Turkey is most definitely on our brains. As it turns out, we’ll be making a production trip in June (yay!) and so the extensive planning begins. What to do, what to do! No sooner did we find out than our old friend and former guest Omid Safi posted this magnificent photograph on his Facebook page along with this waxing caption: 

“Inside sacred sites like this, I know it’s true that ‘God is beautiful, and loves beauty.’ The imaginative Muslim architects who designed it emulated Christian Byzantine masters, and strived to create a space that would stand free from columns. The “opening” that was created inside, the Christians and the Muslims agreed together, was to be filled by the very presence of God. By God, they succeeded.”

If you have suggestions on stories we might cover that fit our mission or voices that you think we ought to expose to a North American audience, please offer your suggestions in the comments section. Enjoy the view!

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Hope for a kinder tomorrow

perhaps you can visit Konya and write about the whirling dervishes?  Also, in Western Turkey Pamukkale.  The Turkish people are as hospitable as hospitable can be, welcoming visitors with tea and offering delicious meals, stories, making all feel like treasured guests.

Hi!  I would like to recommend that you interview Tara Brach, the founder of the insight meditation community of washington.  She brings a uniquely accessible interpretation of Buddhist meditation that has really influenced my thinking and given me a new perspective on managing my life in a meaningful way.  The website for her organization is www.imcw.org.

About 6 years ago there were 3 or 4 Turks who were murdered in cold blood because they claimed to be Christian. Were the killers ever brought to justice? And what about now, are Christians still being persecuted?

I will be there at the same time with 20 students from the University of California San Diego, exploring sacred sites (Muslim, Christian, and Jewish) and exploring the history of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. It would be wonderful to get some student perspectives. -M. Herbst, UC San Diego