinduism but only of the original form I and so many people i know never follow rituals they disagree with but we don't automatically dismiss Hinduism as regressive and redundant. Try to get to know the truth first instead os acting in haste. In Vedic times women had property rights, right to speak in public (which even the western countries granted only in 1900's to women), right to education, choose a profession, even undergo thread ceremonies (which is restricted to males now and even that ceremony is redundant with the disappearance of the gurukul system) , gandharva marriages were accepted and popular. Hinduism in its original, true form is progressive, scientific and says a lot about the soul. Its sad no one makes the effort to get to know it these days. Take it from a girl who has studied the Vedas in detail, get to know your religion before taking any drastic steps.

It is more Couregious story for Belivers ;
We are happy to see millions Christians in Our Neighbourshood Country India, increasing day to day Christians in India: ur is good news for all Belivers Globally;
Kumar singh bist
Kathmandu Nepal

Jesus is a son of god that is- true my god my lord

What a wonderful story! Kanika has been translated from darkness into light. May the Lord give her grace, strength, and courage as she lives the new life in Christ! The spiritual battle has already started. I pray that she obeys her parents in all things lawful. However, she cannot serve two masters. Therefore, she cannot go to the temple with her parents to worship Manasa devi, the goddess of snakes. Kanika is now a new creature in Christ, and her devotion belongs only to Christ. Her parents her not happy and there will be no peace within the family because this is the purpose of the gospel. Listen to what Christ said, "Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you Nay; but rather division. For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided...the mother against the daughter and the daughther against the mother..." (Luke 12:51-53). She can no longer walk together with her parents. Listen to this pertinent question, "Can two walk together, except they be agreed'? (Amos 3:3). Kanika going to the temple with her parents is like trying to mix iron with clay! Kanika stay strong and God bless!

In Sanathana Dharma: (Hinduism?)

After the soul sheds its gross body , it still has a subtle body if there is karma left (be it Good or Bad). As long as there is karma , the subtle body around the soul exists and because he has a level of surrender not yet full (still puts sense pleasure as priority) or no hint of surrender to God or is very attached to sensual pleasures the soul continues to have a material subtle body, and for this it has to take another birth in various bodies according to karma and consciousness that it had at the point of death (snakes, humans etc. ) . But the moment a soul surrenders himself Fully to God , Karma is nullified and on ending his existance on earth, the soul is liberated.

The type of liberation depends on the sadhana of the soul.
God according to vedas has three forms: impersonal absolute light - Brahmam, Paramatma - Supersoul who exists along with the smaller baby souls, Purusa uttama -- Bhagavan : if the soul worshipped the impersonal absolute, he would merge with brahmam (what buddhists may call brahma nirvana), if he worshipped paramatma or purusa uttama: the soul would be transferred to vaikunda (The Realm of God) to engage with and serve God in his native form as Purusa Uttama.

The former is a follower of Advaita vedanta in which all forms of gods found in Hinduism are but the one and the same Brahmam. T

The latter, is a follower of the Vishishadvaita, Dvaita or Acintya Beda Beda

If any soul believes he can go to God by a particular method, be it so.

But if a person forcefully converts another who is already on a rightful path to a path not suitable for him/her, that is probably the worst thing to do. I know Christians who follow sanatana dharma and worship God with the help of the Bible and sacred Vedas and related scriptures. Sanatana dharma is not about conversions. Sanatana dharma is ultimately about truth , if a person is really sincere , really surrendered and really loves God, the practices found in sanatana dharma would help him realise God in that very birth. But for this the soul must be total in surrender.

Be it Christianity , Islam , Pure sanatana dharma , the main thing is surrender to God , treating other souls with compassion, to be controlled in senses. Religions are just names.

Hari Hari.

You can talk about the beauty of your religion youcacannot discredit another religion

I haven't come across such a bogus story like this in support of conversion to Christianity. Such a pathetic attempt to convert. I'm hoping that youngsters read through and understand what different religions mean and make an informed choice once they understand what each religious theologies have to say. It is definitely sad that hindu value systems and way of life are not understood properly by people leading to such stupid articles supporting conversion being published.

Proselytization is the Christian equivalent of Islamic Jihad. Period.

It always surprises me at the systematic way in which the Abrahamic religions and their proponents try and discredit the "heathen ones" simultaneously leaving no stone unturned in publicizing and encouraging the "saved ones".

Secondly, the Christian population mentioned in the article is under reported by a huge margin as this does not take into account the population of converted non Christians.

Since the destruction by the British of the Indian education system and forcing of English on the country as well as making English necessary for economic advancement and social mobility, most families have lost their understanding of Hinduism and also do not find the time to do research and teach their children. Also there are fewer and less resourced cadre of organised proselytizers going around trying to convert people into Hinduism. Her description of Hinduism speaks of lack of information , wisdom insights come many many miles after. Hindu folks have to figure out how to bridge this information gap among people and then people should be free to choose their way based on complete information rather than on complete ignorance.

If you give me a few hours with this person I can easily convert her back to Hinduism. It's my challenge. This is a typical IBCD, Indian born confused desi, who doesn't really Hinduism. And best part a lot of these IBCD's are reconverting back.
To know more watch our film "An Indian Jesus" on somebody who did the same miracles as Jesus including the resurrection and lived just 100 years ago in India

tell me how. i have a hindu friend who wants to be a christian. she too studied in a convent. i want to bring her back. not only that i stay in a nun-run hostel which also has a day care centre. they start teaching about jesus to hindu kids as young as 3-4years of age. that is called brainwashing. how i tell my friend about the actual hindu dharma. i do make her see the beauty of her own religion?

Dear Priyanka,

I would be happy to write to you on the methods.
Kindly email me on

Once upon a time, a fool went to his female fool friend and told her, "Your family is crazy. They keep doing crazy sh*t all the time. If you want to find purpose of your life, come to my family. They are the best." The female fool liked what her friend said and went to live with the Fool's family.

Though the poor fool doesnt know yet that the Fool's family is as crazy and stupid like her family.
Only time will tell her.

Really good one. Simple way of implying all r fools and no need to abandon your family and religion. Everyone should ask the ONLY question here, whether the boy really loved her?. If so will he convert to other religion (I am sure the boy himself is converted Christian for money). If u have money, definitely u will be happy for some time. As time surpass, they will realize their mistake and cannot take back step. Money is not reaching to God at all. It will degrade within urself.

This article has biased overtones and all religions are dividers.

For the sake of objectivity, why couldn't obtain the perspective of Hindu leaders from America who could explain the significance of the beliefs, rituals, traditional respect and tolerance of Hinduism to Kanika? For example, a Hindu can respect Jesus far more than a Christian can "tolerate" any other religious tradition. Also, there are several irrational elements in Christianity as well(Virgin giving birth, walking on water). That goes with the territory for any religion.

Also, could her embarrassment stem from a need to fit into mainstream culture (friends)?

Try to get your answer from Vedic Texts instead your parents. You would have found all your answers. It's same way for every religion. There will always be plenty unanswered questions. And this is how Christian Missionary operate...

Funniest story I have ever read ! When someone asks about life after death, no other religion explains it as thoroughly and scientifically as Hinduism. What our Ms.Kanika has not done is, find what her true religion speaks about it before accepting what christianity says. Christians can brag only about the bible. But Hinduism has so many books, so many details, so many explanations which give precise reasoning for all our questions and more. Hinduism is the only religion which doesnt take anybody into its fold either forcefully or by brainwashing. In fact, the first thing that is taught in Hinduism is the freedom of choosing your way to reach God. I would encourage all the christians and Islam followers out there to first read about Hinduism and be blessed by the vast ocean of knowledge that it shares rather than being content with just a small lake. Hope Ms.Kanika does that and enlighten her fellow friends too.

Wow Christians have such a Superiority Complex. Kind of Ironic.. considering the fact that its a Desert Religion from Middle East that went on to conquer European Caucasians. Today the White Foot Soldiers are carrying the message of the invaders who destroyed their countries. Phew!! The World is a Blind Place.

Reflection * i agree with your view these people restlessly spreading the religion which destroyed their own culture

The life after death is already mentioned in Hindu scriptures. Most of the people are not aware of it. It is the ignorance of the people that evangelists are taking advantage of. Every other scripture in the world came from Hindu scriptures. Remember that even Einstein praised Bhagavt Gita.

Its all dash dash dash.
any other religious believer can think whatever to other religions.Like she said "you arenot god or not my god" what if I say Christian god is of/for no one.
his place is devil.will you bear it..or wrath will come upon me..
I dare that.
so before making any jokes on other religions please be ready to tolerate on your too.
religion bears inner don't agitate it.
People used to worship Sun,trees and water before the religoins that were founded by persons like Jesus Moses and Muhammad ..
Sanatan Dharm was the only reason or Hindu religion is the only religion without any founder ..
Mind you, Dharm and Religion is two different belief syste,.You can consult dictionary..
And you will not find "Hindu " word anywhere in any books.It was given by some group of people in ancient times (by Mughals,muslims)
There are still people in urban areas even in American land or Australian land that worship fire ,water and sun...
so may it doesn't make any sense ..then it also doesn't make any sense going to church and bowing down to a cross,Jesus.
Hindus are always taught to live in peace and let live others..
We do not try to convert others but you all do.
Our religion is a free religion.Anyone are welcome and anyone can go.
Only our religion let its followers to say "Hindu muslim sikh isaai, sab milke hai bhai bhai" meaning - Hindu Moslem,Sikh and chrsitians ,all together are brothers
We even bow down to Jesus or Allah , we accept their existence as the Messengers but not GOD.
our religion do not stop us to wish you in Christmas and Muhammad day...but you other religious people do not dare, because you are taught in that way !!!
So live in peace not point how i worship and to whom ..and I will do the same...

Conversion to christianity is a big business involves lot of money and that is evident from those once penniless now most well known rich pastors.

Oh god , I feel sad for her . She has left behind a pluralist and beautiful religion that respects everything in nature to one based on hatred for everything not mentioned in Bible. I was born in a Catholic household and had to under go traumatic experiences in Catholic schools under mentally unstable nuns . So i began to question the bible and everything . I realized that millions of people have been killed worldwide by Christians for spreading their religion . Living without religion and just having empathy and compassion for fellow living beings is the best thing.

Kanika escape before it is too late ,before u experience reality of Christianity .

Xtianity is deficient in concrete progress of spiritual experiences, generally comes across as a brand scavenging for consumers & marketing itself in the way traditional commercial enterprises do, which makes it tough to accept. If you are really good at what you claim you will get takers...dont be desperate.

That day at Costa Coffee though, Jo Jo started a long discussion, scribbling Christian themes and images on the napkins scattered around him. Kanika collected the napkins and poured over them that night in bed.

Christan Salesmen are so much like Avon Salesman!!

The kind of Christianity being propagated in India is often similar to the radical, medieval Christianity that was based on performing “miracles” and on hate speech. Most modern Christians in USA have rejected that Christianity, but the obsession for numerical growth in Christian population has become the evangelical obsession. The sole focus is on numbers, not quality or genuine religiosity. Greek thought was appropriated by

St. Augustine and others in order to start Christian theology (prior to which Christian historians admit that the Bible lacked philosophical content), and yet the very same Greek society was condemned as “pagan” and finished off. This as a form of arson: the arsonist robs the bank and then burns it down to hide the evidence. The Christian West has perfected this type of activity over the centuries: appropriate and simultaneously destroy the source.

Mahatma Gandhi lashed out against Christian missionaries numerous times because they linked their social work to conversion. Christians who are genuinely motivated must provide unconditional help from one human to another.

Before saying Christians are facing violence in India, please do your research. What is your take on the following links:

India is one of the most tolerant places for any religion in the world. We had our doors opened for the Jews when the whole world was discriminating against them. For your knowledge, from within Hinduism several religions evolved like Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism etc. and still it was all accepted whole heartedly by the people of India. Explain to me how in your story Mr. JoJo convincing Kanika to go to Church and know about Christianity is different from her parents asking her to go to the temple. Please leave it to the freedom of people to choose their religion rather than writing articles with the maligned intentions of changing a society's belief system.

I agree . However the problem is Hindu today does not bother to teach its children about the VALUE of DHARMA as they have other prior tasks , to which these missionaries take advantage of .
I wish this Girl and other converted should listen to SWAMI VIVEKANANDA speech in WORLD religious parliament .
It good to be born in Church but terrible to LIVE and die there.
These missionaries tend to defame innocent Hindu saints to make innocent Hindus feel Guilty but never show the dark side of actual Rapist PRIESTS in Church..
Christianity came from word Krishna , we love krishna , they copied the principle and love Jesus.. Such ancestries of missionaries never respected Jesus when he was alive and now just to be dominant on his name , making audience Fool.
Money is the POWER for sure..

In my place there are a lot of christian people who pray for Hindu Gods and vice versa. whats the big deal here. moreover all the missionaries in my area are converting people bribing and by force. Which is enough reason to stay away from that religion.

At hone the parents must tech their children the value of Hinduism. Then Ksnikas will not leave Hinduism.

Hinduism is the best way of life to live on this earth. Hope she gets a good hindu partner in future and soon get away from this cross minded JOJO. I think JOJO himself doesn't know the truth about his life.
Don't know about JESUS but NATURE GOD will surely make him aware about his wrong doings.

Fooling around with these stories of conversion's.

Hinduism is biocentric way of life not religion. And hence we pray animals, rivers, mountains etc bcoz hindus firmly believe earth is not only for humans. Those who dont know Hinduism ofyenly fall in trap of conversions bcoz hinduism is not a book oriented religion like christanity or islam. We hindus consider book oriented religion as sect which has prophet or jesus who spread good teaching.while hinduism covers all aspect of life it is most scientific religion if you try to understand otherwise like many westerners indentify as just curry caste cow!! This perspective we called as frog in small ponda. According to famous research in united states they said that 24% of american Christian practices yoga, read vedas and turn to vegetarian. Hinduism is not about just going temples praying snakes its more then that you ever imagine. Due to last 1200 years of foriegn invasion indian hindus lost what vedic culture was. Every basic invention of world which is base for modern invention found in hindu scriptures. We know earth is round and circles around sun before jesus was born. Jesus has taken teachings from Himalayan budha monk. And for your information buddhism is modified verson of Hinduism. We consider budhh as 9 th incarnation ofvishnu.

A typical Christian script for conversion... demean Hindu culture, abuse Hindu Deities by seeing through coloured and biased lenses, and so on and then finally offer Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the World and you. I have no problem with the last bit, but these so called "Christians" themselves don't follow their own religion, especially the Ten commandments... I see in England many churches are abandoned by the youth. The Hindu girl's story can also be used to describe situation of any Christian English girl. The article can be best described as Blind leading the Blind.

The post seems to be highly biased. Minorities are very well in India than in any Christian nation.

And why do indians need to be given or brought into christianity. They have their own beleif system and relegion which is much older and encompasses much more than anything that christianity can ever dream of. Hinduism has given the world yoga, herbal and holistic healing, meditation, the concept of Dharma, Karma, rebirth, moksha, nirvana etc. It is a much deeper and broader relegion. Are we telling them that Christianity is better than their relegion and our God is better than their god.

Isnt it kind of weird that someone has taken a contract to eat away any sin a christian commits? Let alone religion does that even sound fair. I kill an animal for my food, does not the animal has the right to live ?.. Just because some book says something could you all Christians go and kill??? Let us not talk religion, let us talk firs live and let live !!! No double standards please..

"Do you know what is happening to your soul when you die? Kanika had no idea, and that worried her". That's because Kanika has not read the Vedanta, Upanishads or Bhagavad Gita, which brilliantly answers this question.

Dr. B.R.Ambedkar's patriotism and his message of patriotism to be the down -trodden in India is very clear- Conversion to non-Indic religions is undesirable and will be detrimental to the integrity of this nation and this country. The truth of this is borneout by facts - those areas where the majority Indian population has converted to the non- Indic religion, Islam had seceded from India( Pakistan and Bangladesh). In the north-east of India, most people were converted by missionaries to Christianity and therefore, they are also engaged in secessionist movements and insurgencies.

Christian Missionaries approached him to convert himself and his dalits to Christianity. They promised huge financial and other inducements . The Muslims also pleaded with him for conversion to Islam. In fact,
the Nizam of Hyderabad offered him Rs. 75 mln if he and his flock converted to Islam.Dr. B.R.Ambedkar spurned the offers of Christins and Muslims . He said: if one converts to Christianity he ceases to be an Indian. The brotherhood in Islam is confined to the Believers; that is, only to Muslims. It cannot promote universal brother-hood. I will not convert to either of these religions . I will convert to one of the religions that are born here, in this country India. Of all the various Indic religions, Sanatan Dharma, Arya Samaj, Vaishnavism. Savaism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Veerasevism, etc. Buddhism appeals to me most . It is all humanity embracing . It has no castes. I will therefore convert to Buddhism and advise all my Dalit brothers to convert to Buddhism and avoid conversion non-Indic religion.Dr. B.R.Ambedkar’s patriotism and his message of patriotism to be the down -trodden in India is very clear- Conversion to non-Indic religions is
undesirable and will be detrimental to the integrity of this nation and this country. The truth of this is borneout by facts – those areas where the majority Indian population has converted to the non- Indic religion, Islam had seceded from India( Pakistan and Bangladesh). In the north-east of India, most people were converted by missionaries to Christianity and therefore, they are also engaged in secessionist movements and insurgencies.

Evil of Christianity can be seen in South America and Africa where the faith has become rich at the cost of the people.

Conversion doesn't change anything. A person who has his/her roots south east of the Indus is a Hindu. You cannot be a "practicing Hindu". The new religion is only a cloak you wear and believe it is your skin. Conversion doesn't change your skin. Those who work hard at converting others is merely conning you into believing your skin has changed. That's irksome.

And the converts live in the delusion that they have new skin. It is unfortunate that this lady hasn't tried to look at he own skin and what goes deeper. Whatever is considered as constituent of "Hinduism", even in its shallow form, has very deep meaning and significance. I hope people make an effort to understand it before dismissing it as "Black and Ugly".

This is a greatly written script. Nice fantasy...!!!

Man created religion, religion created GOD. You believe it or not , this is true.

As Hindus or any old religion believe, there is rebirth. Athma is energy, it cannot be destroyed, it can be only transferred. Total energy (for Athma) in this universe will be always constant. Converting from one religion to another religion is not going to save you anything other than mess up with your family and your own culture. You will realize that when you are in their age, whatever your religion is. None of the books like Bible or Ramayan are faxed from heaven. It is created by an organized religion or a saint. So think before you publish anything like this.

Best of luck, you will remember this message , when at some point in your life you regret what you did. Another example here.

what an awfully sad story,what a sham of a religion Christianity is to tear families apart like this.Islam and Christianity are one and the same rotten death cults masquerading as religions.Hope Kanika has the common sense to see that.

At first, sanatan dharm is not a political concept that religion is. not the 'one book one god'. either u do as I say otherwise I kill u. dharm means rule or law. simple logic, if god would have created religion why he would creat religion different for all person. that means human created this religious dogma. rajiv malhotra has put it perfectly: "all abrahmic religions are history centric" sanatan which prevailed the world before and it has to be revived again for 'satymev jayate'.

This could be an article about any young person slightly uncomfortable with her family's religious beliefs while growing up in a cosmopolitan city. If that had been all that this article was about it might be okay. But the author makes her hidden agenda (maybe hidden from herself too) when she starts quoting statistics and makes blanket statements about a religion facing a little persecution in a nation where it is an imported religion. And then giggling alongside while recording the confusion of this young person as she reflects on a tenet of her religion. Very funny Ms. Frost, but maybe you should take a deeper look within yourself and what this article says about you. This article is in very poor taste!

Kanika should read books like "How I became a Hindu" by David Frawley, who himself was from a family of American priests. A man of curiosity and questions, he could not find satisfactory answer to any of his questions from Christianity. Later he ventured out to study different philosophies including Budhism, Sufism, Communism etc and found the answers in Vedas and Vedantha of Hinduism. Not only he became a Hindu, he started teaching Sanskrit and Vedas in US. Another read is "Hindu View of Christianity and Islam" by Ram Swarup. This book exposes some of the psychological tricks played by Evangelists. It shows the true status of both these Abrahamic faiths when they are validated against Hindu yogic wisdom. Kanika was not lucky to have access to learned Guru to guide her and teach her what those rituals mean and how they work at the meta-physical level

David Frawley, eventhough he might have been from a home of Christian evangelicals. He did not have a born again experience so he was never a Christian on the first place. So I don't understand why Hindus are trying to portray him as a poster boy for so called Christian converts to Hinduism!

Hinduism or properly known as Dharma in a nutshell believes in one God, who has taken Avatars - which is why you see Hindus worshiping those Avatars, who had taken human form for many different reasons which include: defeat evil or liberate people. The goal in life is to be a good devotee of god, do good Karmas and ultimately get Moksha (freedom from life & death birth cycle) - going to heaven as you call it. Dharma/Hindu scriptures offer insight on many different aspects which does not only include our lives but also different subjects (Math’s, Medicine, Engineering) things like how to preserve our planet, medicine (Ayurveda). If you get past the Avatars, and read the scriptures, you will be amazed, the offering is much much deeper than any other religion.

Christianity, for all due respect, has many ideas borrowed from Buddhism, along with many things from paganism (Christmas, Easter etc), Bells in church are introduced to them by Askoka (Hindu/dharma king from India), they continue on this path - borrowing Yoga from Hinduism - calling it Christian Yoga, tomorrow they will continue to borrow & digest thoughts, things, festivals from other religions and make it there own. We as individuals have to understand all religions, in depth to really appreciate them. As the saying goes, don’t judge the book by cover. May God open your eyes, some day you visit Hindu Mandir/Temple, do your own research, find a the right person or Guru to guide you to right direction.

If you read Upanishad. It is sufficiently tells you what happens to your Soul. In fact it also tells you what your Soul is and what is the purpose of the Soul. If you do not know, Jesus was in India to learn about all these from Hindus. So stop propaganda business and think about your own Soul.

Stop Conversion.. Stop brain washing, live and let live. Live the country alone. She is cheating with her family. She has rights to practice any religion but not through brain washing.

Miss kanaka, Hindus worship 'many' Gods in different forms, plants, animals etc. etc because, Hindus believe that God is One and can be worshipped in different forms as u like and also need not worship in an idol form. Worshipping a God who is formless is the ultimate stage for a Yogi and as we gave not reached that stage, we concentrate our mind in any form and prey. As regards to worshipping animals and trees etc. since they are all parts of nature created by God, it is our duty to preserve them, so by worshipping them we show our love and respect to the nature. Never ever get confusion and think of leaving the oldest and the most vibrant religion . Go and discuss with any learned hindu scholar and u will understand Hinduism in real perspective. God bless u , my child.

Whenever a Hindu converts to Christianity, usually there is a huge uproar accusing the Christian missionaries and pastors of converting them! But what they don't realize is that many Hindus have converted to Christianity because they understood that what they have read in their vedas is fulfilled only in Jesus!

The following link is the testimony of two among millions of Hindu priests and Vedic scholars who found the truth for themselves! Thayappan also gives the meaning of various shlokas which Hindus so religiously perform without knowing the meaning!

The following is the link of a very compelling book which every shantana dharma practitioner should read atleast once! This book is written by Rabindranath Maharaj, son of Chandrabhan Ragbir Sharma Mahabir Maharaj who attained Samadhi doing rigorous yogic practices!

There seems to be so much hatred spewed here because one girl used her convictions and decided to follow Jesus. I do not know why these zealots do not recognise her free will to make this choice in Free India. are we really a free country in India, yes politically but not religiously, there seems to be so much violence against Christians in India, this year alone over 700 acts of Violence against churches/Christians.
I saw a funny comment here that chriatians are perpetuating violence because of their hindus are converting. I have not heard such a fallacious statement/argument.

if at all there was to be a debate, then it should be a religious one and everyone is free to present their religions and propagate it, this is what the Indian constitution provides. Instead we have Hindus friends here running down this girl and some getting violent in their replies. this is not religious but political discussion.

we have no issues in India when any person who votes for one political party changes his mind and then votes for another political party, in most cases with Tv, fridge etc provided as allurement, this is reported freely in the media, yet no one seems to have any issues with this, yet when someone tries to change his religion which is his personal choice, we have the right wing intellectuals gunning for them and in villages, burning their houses, refusing them rights to draw water from the well etc.

Christians are running over 42,000 social institutions in india which are orphanages, homes for the aged, aids homes, cancer hospitals, primary health centers in remote locations where even the govt. of India has not reached , colleges etc, the largest beneficiaries of the Christian institutions have been Hindus by large who have enjoyed these facilities.. did we convert them all??, certainly not. however some of them did see the Christian service and love of Jesus at these places and accepted Jesus.
pl do not confuse acts by Christian countries which were political and equate with the message of Christ. this is what the right wing does..
the Christian population percentage in India has reduced from 3% in 1947 to 2.3 in 2010. I would appeal to all to exercise right judgment and stop hatred.

Kanika have you read Skeptics Annotated Bible? If our idols are not God then how your Cross can be god?

There is no cure for deliberate ignorance.

I am from the same church but different congregation. Know the guy who shared cos he is a popular figure. But dont know the lady. Heard about her saw her once. Think she got married now.

Nevertheless, Christianity is not just about saving soul and about heaven. It is about knowning God. For there is where the satisfaciton lies, the answers to life is present. If God is not known in person, then it is a dutiful religous quorum. Thank you for covering..

i would like to share my own experience here. I was a pure convent girl... spent 11 years studying inn a school where nuns rule the place. Never ever once a nun in my school ever approached me to convert to christianity. I used to visit church, attend the mass once a while. The most beautiful part ia where we were allowed to conduct saraswathi pooja in one of the classroom during navarathri!!

So guys please don't look christians as intruders. I am a strong hindu believe in jesus and prays to Him also!

I feel sorry for all of the people who bicker over which religion is right and which religion is wrong. I'm sorry to burst your bubble but there is no right and there is no wrong. There might be one god and there might be many gods. We will never know. Call me ignorant or an atheist, of which I am neither, I am simply a person who want to show all of you that no one is right. We all just want something to believe in. what ever you chose to believe in is up to you. Some religions might provide a better answer for some people. Doesn't mean that the person who converts is wrong and you are right or even the other way around. I think we should just start accepting the decisions our friends and family make.

Idols are not gods but the focus and representations for worship. If i commit crimes then confess do i bcme clean. If an atheist who never lies and does goodness will he go to hell. God is everywhere christian and both say but if they are everywhere what is wrong to worship snakes trees etc. Everything is made frm god not by god. Also gods or god makes no difference to a hindu. Vedas tell how to live a good honest life unlike someone who will damn be if i donot grovel at his feet. Deeds make a man not faith either hindu christian or muslim. There was no jesus just a cooked up story from other religions by romans to control masses. Choosing faith is your right but but did hinduism ask u to kill someone or lie. Not believing in our ways is their way. They only know your soul is going to hell for animism. Rome jeruselum are places meaning non living and who goes to worship there.

May the grace of Jesus save Kanika in this journey to God. It is difficult being a christian in a Hindu community. Many go back to their older ways due to inability to resist social pressures. But remember, Jesus chooses you, you do not choose Jesus. May you remain firm in your faith and may His grace be revealed to you, Kanika and everyone else.

Hinduism is not a religion, It Is SANATANA DHARMA (Prescribed Duties) to be performed by every individual. It Teaches How To Live In Perfect Harmony With Nature And To Re-Unite Ourselves With God. The Philosophy of Hinduism Is Quite Often Misunderstood By The Less Intelligent Beings, for they are given teachings by the SON of GOD to suite their respective consiousness levels. The whole world is moving towards degration in all aspects of humanity powered by the excess wealthy and over exploitary tactics of the advanced nations.
Religious conversations propelled by force (as in case of colonial states), monetary gains & material/sensual benefits show us the narrow mindness of the convertees and lacklustre thinking of the agents to buy faith.
A true follower of a particular faith to the core doesn’t involve in such cheap tricks to prove one’s might. In this world all souls are equal before the sight of SUPREME, everything animate and inanimate is a creation of GOD. The difference comes in the manner in which one performs his karma.
May GOD have mercy upon you!!!

I have made a decision to convert to Christianity. Would really appreciate any quick help, suggestions from those who have done it before.

Why did you decide to convert?

Please all who read and written this blog. Have a good knowledge about Hinduism. Things like Hindus worship Trees, Rivers, Idols, forces of nature...What Greek gods are made of...Plastics.
Hinduism gives alternate ways of achieving libration for people with different thinking levels and one can basis development of his knowledge and hunger to seek greater reason and truth for his existence can adopt a path most suited:

Remember, these are one of the simplest definitions, one needs a Guru or Guide to tread further just like one needs a Pastor:

Type 1 - Who worships an idol/ Deity

Geeta,Chapter 7, Shloka 21.
Whoever devotee wants to worship a particular deity with devotion, I bless his devotion with stability.
Chapter 7. Shloka 22.
When a man, full of devotion, worships a deity. he gets the desired results through that deity, as stipulated by me.

Type 2: (Just like praying to Jesus in a individual human way)
Chapter 7, Shloka 24.
Man, Iacking in wisdom, does not comprehend my uncomparable, indestructible and organ less state, and worships ever blissful God, taking him as an individual who has taken birth (in the usual human way).

This aspect of God is called nirgun nirakar, which means virtueless and formless God ; the other one is called sagun sakar (or sakar), which means the all-virtuous personified form of God.

So, this is the image of God.. as articulated by core Hindu texts..
One has a couple of choices and his/her family will not go against on any of these choices and even become more happy if its the third one, cause that was the most divine path to follow:

1. We worship everything as God
2. We worship something as God
3. We worship nothing as God (Formless, genderless, indivisible, eternal, infinite and changeless, cannot be described as Nirguna Brahman is indescribable)

The Blog itself is wrong as written by a christian who till now thinks that Earth is flat and centre of universe. Scholars were killed who proved otherwise. While Hinduism known these aspects 1000 of years back...

Why Einstein, Tesla, Oppenheimer studied Indian Scriptures, if it is scientifically wrong?
Why every second Sci Fi Book/ Movie takes leaf out of hindu Scriptures?
How without invading any country or without propagating, killing, luring, Hinduism is still alive while other religions are struggling. Especially Christianity in West (Europe)?

Please see the coin from both sides when writing blogs

Scientific Inaccuracy of the Bible
A. Earth is about 6000 years old, as calculated from the genealogies in Gen and Luke 3. (see the problem of a young earth later in the outline)

B. Birds were created before land animals (Gen 1:20, 24). - Fossil record shows exact opposite

C. Earth has four corners, and floats on water (Isa 11:12, Ps 24:2, 136:6, Rev 7:1).

D. Earth is a circular disk (Isa 40:22).

E. Earth is flat (these verses were used for centuries by the church to prove this: Ps 93:1, Jer 10:13, Dan 4:10-11, Zech 9:10, Matt 4:8, Rev 1:7)

F. Earth does not move (Ps 93:1, 96:10, 104:5, 1 Chr 16:30).

G. Death or illness is caused by sin (Gen 2:17, Lev 26:16, 21, 25, Deut 7:15, 28:21, 27, James 1:15).

H. God himself believes that a house or clothes can have leprosy and he details the remedy. Lev 13, 14.

I. Seed must "die" before it grows (John 12:24, 1 Cor 15:36).

J. Snakes eat dust (Gen 3:14, Isa 65:25).

K. Every beast shall fear man (Gen 9:2).

L. The ostrich abandons her eggs (Job 39:13-16).

M. A river divides into four rivers and they flow in different directions (Gen 2:10).

N. There was no rainbow before Noah's time (Gen 9:11-17).

O. Thunder is God's voice (Ps 77:18).

P. Earthquakes are caused by God's anger (Job 9:5, Ps 18:7, 77:18, 97:4, Isa 2:19, 24:20, 29:6, Jer 10:10, Ezek 38:20, Nah 1:5). Or by his voice (Heb 12:26). Or by Lucifer (Isa 14:16).

Q. Earthquakes can occur in heaven (Heb 12:26).

R. Rainwater does not return to the sky (Isa 55:10).

S. Blood is "life" (Deut 12:23). Breath is "life" (Gen 2:7).

T. Moon will turn to blood (Acts 2:20).

U. The moon has a light of its own (Isa 13:10, Matt 24:29).

V. The stars can be made to fall (Matt 24:29, Mark 13:25).

W. The bat is a bird (Lev 11:13,19, Deut 14:11, 18).

X. The whale is a fish (Jonah 1:17, Matt 12:40).

Y. Whales were created before insects (Gen 1:21-24).

Z. Jonah is able to survive three days and nights in the belly of the fish without oxygen and without being digested (Jonah1:17, 2:10).

A1. The hare chews the cud (Lev 11:5-6).

B1. Some fowl and insects have four legs (Lev 11:20-23).

C1. Levi existed as a person in the loins of his great-grandfather (Heb 7:9-10).

D1. Cattle will produce striped offspring if they see striped poles when breeding (Gen 30:37-41).

E1. Bees will build a hive in a dead carcass (Judg 14:8).

F1. Salt can lose its saltiness (Matt 5:13, Mark 9:50, Luke 14:34).

G1. Slugs / Snails melt as they move (Ps 58:8)

H1. Noah’s Flood

I1. pi is equal to 3 (1 Kings 7:23).

1. Why the ordered fossil layering of plant and animals? The common answer is that simpler lifeforms could not flee the floodwater and so are on the bottom. How did plants move away from the flood to end up with fossilized forests on top of other fossilized forests? Why do we not find one lame human that couldn’t flee? Why didn’t dinosaurs make it to the hills?

2. Where did all of the water come from and where did it go? (Conservative estimates need about 3x the amount of water in the entire earth, it’s polar caps and it’s atmosphere to cover the mountains like the bible says.)

3. The ancient egyptians were already keeping records for hundreds of years before the flood and did not seem to notice that their entire civilization was wiped out, or that a flood occurred at all.

4. The Djoser Step Pyramid and the Great Pyramid of Cheops were both built hundreds of years before the flood with no evidence of water damage.

5. If the flood created fossils, and two of every kind were on the ark, then that means that we have to have two of each “kind” of fossil we have ever found. What about the special diets and environmental needs of some of these animals on the ark? How did they have the manpower to feed these animals, how did the food to keep these animals alive stay fresh?

6. How did the ark stay afloat? The longest wooden ships today are around 350 feet and are banded with iron clasps and must be continuously pumped due to leaking in wood. The ark was 450 feet long.

7. Why are the vast majority of fossils found in riverbeds and other aquatic areas if the whole earth including dry land was covered in water?

8. Distribution of animals - If Noah’s ark landed in Turkey, why would marsupials go back to Australia where we find the majority of marsupial fossils that were deposited by the flood. Why didn’t marsupial disperse out from turkey?

I have a lot of time for Jesus but not the church. The etternal damnation idea was introduced by the Roman Emperor Constantine 500 years after the crucifixion. He removed the concept of karma and reincarnation which was part of christianity. I this concept of eternal damnation and that all other religions are from devil does not belong India.

Hi Kanika, I feel really sorry for you that you have to go through this. I would not put blame on you. The truth is that Hinduism is not so clear to many people and even to your parents. Every religion has core concepts (philosophy), myths and rituals. You will find these in every religion and it is really very confusing when we do not get proper knowledge. If you are real truth seeker, then before you convert to any religion, try to explore and do research. What your parents are doing is also a not real Hinduism. They probably might not know what is the meaning of Hinduism. They are just doing some rituals and thinking that by doing this, they are Hindus. If you are genuinely interested, then you should spend some time in finding the truth. You should definitely stop doing any rituals those are meaningless. But you should try to find true knowledge. I am providing you two links. It will help you to get the truth of Hinduism and you can also help your parents to follow the right path.

Hi Kanika,
I am trying to connect you through this blog. I hope you can get my comments. I just want to give you one simple suggestion. You should try to find what is Hinduism first before you leave it. It is sad that your parents also did not know about it and they just believed in some rituals. I am not sure if one can be a Muslim if he outrightly rejects Quran, or one can be a Christian if he outrightly rejects Bible. But yes, one can be a Hindu even if he outrightly rejects the Vedas, so far he has done so with best of his intent and intellect.

To be a Hindu, you don’t need certificate from any temple, church or mosque. You need not recite any verse. You need not believe in any particular God or book. You simply have to be honest to yourself. Hinduism firmly believes that each of us at each moment in life is different. Hence our needs and understanding also are bound to vary. So it is foolish to judge a person by his current set of beliefs. The goal of Hinduism is not to enforce a pre-decided set of ideas, books, Gods, avatars or prophets. Its goal is to provide a nurturing platform for each of us at each moment. We used to read nursery rhymes as children, science as adolescents and specialize in medical, engineering or accounts as grown-ups. In same manner, Hinduism allows different options to all of us at all times to choose what is naturally best for us and progress from there. It is an advanced educational system that caters to needs of all in a customized manner. It is not a deprived school in a remote village that has only one Class 5 fail as the teacher and hence everyone is forced to read and mug the same set of books.

The essence of Hinduism lies in those texts that are truly universal and timeless. Of course Vedas form the crux of this global wisdom. But then there are also peerless texts like Yoga Darshan, Nyaya Sutra, Vaisheshik Darshan, Sankhya Darshan, Vedanta, Upanishads and Gita – that have astonished and inspired scientists and scholars across the globe with their timeless universal wisdom. The beauty of these texts lie in they having no flavor – Indian, Middle East or African. They have no vintage feel to them. Instead they are always as fresh and as contemporary as they were ever. I simply love this freshness!

These texts – the soul of Hinduism – are as relevant to someone in Australia as to someone in Africa or in even Antarctica. All other historical texts associated with Hinduism simply attempt to explain these timeless wisdoms through time-bound incidents.

In reality, Hinduism offers freedom of choice without being dictatorial or judgmental. What critics of Hinduism forget to emphasize is that Hinduism is the ONLY way of life that ALSO offers worship of principles ALONE. In fact even the so-called idol worshippers agree that while idol-worship may be first step, the ultimate goal is to reach a state of worship of principles ALONE.

Thus huge number of Hindus believe in formless God. Many are even atheists. Many believe only in core tenets – Patience, Forgiveness, Self-control, Non-Stealing, Purity, Control of Sense, Wisdom, Knowledge Enhancement, Honesty, Non-Violence.

So you can be a Hindu even if you don’t believe in any particular person or avatar or even concept of God. You simply have to be honest to yourself, and need not even take certificate of honesty from anyone.

Hinduism has no book, no person, no history, no ideology to defend. It does not matter whether you worship through lighting of agarbatti, or conduct Hawan, or ring bells in temple, or recite name with eyes closed in isolation, or keep fasts, or enjoy sweets in festivals.

The core of Hinduism is defined in Yajurveda 1.5 (Idam Aham Anritaat Satyam Upaimi) – I strive to reject the non-true and accept the true in this present moment. So Hinduism is all about living in present and choosing what is best right now, irrespective of what may have appeared right in past. It is all about making that incremental progress every moment like in any research-based discipline.

Hinduism doesn’t demand you to defend what you have stood for in past. You must be able to defend what you are standing for right now. And if you cannot defend, then simply evolve.

Thus research and knowledge-enhancement is encouraged unlike many religions. In fact there are many verses which specifically state that unless one is on a constant path of seeking newer and latest knowledge, wisdom will ever remain elusive. Knowledge alone liberates.

I am not aware of any religion that specifically states that mathematics and astronomy must be mastered to have rightly-directed understanding of God, soul, spiritualism, after-life and related topics.

I am not aware of any religion that states that it does not matter what you believe in right now, even if that belief amounts to blatant blasphemy. What matters is that you are on a genuine pursuit of knowledge increment.

I am not aware of any religion that demands you to keep changing, keep evolving, keep improving, keep innovating to choose even better ways out. That demands you to kill the past and live in present to make a better future. That proactively encourages reforms in every aspect of living instead of clinging to archaic interpretations of some ‘divine’ message.

That is why even though many social evils got into Hindu society over its long history (longest in world), at the same time, reform movements also emerged in parallel to fight these evils. And that is why Hindu society has been so vocal in admitting that social evils like casteism, Sati, polygamy and dowry are indeed social evils. Thus the Hindu society proudly made laws to destroy these social evils, and considered these reforms as genuine Hinduism.

The fundamental principle of Hinduism is that root of sorrow lies in ignorance (Avidya). And remedy is wisdom (Vidya). This wisdom cannot be externally imposed. It has to be discovered within by one’s own efforts. Through knowledge, action and contemplation. The external tools may be helpful in the process. But nonetheless, each of us has to undertake its own journey through its own initiative.

And since each of us is so different and so special, spoon-feeding and expecting to blindly adopt any unverified truth would be an insult to our being human.

Thus all Hindu texts are mere recommendations. And they clearly state that ultimate authority is one’s own self.

Yes, Vedas are considered Supreme in Hinduism. Some consider Gita to be their guide. Some admire Ramayan and Mahabharat. But none is a compulsion. The only compulsion is that you sincerely undertake a journey of personal discovery and allow others the freedom to take a similar journey.

Hinduism is all about tolerance. Since each one of us has to individually take up the journey of personal discovery, and each one of us is a different being, Hinduism acknowledges that paths we choose are bound to be different. So far there is no threat or deceit involved, Hinduism encourages to respect diversity of beliefs and ways of living. A so-called non-Hindu is not supposed to live like a second class citizen in a Hindu Rashtra or Hindu nation.

That is why since time immemorial, Hindustan or Bharat or Aryavart or India has been the cradle that nurtured a variety of theologies. There are no separate rules for Hindu, Muslim or Christian in a Hindu code of conduct. This is in stark contrast with many religions that clearly state that only followers of their set of superstitions are the special ones.

It is shamefully surprising to know that even in 21st century there are such fanatic countries that debar people of other faith to build their places of worship, or visit their so-called Holy cities. In such intolerant societies, punishments for crime against women, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslims are different. The rights of people to hold positions of responsibility is dependent on their religion. This has been the way of the west for last 1000 years.

India, on contrary, owing to its Hindu foundation, has been an icon of tolerance. We have had several Muslim Presidents despite more than 80% population being Hindu. Current vice-president is a Muslim. Current chief of ruling party in India is Christian. Current Defence Minister of India is a Christian. The captain of Indian Cricket team for a long time has been a Muslim. The Chief of Army has been a Christian. Head of Intelligence Bureau is a Muslim. And these people have been adulated by Hindus irrespective of their religion. The Kumbh Mela 2013 – greatest religious event of Hindu majority of India – was led by a Muslim. The top Bollywood stars are Muslims.

I am not sure how many countries in world can showcase such a level of tolerance and respect for all faiths. The credit goes to the Hindu foundation of the nation. This makes Hindustan the most unique in entire world.

Its a different matter that this tolerance sometimes is misused to politicize it into minority appeasement. This is becoming an increasingly serious trend in India in last few decades causing a lot of communal disharmony. The moment a special favor is given on basis of caste or religion, that amounts to appeasement and Hinduism is strongly against it. Respect all and respect self without discrimination – this is the mantra of Hinduism.

I have read in depth all major religious and philosophical texts of the world. They all contain great wisdom. Be it Bible or Quran or Purans – they all extol to see the Supreme as supreme goal and live a life of accountability. Hats off to writers of these books.

But nothing beats Vedas in terms of variety and depth of wisdom. The roughly 20,000 mantras of Vedas cover everything that a human would ever require – sociology, science, mind control, health, technology, education, management, purpose of life, methods of analysis, finance, economics etc. There are no stories or history unlike other books. There are no claims of miracles. Nor there is any threat for accepting whatever is written.

And yes, earth is round in Vedas. Sun does not move around earth in Vedas. There are no angels and Satans in Vedas. There is no Adam & Eve eating some fruit in Vedas. God does not send prophets in Vedas. God is not a human like creature sitting on a throne in Vedas. There is no city called Heaven or Hell in Vedic map of universe. There is no test that is being conducted on us. There is no destiny that has already been hardcoded for us.

On contrary, Vedas extol to discover the truths through research & analysis. They urge us to change our destiny through thoughts and actions. They demand us to be rational and scientific.

And yet, Vedas do not say that one who believes in unscientific superstitions of Heaven, Hell, Judgement Day, Angels, Satans, Adam, Eve, Miracles etc should be ridiculed or punished in any manner. Instead they appeal for unity of all irrespective of personal or theological beliefs. Intent matters, not beliefs.

I admit this may be a personal reason that you do not concur with because you could never get a chance to study Vedas properly. But after my years of research in Vedas as well as all other major texts of world, I am yet to find a book that surpasses Vedas in its completeness, scientific spirit and life-changing power. The foundation of Hinduism is more solid, more strong, more reliable, more powerful than anything else I know. And if I also add along with Vedas the other Hindu gems – Gita, Upanishads & Darshans – then nothing comes at par for an evolved mind.

I am proud to be Hindu. My pride lies in my conduct of life as per virtues of patience, tolerance, self-control and scientific temper. My pride lies in loving entire humanity. My pride lies in defending against any form of injustice. My pride lies in promoting scientific way of living to extent possible, and yet be loving of those who disagree with me. My pride lies in living up to the standards of an enlightened Hindu. My pride lies in my honest humility.

every person has the right to follow his/her religion.
conversions happen in so many developed countries and its quite common there.
a person converts only when he is dissatisfied with her religion. and it helps him to become a better and happy person.why would he choose to convert otherwise!! isn't that what we all want? a happy person..happy from the core, who can further spread happiness to other people?

i think the people who are anti-conversionists should reflect about the condition of their own religion first. how many of "anti-conversion" people say that there is NO fault in their religion?
i think they should try to make a little good changes is their own religion first,
if they dont know where to start from..let me help you- try to give an equal status to all the people of your religion. an EQUAL status. try diminishing casteism. when your God himself pushes them away from temples, why do you care if they go somewhere else?? when you are done with it, try changing the patriarchial society. start to actually give an equal status to women. dont get her married as soon as she finishes her studies( case if you let her complete her graduation in the first place).

and i don't believe christianity could be "forced". its impossible. Because jesus never said that we should fear him. he asked us to love him.

people who are forcefully converted can not have jesus in their hearts which is the place jesus wants to live.they will convert back. its a waste of time.

and still christians are increasing in numbers. so actually who's fault is it??
the so called "converting-by-force" christians or the ignorant hindus who are not refining their "traditions" ?? if they do so, maybe they would succeed to slow down the conversion rate.

right to religion is everybody's right. i request everybody reading this message to please respect the constitution and let people be what they want to be. what religion a person follows is completely a personal decision and nobody has any right to judge him on the basis of that.

You know i knew that there would be fights on this page related to religion and there would be people saying that she made a big mistake by leaving hinduism and stuff..i can totally relate to you Kanika coz even I'm an ex hindu girl who left hinduism for islam..The thing is can't we leave individuals alone and let them do their thing? ?anyone whose forced or ostracised for leaving their faith will develop a repulsion towards that faith and never believe truly..even my family was kattar hindu and tried to impose it on me which ultimately made me call off the entire faith..I'm a Muslim from the past 2 years and it has been the best decision of my life..And no I didn't do it coz of a Muslim asking me to do it or something,it was my own can put an anti conversion bill but you can never change a person's HEART! !she's an adult so let her live her life and you live yours. .hinduism has survived since 5000 years and will never die..many people leave hinduism but many people come back to it too..
Even I'm facing being disowned by family due to leaving my faith and Kanika all my prayers are with you..i hope that your folks accept your decision ..peace and love ☺☺

courageous.. but it saddens me when i see people getting divided by it christans,hindus,sikhs or any religion. we all whorship that One God only.rituals are a different thing. HE is not bounded by rituals. we may follow any way to HIM.

Seriously... Christians under attack in India -do check facts and stop misrepresenting ..... Hindus have been under invasion for the last few centuries -by mughals/islam and Christianity are constantly trying to convert -you pay money to people to convert -is that belief or economic appeasement... did not know that is how u help them reach God... !!! even as a story... comes across distasteful!!

hey kanika. have you ever read any hindu scripture. and who says u cant pray jesus. hindu religion says god is omnipotent omnipresent . and is everywhere whether in air or in mud or snake or human or animal living or dead. and hinduism says ekam vipra bahudai vadanti.. its one god seen in different forms . you can verily pray god jesus . u can do aarti to him offer food show your love to him like you do to any humans .
every one is not intelligent like you kanika they are scared of god so they practice various things which may appear wierd . you may practice your own way. no hindu scriptures will ever come your way. as hinduism is vast u have to read religion in vast especially hinduism from various books to convince your parents that its no different praying jesus or allah or snake or stone or air or earth or a wall or nothing .. muslims pray form less god the prophet is their messenger its advaita philosophy . visista advaita philosophy if you know prays god as lover friend mother father etc like meera did like mother teresa did .you are just being childish its a vast topic to undertsand hinduism .. you need proper guidance . i dont say u need to convert to pray jesus u like him pray him u are open to do that and its admissable in hinduism in hindusim u can pray any one as god .. shankaracharaya says aham bharamasmi.. i am god that doesnt mean he is god but he mean i am also the part of god. the whole concept of religion is love and you can love others only wen u feel they are one with you u dont love a murder or rapist becoz u are scared and u feel he will hurt ur body but buddha has no fear he went to angulimal and changed him. buddha had love for all . the way indian pray to animals living stones is to show that god is in all and wen people with no intelligence come accross they will believe the faith and love animals. but you are intelligent and u questioned that y pray snake .. no its the feeelig of universal love .. loving doesnt mean just love humans its love for all the living and non living ..if u do that love u need no religion kanika u have attained the universal religion .. u have just become one with god.. thats the love u need to look for .. and i request you to read sathya saibaba, paramahamsa yoganada, mata amrita nanda mayi, jaggi vasudeva, saibaba. i request you to read the auto biography of yogi. hinduism is not just dogmas .. i know i am marwari family nd for my parents mandir hi puja hai .. but after reading thoroughly i have no shame going to church mosque buddist temple any where as i know if i love all i serve god .. and i challenge you can any other religion give you this freedom to practice your faith as you feel with out any objection ... u can ask any great saint living mata amrita, sri sri , jaggi vasudeva , that i a m hindu and is it sin to pray christ they will say no. but i bet u u will not get that freedom in other religion . so i feel u can pray christ and still be hindu ... u have not met a real hindu .. just met hindu born humans who know nothing about hinduism and the religion .. there is lot to tell but it cannot be said in this forum .. i am nt preventing u to convert but i am saying u ..its your ignorance which is taking you to a path which u can easily attain with out troubling ur parents .. hari om . om namaha shivaya.. and request to others please dont comment about hinduism if u have never read bahgavat gita... bcoz u are speaking wat u see.. and religion is about wat u feel not wat u see. to be christian u need to feel the sacrifice of jesus ..feel that he died for your sins .. so its the feeling u should have .. not the candles u burn .. so is hinduism to understand u need scientific knowledge ..

chicken pox is a viral infection and any one knows that it takes 7 days to relive it .. our hindu ancients knew that it will take 7 days and u know viral infection spreads .. so they said plz do fast eat raw food not cold food ... we hindu changed it as we want tasty oil food .. that way isolation and eating healthy with rest will help the patient to recover .. to a lay man who is uneducated if u tel its viral and all he will say bull shit .. yes we are educated but few 1000 years back we are not this intelligent so these practices have came and become more of religious dogmas than any scientific explanation..

and if u read chemestry there are 108 elements and the whole universe just comprise of them and all elements have atoms and they have electron so whole universe is bunch of huge bunch of electrons buddy , so where is the difference between shiva krishna jesus snake stone basic entity is atom electron 0.000000000000000000000000000006023 columbs of energy ... its scientif that we all are same wether its snake or any thing and we u cannot love living and non living things we u cannot be a universal lover how will u merge with god all this krishna rama jesus prophet are avatara to tell u god is one ..

and all this wat i am speaking is bcoz i am hindu and i read hindusim .. please read more about this religion if u really wanna know wat it is about its more scientific than any other religion ... just saying love will not make humans lover ever human have different mindset and religion goal is to take humans to god.. and the path may be different but goal is same ...

i dont feel bad that u pray jesus

but i feel bad that your ignorance for hinduism have given others to laugh at hindus who really practice their faith with knowledge or ignorance .. you may not follow them but criticizing and making fun of peoples faith is not the part of hinduism ... and praying jesus if changes ur passion for love towards humanity then i think the purpose of religion is fulfilled .. but by converting and then just going to sunday school is your whole purpose .. i request u to stay hindu and pray jesus .. this way u will be keeping ur parents happy and achieve higher religious and spiritual growth. and i request u to read more about hinduism before u take any decision .. bcoz u are now listening to just one side of story .. you need to read the other side... and i know ur parents are not good at .. try read better scholar or contact me .. will try to help .. i cant say i know all the superstition followed and reason behind it but i found scientific reason behind many .. and i believe all the superstition have a reason behind them

may the love of god always be upon u .. and u bring happiness to your parents jesus did by taking the sins of humanity and rama did by taking so much of pain to keep the word of his father .. they are sons of god .. rama just for a promise of his father gave kingdom which he could have easily taken.. those were the real sons and if we cant pray our parents and respect them what willwe love others buddy ..

wen u become mom in future and the pain u take to grow your kid remember that ur parents with out proper resources have taken all pain for you .. but its matter of time and my words will nt make u feel the pain ..

but ever future if you feel sorry plz tell ur parents .. that u are sorry for wat u did they will forgive u .. dnt keep to heart tell them plz.. this way they may feel happy that some day u realized

jai sri krishna

hari om

The only worst part about this whole issue is that how she in the process of accepting Christ and Christianity, has become completely against Hindu religion, its one thing to practice the region of your choice but its another to disrespect and humiliate other religions. Such kind of hatred is not normal. If she doesn't believe in Hindu religion any more, she can simply chose whichever religion, if she wants to follow any, but saying bad and disrespectful things about a religion that so many other people follow. She could simply say that she doesn't understand or believe in Hindu religion any more, but calling Hindu idols ugly, is not fair. Coexistence means respecting each other's religion and not hating and using foul words to describe other's religion. It's such a shame that people get brain washed like this. You don't need to belittle other's religion to prove that your's is supreme.

I know it is hard to reveal/share your conversion to Christianity. I was a Hindu when my parents were alive but converted to Christianity after their death. All my relatives are still Hindus and most of them are devout. They did not like it at the beginning when they came to know about my new faith. As I continued to visit them and love them, they did not force me to become Christian. I respect their faith and they do mine. I want to encourage Kanika, you will have struggles in your new faith, but do not hate your family. Eventually, they will come to know about your commitment to Christ or you need to firmly confess to them that you are a Christian. Continue to love them in spite of struggles and pain. It is a blessing to struggle for Christ's name. A true Christian will not only have pain/struggles and also peace of God/His grace. Live for God's glory and live a godly life; Serve people through God-given gifts and love your country.

I think Christian religion is great

Great story,
Continue to follow the Lord..Its about pleasing the Lord and it's not about approval of people. I came and accepted Jesus as my savior in Dallas 9 yrs ago, today because of Grace of God my entire family now believed ( past 6 years ) mom first, then dad, then brother in law and my sister. By the way 3 out of 4 went to be with the Lord. Do you know how peaceful I am knowing where their souls are..He called them up and even then this is all part of His wonderful Plan. Continue to be light on this dark world. We were all Hindus and today because of His grace 5 of us got saved and have totally changed. Preach th Gospe, rely on the holt spirit and he will guide you. Point the way to the one for He is the way, The Truth and Life..No one can come tot he father except through Jesus.
Proverbs 3:5-6
Colossians 3:23

Christians also have idols of Jesus in their Churches, Christians dont even know when Jesus was born, Christianity only became popular MANY years after he died, its more a cult, whilst Hinduism explains why people are born in different scenarios due to karma and the cycle of birth and death while Christianity just says that random chance. Wake up silly girl!

It is clear that she straggles lot with her family and Hindu society. The question is whether the christian fellowship accepted her and she is treated as born christian. This is a major problem of converted.

Please correct me if I am wrong. So the question that lead to your "salvation" is what happens with us when we die? I don't know much about all religions but I'll tell you my thoughts. Soul is enteral like matter it can't be created nor destroyed. Therefore reincarnation makes complete sense. Furthermore, you mentioned hitting dog or praying to cow is outrageous. We pray to cow because they provide us milk. Therefore, cows deserve the respect of a mother. (So why not other animals? Right?) It happens to be Cow is the sacred animal for multitude of reasons and buffalos weren't prominent in the ancient India. There have been no mentions of them. But none the less we avoid "hitting a dog or hurting anyone" because the Karma cycle. If you want to understand what Hinduism is please look at Mahatma Gandhi (ahinsa (nonviolence)). Also the bhajan he endorsed (vaishnav jana to). It explains in words what a true vaishnav or a Hindu is. I know enough about hindu religion and if there is religion who seems to have explained every phenomenon including solar and lunar eclipse to cosmetic energy so powerful as to have the power of a modern day nuclear weapon (bhramaastra) in vedas. I'm not blind about the Ahandvishwas that has polluted the religion but I encourage all of you to make your own choice. It's not like that doesn't happen in other religions (Roman Catholic and Protestant) had killed each other for years. And frankly speaking if you were wondering if you were going to be a princess and therefore decided to change your faith then I hope you find material wealth but to have eternal peace is entirely different. Eternal peace can not be achieved with materlistic desires. And you can with good karma get moksha. To some it all up there are things worth questioning for sure about Hinduism. But please question it and be educated. You are born into a family which practices the oldest religion know to man kind. Appreciate and question but don't abandon it. Never forget Hinduism is not a set of addendum it is a principle of life.

I want to convert christian religion

My Hindu friend wants to convert to Christianity but feels guilty getting rid of the idols and prayer room... She is however ready to get a Bible and wear a cross on her chain. Nobody but Christ have brought her to this decision:)

be strong and of good courage!!! continue to pray for their salvation.

Kanika is right. Prayer, and of course her focus on God. reveals her Faith in Christ to bring her through this.

i am a hindu I like crishtians I am convert hindu to crishtian what you give me

how can i become christian to live a peaceful life where there is no vahya adambar

I think Christian religion is great

These days so many missionaries are trying to convert some other religions peoples into their religions by making force, not with their own interest by providing them money or something else, onthing to say some religions goal is to convert the people mainly in asiain countries

I have few questions about Kanika:
1. What happened after u converted in religion i mean ur family n friends reaction?
2. How do i can convert into Christian, i love to go in the church talking to these people pray etc..
I believe in jesus too

I often wonder if these Indians have truly understood Hinduism before they are taken in by Evangelical conversion tactics. I had a very educated and open minded Catholic upbringing. As I matured I became interested in learning about other religious traditions, which deepened my own understanding of myself and the world. Today I am a student of traditional Vedanta and through this have come to appreciate the beauty and intelligence of Hinduism. Unfortunately, the 'brand' of Christianity that is being pushed onto other cultures by the missionary industry is very superficial and reductionist. I find it very disturbing and sad that Evangelical missionaries turn a blind eye of denial to the trouble they cause in the world.