Magnum Mysterium
Photo by Flickr/Daniel Stark, cc by-sa 2.0


Fred Child and the producers of Performance Today have created a substantial repository of free music from the live concerts and in-studio performances they broadcast on public radio. This year, three ensembles — Calmus, New York Polyphony, and Chanticleer — are offering free downloads of some of these performances.

I’ll post one track from each group during the course of the day, but I recommend you head over to PT’s website and download them for yourself.

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Equally exquisite are the lyrics...

What a great, divine, amazing mystery...that animals saw Christ born...a maiden carried Christ the Lord...

How lovely your words. The animals, the maiden,the mystery, and all that light.

Divine music, exquisite, thank you so much...

It sounds like Great Mystery, but I cannot make out specific words.....or is it Latin?

Latin, yes.  You can probably find the lyrics, and a translation, on line.

RUN to get tix for their performances, equally exquisite!

What a rich and hauntingly beautiful sound!

Thankyou for this gift of transcendence.