Ashridge Park, Hertfordshire, UK | National Trust Woodlands carpeted with English Bluebells in Spring (4 of 5)English bluebells in spring of Ashbridge Park, Hertfordshire. (photo: UK Garden Photos/Flickr, cc by-nc-nd 2.0)

On these early spring days, this story Kevin Kling told us is a fine way to kick off the week:

"Back in the days when pots and pans could talk, which indeed they still do, there lived a man. And in order to have water, every day he had to walk down the hill and fill two pots and walk them home.

One day, it was discovered one of the pots had a crack, and as time went on, the crack widened. Finally, the pot turned to the man and said, "You know, every day you take me to the river, and by the time you get home, half of the water's leaked out. Please replace me with a better pot.'

And the man said, "You don't understand. As you spill, you water the wild flowers by the side of the path.' And sure enough, on the side of the path where the cracked pot was carried, beautiful flowers grew, while other side was barren.

"I think I'll keep you," said the man.

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I love this story!  God can bring out something good from each of us.

Can you post his rendering of Tickled Pink?

Cindy, we sure can. I'll try to post his reading within the week. Thanks for the request!

I heard this story and went home and shared it with my family.  My telling was not as near eloquent or poetic as Mr. Klings, so thank you for posting this.  I will send my family over so they can read the more beautiful version.  

I am "tickled pink" you posted this story word for word.

I came to this site in search of this story as I could not remember it well enough for the telling. It made my day to find it, and the lovely picture too. Thank you. I know so many who will appreciate a sharing of these words.

I love the cracked pot story. I use it regularly - in a little different form but with the same lesson - with the incarcerated women with whom I work. It speaks volumes to them about their worth. On a humorous note, the women asked - for obvious drug related reasons - that I change the words "cracked" and "pot" to "slit" and "container." So I do.

To put these in human terms, each of us may not be aware of the good we are creating in the simple (or not so simple!) matter of being who we are!

As I listened to this wonderful story, I thought about how many of us do not realize the good we do in this world - the gift we bring into the world - by simply (or not so simply!) being who we are.