Aldo Leopold (1887– 1948), from A Sand County Almanac, published posthumously in 1949 one year after Leopold’s death.

A watershed guide to resource managementThis widely cited book is considered a landmark in the American conservation movement for its call to create a land ethic. Leopold wanted to understand humanity’s relationship with and obligations to the natural world. He is also known as the “father of wildlife management.” The naturalist and author would have been 125 years old today.

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Today this quote has become, "Quit thinking about decent land-use....
Examine each question in terms of what is...economically expedient. A thing is right when
it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the [economy]. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.” It makes me wonder why Leopold bothered to publicize his concerns and if I should continue to publicize mine.

We are all creatures who are fully dependent on the natural world for our very existence. Without the earth to stand on, the air to breath, the plants to eat, we humans could not have evolved into what we are. Surely I am grateful and yet I have such a weak connection to this natural world that is sheathed in concrete.