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There must be something in the Spanish water. Queuing up in any office can be a dreary experience, much less waiting in the unemployment line in Madrid. A small group of musicians and singers inject a bit of sunshine into the cold fluorescence with an organized flash mob performing The Beatles classic "Here Comes the Sun."

The soloist is marvelous, and this just may be the best way to kick off this hump day.

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This brought tears to my eyes! My husband and I have been struggling to provide for our six kids for a few years now. He lost his business and I was diagnosed with cancer. I could feel their pain and joy as they listened to this beautiful flash mob! The world is a lovely place :Thanks for brightening a few people's day!! Hope is everything!!

Hartwarming, it brought tears to my eyes. How kind of Flashmob. Joy, joy, joy. Encores...

How sweet. A smile for them and for me! May they have sunshine in their lives soon!

We need more of this in our dreary world. Maybe we need to have flash mobs in our Congress when they refuse to compromise. We had an interesting happen in our state legislature. One committee was refusing to pass a bill that would have made felons (5 years after their sentence was completed) elligible for food stamps. One of the committee members confronted the chairperson outside the meeting room with the contradiction that was present in this same committee wanting to pass a law that would give felons (5 years after their sentence was completed) the right to own guns.

Smack-dab what I was lkoiong for-ty!

Yes! yes! Flash mobs in Congress. I love it.

There indeed must be something in the spanish water.This is a wonderfull place to transform people, and give them something else to think about. That soloist is really amazing, it gives a whole new light to the Beatles classic!

Beautiful. What a way to give of your talents.

I have no sound but the sheer joy of music and song from the whole group was obviously infectious. Fabulous.

Wonderfully uplifting!

Didn't know the forum rules alolwed such brilliant posts.

You have to have some fun at this thing called life.

showing our best face in the presence of adversity-That is so human.

fabulous, creative, positive and inspiring....Bravo!!!!!

Open our hearts and let it shine.Love is truly all around us.

a great song for people who are looking for work - nothing like music to bring people together.

NO dejo de llorar, esperando que salga el sol y la nieve se derrita para todo el mundo. Manu


gwych da iawn dyna beth oedda ni angen yn gwaith heddiw ! (welsh) !!

First, it was Ave Maria McFerrin) and now this deeply touching spontaniety in an unemployment office! Tears all round!


December 23, 2010I was just suggesting a Flash Mob procejt to start in the spring, beginning with rehearsals at my church in Farmington Hills!. (Wellspring Church) This would be a really fun way to get the youth involved and get a message out to others.. We will definitely post when more plans have evolved!

Why do I btoehr calling up people when I can just read this!

I read your posting and was jeluaos

I see, I spupsoe that would have to be the case.

Susan PhillipsDecember 31, 2010Mark and Muriel, I love this idea of a Flash Mob like the food court Hallelujah Chorus!It would be especially wouenrfdl to use some classical piece like this that would take commitment to practice, and so well worth the effort. Unforgettable.

Awesome, great musicians and singer. Made a difficult time more enjoyable for those people waiting and stressing.

What a gas! And we could all do with the Sun coming ASAP.

Love it! Beautiful music that brought such joy to those hoping for a blessing that day!

I love to watch this. Always gives me a lift when I'm feeling a little "down."

Watched this in tears. Why? Who knows? Joy, mostly. And touched that a song written decades ago by souls, some no longer with us. can still reach out and bring comfort, relief, respite. What a world! Thank you.

Beautiful. Looking at each of their faces, a world and a time away, I felt a deep connection. What they were experiencing comes through and binds the world together. A wonderful experience.

muy bien .

Me encanta este video. Lo mostro a mis clases de espanol. :)

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! A wonderful example of how the arts continue to transform and bring a smile to people's faces.

Absolutely beautiful. Had me in tears.

I love woodwinds! This was wonderful - see all the smiles! Great musicians!

Loved it. That certainly would take some of the pain out of the wait. I'm glad I'm retired after seeing the amount of people waiting. The little baby looked like he was thinking 'is this what I have to look forward to in my future?"

Who is the soloist?

Amazing, a moving act of love, empathy and solidarity specially in times of hardship. A bow to these musicians for their humanity towards these persons in inoculating joy & hope for a better tomorrow. Today almost 6 million Spaniards are unemployed.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Spain! Loved it!!!!

Wow, wish I was there! Gave me goose bumps, beautiful.

Thank you for this wonderful interview

This is such a perfect work. Congratulations to those who organized this. Touching moves there.

absolutly heart warming when you think what peopl;e are going through.great

God bless you all for giving life a chance to work. Thanks to every single one of you. How beautiful, enchanting, life giving. Indeed, the sun came!

When I view the people and listened to the music, I realize that people are the same where ever we go. We suffer at the hands of the mighty few. They make us beg and scrounge for our daily bread. My heart cries out for us to see the beauty in workers of the world. We have so much in common. Let us feel for each other no matter where on the earth we are from. One love, one heart, let's get together and feel alright.