Time to go home. Wiman’s at the door and ready to be delivered! (Taken with instagram)

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Your interview with Wiman was somewhat interesting. I don't mean that in a bad way. It's just that I am not very interested in poetry. I heard a woman once call the Talmud mental masterbation. That's what I think of 95% of poetry I read. Or perhaps emotional masterbation, anyway.
But the talk of death I found interesting, and how we can't really imagine our own death. A couple of weeks ago I was landscaping a relatives front yard up north. That morning a older woman passed by on her walk and we said hello. Later that evening she passed again, and commented on my work. Then she said something that would probably shock most people. She said that she wanted to die. I admit I was alittle taken aback, but quickly thought to myself that I've got this covered. You see, I've been saying that probably since I have been able to speak, well...
Anyway we had a talk and I found out that her son had died almost a year ago, of cancer. She said that she also had a daughter but did not care so much for her. She had a husband and he was back home doing yard work also. She spoke four languages, was from Poland, and also was considering going back. We spoke for awhile. I told her some of my life experience. I told her I would pray for her, and she seemed okay with that. But what brought a big smile to her face was when I said goodbye in Italian. She said something back with a joyful laugh, I could only say thank you. (in english)
It was good.

That's neat.