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Storytelling and humor are vital to Kevin Kling's survival. And his advice on the power of rhetoric, the necessity of retelling and rewriting our stories shines through in these sketchnotes on "The Losses and Laughter We Grow Into"

"Sometimes we need to rewrite our stories so that we can sleep at night."

Listen to the show and share your reactions to these visual notes — what we captured and didn't capture, or elements that could've been emphasized differently.

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The power of storytelling truly has no boundaries!

Stories ARE power. Telling them empowers us, and can greatly affect those who hear them.

Love these sketch notes - captures so many of the pearls of wisdom that Kevin shared with us through Krista. Thank you for creating the space and time to share this wisdom with us all.
A few other nuggets I particularly liked:
• "Pay attention to what we have in common, recognition (seeing something of yourself in others) ties us together"
• "When you dwell on the past it's regrets; when you dwell on the future it's anxiety; how do we find the middle road?"
• "Aging is incremental loss; we all experience loss; wisdom is not cheap.....