Susan Cheever and Kevin Griffin —
The Spirituality of Addiction and Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill Wilson once said that the program he helped create is, "utter simplicity which encases a complete mystery." Our guests reflect on the Twelve Steps and how they resonate in their personal stories and in Buddhist and Christian teachings.

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is the author of several books, including My Name Is Bill, a biography of the co-founder of AA.

is a Buddhist dharma leader and writer. He's the author of One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps.

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A mother contemplates her own addictive need to fix things with her daughter. Using mindfulness as a tool for recovery she answers compulsive behavior with the opportunity to be present in ever-deepening self-awareness, and the ability to witness emotional weather without engaging or reacting to it.

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Cheever deftly puts words around a spiritual experiece betweem two poeple in reciovery. that the mere sharing of an experience allows another to put a name on
something perhaps unnamable in themselves up to then

Where is Basil Brave Heart, the Native American Healer? He was the best segment of this show!

Trent Gilliss's picture

Hi Peter. My memory is a bit foggy since it's been seven years ago since we last released this episode, so please forgive me for the brevity. For a variety of editorial reasons, we ended up remixing this episode and had to cut Basil's portion of the interview. But, there's good news. If you notice, we archive and make available all previous versions of each episode where you can download the mp3 with Basil's powerful story. Like you, I was deeply moved by his visions and share excerpts of his story whenever I speak in public.