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A beautiful piece of music and played in a Forest.All the the comments seem to be trying to outdo one another.S>A>D> Just enjoy the moment.

I love this

absolutely amazing
That it is totally Japanese is understandable as they are extremely precise and persistent on absolute perfection. Beautiful

Simply ingenious and so very beautiful as well. If you ever want to win $250k, you should enter this masterful work of art in Grand Rapids, MI's ArtPrize.
Very well done!

Clever idea. The digital music contrasts with nature, but this is just a whimsical thing. I'm sure there will be another one coming. Great ideas come from just things like this.

Love this and used it to show students another avenue for a career in music. There had to be some musician who was the overseerer for this project! Yeah!

As a musician, I've found many professional musicians to be quite off-key, horrible songwriters, and quite egotistical. I think that some non-musicians can have a deeper and more educated appreciation of music than some musicians. I thought this was magically original, even with a song we all know.

Love this.

No matter what anyone says -
God's that 's good !



My heart skipped with joy at the end of this video. Both funny and contemplative and a wonder of wood working. I work with wood every day "making" the places we inhabit.. what a joy to see the creative way wood can sing to us, Thank You

Thank you, thank you, Krista Tippet, for. Everything...

just too beautiful!!! so very clever!

"Ode to Joy" is one of the most beautiful, uplifting pieces of music ever written. However, it was written by Beethoven, not by Bach. I believe it was the last movement of his 9th Symphony, but not positive. I think this setup with wood, in the woods was spectacular. Most of you probably do not care who wrote it. For me, it was amazing I knew something that sounds so cultured, so I had to tell you!

Sorry, but this is not "Ode to Joy", it is "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring" by J. S. Bach.

Everything about this presentation is absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

Simply wonderful!

This video is fascinating. That is a LOT of work involved for the music, but it was worth it!!

This is the most infuriating video I have seen in a while. In the name of commercialism, how many trees were wasted to make this totally unnecessary video? Talk about environmental elitism for the liberal left because it touches the heart and therefore must be okay. At what point do you people engage the brain?

Fantastic prediction a Guinness record to awarded.

I appreciate the engineering and keen ear for exactly the right note as well as the team work this required. Well done!

awesome! What a work of love!


Much ingenious ado about nothing. Aurally, unrecognisable as Bach's Motet.

Excellant, none can beat Japan.

Like any kind of art, music is subjective. It's whatever resonates the heartstrings of the individual. I personally think this is brilliant!! Every piece of wood had to be finely tuned to a certain note, and masterminded into absolute precision to bring Bach's work alive. In nature there is music in the wind, raindrops on water, sounds of feet clicking on twigs and leaves, chirping of birds and animals talking to each other. I love the point that one little wooden ball takes us back to simpler times when music wasn't provided through a digital device, but as nature originally intended it to be. The Japanese are precision masters, and they took the time to produce this while others only dream to do something so beautiful.

Wondrously beautiful


If ever there was a doubt that music...good classical music...had the power to draw people of the world together in universal friendship and understanding, this labor of love should dispel it. To all the conceivers/designers, musicians and workers that created this wonderful instrument, my warmest thanks. To the company that sponsored and financed this video, I extend best wishes and hope that your sales far exceed expectations. We could wish that American advertisers would return to pleasant music and be merciful to their audiences! Aregato.

What's funny to me is how so many people feel the need to say 'what a grump!' to the person who didn't like it. Comments like 'get over yourself' and 'to hell with professional musicians' reveal a sort of reactive intellectual hostility towards naysayers and someone having a contrasting view... The guy's just saying that he didn't love the freakin' television commercial... C'mon people!

the little ball that could.!

Watch the videoo once to see the how then play it again, close your eyes, see the ball roll in your minds eye and just listen.

Wonderful would love to be there and experience it all

gravity has played a big part in music, so this is not so far removed. I love the unexpectedness of the project, and hearing a familiar melody ( one of my favorites ) in an unusual rendering adds a sense of discovery. It is both familiar and surprising.

There are wind chimes in my neighborhood, and I enjoy that too. Water in streams makes sounds with the help of gravity. Music as we know it began with natural sounds and natural materials.

So beautiful and filled with the love and care it took to create.

It is like an approach to literature. Once the author pens the lines does he own it or does the reader? And then what difference does it make to you?

Amazing--someone clearly had too much time on his hands.

What a waste of a major event...this is fabulous and should have been viewed by MANY!!!

Oh, superb! Thank you! What a treat!

Japan's own native music is nothing like this, but the Japanese have, in recent years, become well-known throughout the world for their interpretations of western music, particularly Bach. The idea of creating a self-playing xylophone (marimba?) operated entirely by gravity to play this particular piece was a flash of genius. Any nation could have produced the skills to make it, but the Japanese THOUGHT of it. Perhaps the next stage would be to have a second instrument alongside this one to play the chorale melody, to which this piece forms the accompaniment!

I loved it! (I'm an engineer by profession, and an amateur organist in my retirement)

Wonderful way to teach a child visually as well as audibly the magic of music and time

That's cool

A master piece indeed! BRAVO!!

Seriously! You can't see the forest through the trees! This is God inspired creativity. A brilliant mind thought this up. It was first, so intriguing to watch wondering how could someone think this; second, the music added to the experience as I watched the ball roll in total amazement of how creative people are. Tree huggers, I have a question, "Was man made for the tree or tree made for man?"

What a wonderful and beautiful feat of engineering!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was smiling after a month of gloom. It wasn't perfect, but who cares?
It brought a glimmer of happiness to me and maybe a stray deer.

This is more beautiful than all the times I have performed it on my flute or on my piano. Thank you so much to all the creators of this beautiful masterpiece. Bach would have been astounded!. :-)

I found the creativity of the whole project very inspiring. The tuning of each piece of wood must have been painstaking. Assuring each piece was in the proper location took musical ability. Overall it was impressive. However, after a short time, the speed of the song and the clankyness did get slightly annoying. I understand both sides here. Yes it is enjoyable for it's creativity and peacefulness and at the same time, it is also musically annoying. Please allow everyone to have their own opinion on the project and don't judge others if it doesn't line up with your opinion.

If you know the title of the work, it is a sign of the times as to what is worshipped today as compared to the joy of Bach's heart. (and kidneys are considered the heart in some cultures!)

Absolutely LOVE this, thank you!!

Over the course of visiting hundreds of art galleries and art shows I developed the notion that there is no bad art. There is art that I personally don't like, but with that assessment I realized that others may have a different opinion The basic foundation of why I say there is no bad art is this one fact - I couldn't do better - which for me is sad since I love art so much yet have less than zero ability in art. This display with the little wooden ball is, I am sure you will agree with, an art form, and in this case a very interesting and charming art form. Coupling the display with music made it immensely pleasing to me and I hope other feel the same.



All I can say is WOW!!

Awesome- what an extra-ordinary effort-Divine

Japanese esthetics and precisión surprises me all the time.


Magical, inspiring and so clever! What an accomplishment - and a great choice of music BECAUSE it is well known, so more people can appreciate the art involved in making this 'performance' happen.

The brain is indeed a terrible thing to waste.


So GREAT! AND, makes me want to buy the phone, too, which has a wonderful design, plus beautiful, smooth wood! An amazing, uplifting creation of music and engineering combined! Thank you!

This is truly amazing. Well done!and cogratulations

Sorry you can not hear the music of the ntural forest drowned out by an Ego to do one better, a shame


I didn't realize Bach wasn't the originator of Jesu...thanks for that bit of precision!

Sooooooooooo lovely! Thank you for sharing.


this is great...original, holds your attention... until the end... wonder how much was the production cost....

WOW! very good! the wok of a genious!

I don't care what anybody thinks about this. This is amazing. Who cares if it sounds a little clunky. Its a ball rolling down wood. Playing a song. If you don't like it you are just mad you didn't think of it.


Amazing people these Japanese.

This is a COMMERCIAL, so the Bach melody is wisely selected. Because it would be recognized by a large audience, for maximum appreciation. If the melody selected had been the theme from "Pancham Se Gara" of Ravi Shankar, the achievement would have been just as noteworthy -- but fewer people would recognize the melody and appreciate the commercial.

This is so amazing!

That's truly blending art, commerce and spirituality.

Wow! That was most excellent!!

wow! Loved it .... thank you!

AMAZING !!!!!!!


Awesome. So creative and unique. For those that do not like this, I can not understand. We need people in the world to come up with fun, interesting and unique concepts otherwise we would all be wearing the same clothes, listening to the same music eating the same boring food. Ideas like this are inspiring.


Thank you SO much! What a beautifully genius way to promote something, while at the same time holding the interest of individuals who love Bach!

quite a feat to create such beauty

perfectly wonderful

Absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Really awesome fantastic creativity ...

I am simply speechless and full of wonder. Thank you for sharing this with me. I am 80 and facing the wonder of the Ultra Deep Slice of Heaven.


I enjoy it very match, it´s Fantastic and marvellous, my congratulations

If Carlsberg did Marble Runs. . .

Just goes to show how little I know.

Wow, there was a lot of work to do!

I think this is incredible, what wonderful use of wood in a forest. I love the sounds of the stream in the back ground, I don't think that Bach could ever imagine that his music would ever be set in a forest with nature as a back up. The birds in harmony with stream. Thank for the pleasure of allow so many others to enjoy this, I thought it was amazing.

BRAVOOOOOOO!!!!! BRAAAAAAVOOOOOOO! BRAVOOOOOOOOOOO! Thank you for the smile you put on my face! :-)

phenomenal, fantastic!


I applaud all of the inspired people who put this all together. This is very fascinating and interesting. Much talent was needed to complete this masterpiece and it was accomplished. Bravo!!!

WOW! Thank you for your amazing contribution to the Arts! What a creative and unique concept of bringing Music and Nature together. Also and amazing Recycling of our Natural Resources that would have otherwise just rotted away!

beautiful and absolutely amazing!

Humanity's ever-present quest to experience spiritual beauty reaches a new level with this creation.

Truly memorable and amazing.

All of that work, beauty, craftmanship, and sparkling ingenuity... for a damn wooden, pear shaped phone. I would applaud this if it were artists creating art on their own, but that plug at the end killed it.

Well Tony, the problem with that thinking is that it's not really a "plug at the end". Marketing that stupid phone was the one and only reason the commercial existed in the first place. What I'm hoping is that the huge wooden xylophone was actually created by an artist first (for the sake of art) and the phone company simply licensed it for their commercial. These companies have so much money to throw at marketing, it could go either way.

Wow!!! p

Yes the world needs more of this to bring man kind back to the right way of life away from the immoral way it is going

Unbelieveably fantastic.

At the end of the commercial it states that the reason for this wood panel smartphone is to find ways to create a way to fund thinning of forests in human-made forests meant for harvesting/logging. Thinning is done to prevent overcrowding and to promote better health and growth rate of remaining trees.

I am guessing all the wood used in this commercial is from said thinning process. Such wood has limited use and demand due to its unreliable supply and lack of desired properties for industrial and household use (too thin, too soft, burns too quickly etc.). Basically it is repurposing of the harvested wood to give it more value in the long run. Kind of like making products like floor panels out of pine-beetle infested trees, I think.

I have just one word!

Excellent use of hard wood!

Why can we not have commercials like this in the United States?
A very beautiful work of art in a setting that makes this so wonderful.
Thank you for the hard work to make this happen.

It is magical, fantastic.

That is amazing.

And the two sided brain that conceived this.....................there is hope for the world.

couple of flat

Absolutely spectacular, hats off to the creators...thank you

You made my day! Congratulations on a most beautiful work of art, in ALL respects!

How medical. this is? beautiful sound this is.

what a joyful video to watch and hear...I feel connected in a new way to japan, wood, trees and bach.


Very interesting. I wonder what happened to the wood after production finished?

thank you.

The music of ingenuity!

I think you'll find it's an original composition by JSB, and only became a hymn afterwards.

well…..go figure, it was connected to an advertising budget. It was stil beautiful.

You guys are too much!!! LOVE YOU!!!


a byproduct to sell a damn phone.......much more important than a phone!


A delight bringing a dawning series of smiles and at the end an internal bow to those who thought of it and made it happen.

I once wanted to do a similar project but on a bike trail so that when people rode over a set of wooden blocks, it played a tune. Unfortunately the art world of Scotland has no imagination and it never came off. Glad to see that someone has used the idea and used it well

Beautiful and very clever!



Thank you for your idea, inventiveness, creativity, patience, your efforts, your abilities, your work, and most of all for the gift of sharing music with me! :)

I love you

No wonder these folks are so far ahead of the US in education. They are absolutely brillient !!!!!

Darrell Brunet

WOW!!!! No other words needed.

Beautiful and peaceful! Thanks for sharing

Apparently these guys have more time on their hands for frivolous things than productive, beneficial effort.

"When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him." - Jonathan Swift Which category are you? True music is letting go of the judgemental analysis.

the medium is the message here surely

some people appear to have a lot of time on their hands.

So patient and joyful.

I PLAYED ON. MY IPAD J Sebastian Bach .
Outstanding your work and do intricate.
I loved your performing such hypnotizing work of ART.

Only the Japanese would have the time and patience to work this kind of magic....for a cell phone no less

Super!! Congratulations!!!!!

As for the music, it was beautiful. To the construction and engineering of the instrument amazing. For most of the comments I believe Plato said it best " It is the wise man who has something to say. While the fool must say something "

Wow...such genius . I loved the music too.

Very simply beautiful. What an act of discipline empowered by a love for doing something so well.

not a musician, but I do work with wood, and I thought that that this was ok for the person fot his or her personal happiness, BUT, I also think that as a group thing it was a total waste of time, energy and money, a much more useful thing could have been done(like fixing a roof on a persons house that cant afford it and cant do it themself) ... I like strings and horns myself -thankyou

As a child I spent many hours in the forest ;it never occurred that there was no music there.

This is absolute amazing...never saw anything like it before! This song was played for our wedding after we were announced "husband and wife".

Really fantastic - well done all

Great analogy for life. You start at the top and arrive at death, but not without producing some music along the way (if you're lucky).

Magic clarity in the woods....such patience and dedication to perfection! Well done!

Brilliant - Work out world peace now!

It is a marimba, marimbas are have bars made of wood. A xylophone has bars made of metal.

The above is common terminology. But "Xylos" is Greek for "Wood", so an actual xylophone --at least in it's original form-- is by definition made out of wood.

wow beautiful... thanks gracias!

I have cancer…some day it will get me, but for now when I see and hear something like this It restores my faith in the human race and lets me know God wants me to continue to fight so I can see and hear more. Everyday is a blessing

Everything that lives is. Full of the lord.......enjoy do not covet his property then pray for a hundred years of life doing your duty(they were doing their's so life goes on full of the lord)eesha upanishad.....god bless youq

God is awesome.

Just wonderfull ! Great job ! The best !

I agree with BOGZOP. It's cute, it's clever, but it's not art and it doesn't enhance the natural beauty of the surrounding woods. When you think of the endless hours that went into constructing this, those hours might have been better spent listening to actual Bach or learning to play his music. And I do think the deer ran away.

Haiku: "A touch of wooden - musical magic in a - Japanese forest"

What a complete waste of resources


It's wonderfull!!!

This is a true tribute to the soul of mankind! I now to the creators! Thank you!

absolutely awesome well done guys

It never ceases to amaze me in what people can do and will do.

It also never ceases to amaze me that so many people in the world use their wonderful brain to murder each other over nothing.

What a waste of energy and trees. Clean up Fukushima!!

All I need to know is this: IT MADE ME SMILE!

Since there are no resonators, it would be a xylophone.

Magical film. Love the wonderful performance. Thank you. Love Bachs hymn in German Ode. Great !

What I find hard to believe is that they actually built this. If this was for a commercial, why not just CGI it? Build a few real pieces, get some video and audio to guide the creation of the final product, make it look as if it was all built. Novel idea, pretty setting, but the end product is not worth the effort.

I think this is altogether wonderful. The time, effort and dedication that went into perfecting it deserves high praise. To those who say they should have used their time to learn to play music. Do you really think they could tune this without musical ability?

Loved it Ted. I do some woodworking so it was of special interest to me. It is a marimba because the keys are made of wood. Thanks, Ted. Phil Rentsch

I started to scroll to read a few comments and was soon flabbergasted by a couple of the responses. This is and amazing engineering feat and, while man is capable of this art, I will have faith. Very sad that so many of you are so far captured by cynicism that you are unable to appreciate this wonderful piece of work........

All I can say is WOW,WOW! that is amazing. I would to have the phone. The Japanese coulture is to die for.

A wonder... very Japanese. I married in Japan, many years ago. They are a beautiful

"SUPER" I'll send this to all my musical friends! THANK YOU

Phone looks only good for right handers!

Totemo kirei desu yo! Wow what a beautiful thing to have done.

Just a small footnote, but Bach is German for "brook" so the setting is particularly apt.

pointless and a waste of lumber. No new ideas were explored, no advancements in any art were made.
Costly too.

Il faut une patience de Japonais pour parvenir à un tel résultat. Étonnant!!!

In a culture that honors expertise and beauty and history, this is another example of their values.


Wow! This was really interesting and beautiful!


Oh my God, I do appreciate their precise work of art and the time they spent but also they can develop something useful to public with their talent. Their patience and will to do anything can be very beneficial to others. I do appreciate their work because I do understand the time and effort and their soul in it to succeed the project but some may think waste of material, time, and effort. However, they can do this means their are blessed and should be happy to be able to do it. I thank God for them.

monumental waste of wood. think of all the phone books you could have made with that.

Thanks, I circulated this. demonstrates the human spirit, several parts of it, anyway

This is great these people are genius's can you imagine the patience this took. Who could have ever thought of something like this to start. You can not say enough of there talent ,some people have Gods gift they have it for sure.

This is just a Masterpiece! It's wonderful, the time to do all of that.. Thanks for sharing!


this is amazing

Imust say i found all the clever sod comments no matter how erudite very boring, what we have something beautiful and simple-keep it simple-and the beauty will last.

Amazing--a real gift--Thank you!

As we enter the holiest of holidays for us all, I wish you enjoyment and wonder.

I am really very, very impressed ! ! !
Great work
Great art
Great video

Very clever with a lot of wood tone. They were having lots of fun.

Nature is the only environment through which grows peace and joy. Nature is the greatest invention!

I feel that if people put as much time and effort into things that are important as they did in the production of this video the world would be better off. It was a shock to get to the end and find out that this video was to promote a phone. Sadly not even a good phone at that.

That was absolutely beautiful!

if mankind can do this she can creatively solve all the problems, yes!

Bach lives!
The deer is a nice touch.

The sound of the ball as it drops to it's different levels making different tones sounded interesting. The quiet and the serenity of the forest yet it felt alive....Creating the xylophone was a neat and unique technique

absolutely amazing with all the precision in making it and in having the sound come out so lovely- wonder if all the animals had a smile on their faces :)



What a lot of work but what a creative idea!!


Cool reflection of sound as a product of space-time-materialistic relationships. I especially like how the main mass-ball created a sound on a slope and the small-mass balls created a sound descending vertically!

I feel peaceful watching this video. You look at the atmosphere around it and it's all quiet expect the xylophone.

Question. I love this. Can I get permission to show it at my church?

I love this. Is it possible to have permission to show it at my church?