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I have no idea what this post means.  If this is serious, could you illuminate the message in plain talk for the uninformed.  If it's is a joke, I don't get it

I have no idea what this post means.  It's fun !  Trying to figure out what it means made me more curious.  That IS the whole point of On Being.  Wisdom lies in a Joke.

This is just one way we wanted to let you in on the less glamorous side of the show. Migrating from a static HTML website to a dynamic content management system isn't sexy and ultimately confusing. We just hope we can wrangle enough cats to make it work better for folks!

 @trent. I actually do have a little inkling on your notes on the white board and I'm excited that you are finally moving beyond HTML. my posting was sorta response to michelle slater's posting.  It is fun to actually see there are live bodies (with brains -clearly !) who work diligently to make a program like this accessible and enjoyable for the listeners.  I also appreciate the sense of humour, especially coming from the makers of such a serious show. Thanks for sharing.