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So then why is he so against it?

This kind of bigotry makes me feel physically ill.  It shows a complete misunderstanding of the rich tradition of islam as a socially leveling force, not to mention the importance of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the islamic faith.  The idea of equality isn't confined to or originating in any one religion.

The concept of equality may have come from the "God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob" but it hasn't yet penetrated the bone between Santorum's ears. It is not possible to be aware of the vertical economy at the center of our existence and suggest there is any equality in humanity.

Our founding fathers in the U.S.A. say we are all equal in the eye of God, But Jesus says we all represent different parts of a body. I dare say that our founding fathers did not have a mystic philosopher in the group. It seems to be, these days, that it's the rear end of the body that does most of the governing in Washington DC.

there is no modern sense of equality in the Hebrew scriptures that I am aware of, probably he is thinking of the protestant idea of us all being equally guilty in the eyes of God but that is a much later invention and a bit ironic from a practicing Catholic. Very interesting to see how southern baptists and evangelicals have moved from demonizing "papists" to embracing aspects of Natural Law in defense of being "pro-life" and anti-Mormon, so much for being conservative of history/tradition...