Live Video: In the Room with Kevin Kling and Krista TippettWHEN: Feb 9th, 2012 (1pm CT/2pm ET)

If you listen to NPR, there’s a good chance you’ve been regaled by the unparalleled storytelling of Kevin Kling. His popular commentaries and hilarious autobiographical tales have graced the public radio airwaves and his plays have been staged across the United States.

Born with a congenital birth defect, Kling’s left hand has no wrist or thumb, and that same arm is 75 percent the size of his right arm. And then, about five years ago, a motorcycle accident took away the use of his right arm when the brachial plexus nerves were pulled out of their sockets.

In a face-to-face conversation from the studios of American Public Media and Minnesota Public Radio, Krista Tippett will talk to this American humorist and writer about confronting and embracing these physical challenges and his own mortality, and the will to create rather than despair. Through his work and his personal story, we’ll focus on his work as an artist, the importance of humor and craft in his spiritual life, and how he finds meaning in the world around him.

You’re welcome to watch it here, or join us on our events page where you can chat with other folks watching it.

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just caught the last 30min or so but what a lovely man, thanks for sharing him.
heartening to have some gut level humor in these deadly earnest times, he has an impressive talent for making something funny without making it light, seeing some things as both laugh-able and worthy of admiration.

ps I appreciated Krista's trying to resist translating his stories into lessons and naming theology when she was raising it allowing for other ways of expressing that aren't all about explanation and sermonizing.

Thanks for not editing this session! 

This is the live-stream version. I'll be producing a higher-quality option in the coming weeks, but, our unedited interviews included in our podcast are skyrocketing!