Dr. Richard LandRichard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention

Does anybody else find this statement by a leading Evangelical voice a bit incongruous? I understand what he’s getting at — not settling for Mitt Romney when there may be a better alternative for Evangelicals and social conservatives — but it seems quite strange for the president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention to be advocating for a political affair, if you will. The language is just so odd.

By the way, this quotation was excerpted from Barbara Bradley Hagerty’s excellent piece on today’s NPR Morning Edition. If you are interested in politics and/or kingmaking, this report is for you.

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If it weren't so funny it would be embarassing on so many levels. It's like a functional MRI into an id struggling with its racial, patriarchal, sexual fears.

You read way too much into Land's comment. It was a simple analogy suggesting Christian conservatives should look around a bit more before 'marrying' Romney. It is unfortunate you were distracted by your inaccurate perception because you missed a far more encouraging quote.

"Gone are the days of the kingmakers who can sit in a room and decide who the evangelical candidate is," says Robert P. Jones, who heads the Public Religion Research Institute. He says the organizations that so influenced Republican politics during the 1980s and 1990s now sit on the sidelines.

"Focus on the Family has laid off hundreds of people," Jones notes. "The Moral Majority is no more. The Christian Coalition is no more. So these groups that really were able to translate these decisions made in closed rooms by a group of men deciding who was going to be the next candidate really don't exist in the way they did." Praise God!!!