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Go to the woods of Kyushu, Japan. Engineer a massive xylophone (or is it a marimba?) to run down the slope of a forested hill. Take a wooden ball, place it at the top of said instrument, and push it. What do you get? Bach's treatment of a traditional church hymn! Namely, "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring."

And, all this for a Japanese commercial for a kidney-shaped smartphone with the tagline, "Touch Wood." I may be late to the party on this one, but when I think of all the time it took to set this up, the precision and measurements used to adjust it and actually make each piece, and how many takes the film crew shot, it continues to inspire even if it's a year old.

And, here you can see how it was made:

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you guy's have way to much time on your hands.

excellence excelled.......simply wonderful

Outstanding! The implementation of a great idea by skilled craftsman is refreshing to see.

Excellent and amazing. Kudos to the team which made it. The imagination of the person who conceived it in the first place needs to be applauded. Thanks for the presentation.

Nice to see that there are still some creativity left out there. Education can't totaly take it away.

Amazing! Beautiful!

A wonderful gift to us all - hard to believe it's a 'commercial'! Lovely, thank you!

A feat of engineering and art. How interesting to pull off such a feat. No, the sound is different than that played on polished instruments by polished musicians but the quality of sound was not the intent. The creativity is markedly unique and skillful and the dedication to the task to produce an original inspiration in a verdant setting is awesome in accomplishment. I say hurrah for humankind! Magnifico!



Fantastic dedication to a memorable event with enjoyment to all who watch this "Touch Wood Commercial" Cheers to all....

I have to say that this is one of the most interesting videos that I have EVER seen. Congratulations to all that made it!!!!



Outstandingly incredible. I wish more money & intellect was diverted into areas like these, rather than feeding greed & profiteering.

There is, frankly, a point where "professional" departs from "amateur." Overexposure to western music has spoiled me. It seems like they picked the oldest tune every American would know. Granted, familiarity is something to be cherished, but it's for marketing, to Westerners. I really, really wish America as a culture would get off its comfy musical hiney and make it possible for these folks to have some latitude of choice. Off hand, I can think of a dozen tunes that would have suited at least as well, maybe better with the tempo variations, except that they wouldn't be widely recognized.

Apparently I've done too many weddings....

It is a FANTASTIC job where unity is strength!

thrilling, sensational, mind boggling, exhilarating, heart warming, soul satisfying, peaceful, embracing, centering, thoughtful, internationally echoes love and peace and a message of harmony, happiness in a universal language of quiet melody, music, song!
Thank you all for sharing this across the world.

Hard work, Driven purposed team to one song. It is magnificent! It is magnificent from the first tree fallen to the last drop of the ball on wood. Excellent.

Sheer Fun and Delight!



Utterly amazing! Such incredibly, smart creative people!

Domo arigato gozaimasu.




Beautiful!!! Wow! Wow! Wow!

no comment just enjoy


Now it's time to write some music that includes the bubbling brook, the birds and other natural sounds with the xylophone complimenting.

seriously, seriously fabulous.. not enough music in the world, this effort was totally appreciated by me.. a million times fabulous

There are no words! I hope they kept it up for people to visit and hear. WOW!


It was truly an experience in music, man's ingenuity, hard work, and inspiration! Whoever thought of this, outdid the great thinkers of commercialism! Remarkable! Industrious! Very creative! A superlative idea that was done and recorded for all to enjoy!!
Arigato gozimasu!! May you all live a thousand years...God bless!!!

Great, great job and talent & teamwork.

Amazing and joy to listen to thing. Even the deer enjoyed it. WOW what a beautiful event.

Aside from the fact that this was most enjoyable, it must have been a major mathematical challenge to select a tree that
they could project would be tall enough to get to the last note after carving, cutting, etc. There is no end to creativity! Thank
the Lord.


WOW! Speechless! Such patience and tenacity!

Unbelievable I have just purchased an original xylophone to learn some of my scales and arpeggios for the piano, but this piece of engineering takes the biscuit, well done.

amazing....not only imagination to create the instrument, but in relocating it to such a wonderous surrounding. Thank you for sharing this.




This seems like an awful lot of work. i wonder what started it all and if the people who made it got as much pleasure out of it that they hoped to have. I enjoyed it, however.

A tree was cut down for that.

Great workmanship

Great workmanship

Marvelous! Very intelligent, interesting and original! Congratulations from Rio de Janeiro - Brasil