August 3, 2006
Richard Mouw and Virginia Ramey Mollenkott —
Gay Marriage: Broken or Blessed? Two Evangelical Views

Our culture's acrimonious debate on the morality of gay marriage has been framed in religious — largely conservative Christian — terms. We go behind the rhetoric to explore the human confusion, hopes, and fears this subject arouses. We'll name hard questions that these religious people on both sides of the issue are asking themselves, and that they would like to ask of others.

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is the president of Fuller Theological Seminary, an author, and a columnist for Beliefnet.

is an author and professor emeritus at William Paterson University.

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Listening the debate between two evangelists about gay marriage was very interesting for me. I really surprised by their idea. They both came from the same religion but different religious view. Before listening this debate, I used to ask myself, how the religious people accept the guy marriage. As I think, it’s not allowed for as to match with the same sex, and I still oppose gay marriage. The problem that I see is, even if we read and follow the same Bible, the way that we understand is different. I agree with the idea of Richard Mouw, who opposes the guy marriage. He point out the bible verse which oppose the guy marriage. Bible said, ‘’ you shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination’’ {Leviticus 18:22}, I don’t understand why some people even tray to debate about this issue. If we believe in God and called our self Christian, we have to obey what God said. As I listen their debate, they both agree about the importance of discussing clearly instead of fearing or blaming each other. It’s good that now a day’s, guy marriage issue is discussed publicly and it becomes political issue.
I wasn’t surprised me when I heard the problem that Virginia Mollencott had because she was homosexual. As she said, Homosexuality didn’t get acceptance at that time. People were seeing those people as sinful and different creatures. I also remember the feeling that I had when I heard about guy marriage for the first time. To be honest, I used to say that God has no place for the people like that. The reason why I think like this was, I never heard about this issue and it’s forbidden to talk about this issue in a place where I used to live. I thought every Christians oppose guy marriage; I thought only the people who don’t have religion accept guy marriage. It’s good that this issue is discussed in public now as both evangelists’ said. It gives more information for the people who fear to discuss about this issue. I like it.

I cannot say that gay marriage is broken or blessed. I know that there is something that God wants us to discover and to accept why he made a person fall in love in same sex.

After listening to both speakers, it is evident that religious scriptures can be interpreted in various ways. Moreover, this is a common theme in the "broken" world that Richard Mouw says we live in today. A large portion of the christian religion may refer to the first chapter of Romans as evidence that homosexuality is wrong and sinful. In contrary, homosexuals may refer to the popular biblical saying of "love your neighbor" as a blanket of protection from societal venom. Nevertheless, no one will ever know until the day of judgement is on our front doorstep.