Photo Still from "Return of the Sun"Photo still from “Return of the Sun”

“No matter what the weather is, we always have a will to live.”

~Kaaleeraq Mathaeussen, Inuit fisherman

In a village of 4,000 people in northern Greenland, the sun rises for the first time after 43 days of total darkness. Juxtaposed against the beauty of this landscape of limited light, Return of the Sun explores the plight of an Inuit fisherman who finds himself adapting to the changing climate. Although his livelihood and that of his Inuit community is changing, the film shows their spirit remains rooted in kindness and of possibility.

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Thank you for enriching my day and my life...consistently!

"Kindness", unconditional cooperation, mutual responsibility, love,...are fundamental human traits. Without them humanity would not have survived and evolved to the point 'Eve' asked "Why am I?" Since 'Adam' initiated the activity that created ever more, increasingly complex "religious/philosophical" answers in an effort to "fill the void" discovered by 'Eve's' question, the traits humanity "remains rooted in" have been suppressed accordingly. The consequences threaten our survival. If there is time to avoid self-destruction, the only way we will is by discarding the religious/philosophical and other ways we try to fill the void and return to our roots.

Thank you

The beauty of what the internet can do for the world and my personal place....this was beautiful on so many levels...I thank you.
Trish McMahon

 beautiful, it is full of the spirit of our constant renewal, kindness,strength,peace and hope....thank you for reminding me of life's beauty and bliss