“With creativity, it’s a slower, more meandering process where you want to take the side roads and even the dirt roads.”

~Rex Jung, neuropsychologist. From his interview with Krista Tippett, “Creativity and the Everyday Brain.”

Photo by Raoul Pop. (Taken with instagram)

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an excellent guest, thanks, I especially appreciated his unwillingness to let the conversation "devolve" (as I believe he said) into simple metaphors which would distort the truth of his careful work and the complexities of the human mind, so much reporting on these matters goes that unfortunate way and so misrepresents not only the discoveries of science but also the very ethos of scientific efforts.

I felt affirmed in my own belief in and need for downtime and about better ideas coming from individuals vs. group brainstorming. Maybe this information will change the habit of routinely making kids do creative projects in groups in schools as well as short or non existent recess time.