Tami Simon —
Inner Life at Work: Business, Meditation, and Technology

You might call Tami Simon a spiritual entrepreneur. She's built a successful multimedia publishing company with a mission to disseminate "spiritual wisdom" by diverse teachers and thinkers like Pema Chödrön and Eckhart Tolle, Daniel Goleman and Brené Brown. She offers compelling lessons on joining inner life with life in the workplace — and advice on spiritual practice with a mobile device.

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is the publisher and CEO of the multimedia publishing company Sounds True and hosts a weekly podcast series called Insights at the Edge.

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From the cubicle abyss, an arm reaches above the walls.

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Wow, I was thrilled to pull up the webpage today and see this interview with Tami Simon! So glad you to have Krista and Tami together. Tami Simon and Sounds True, with its podcasts and teachings available, have been so huge in my life for so long. Beautiful interview, thank you both!

So thrilled about this interview - "On Being" and "Insights on the Edge" are two of my favorite podcasts so to have them together is wonderful!

I would like to find the section of the Tami Simon interview, preferably in text, corresponding to Krista's "teaser" at the end of the edited broadcast where the subject became "modern marketing and spiritual values" -- it doesn't appear in the tweets I saw or the text version of the edited show. Thanks

Hi Craig,
You can find the audio of the full, unedited interview at this link -
We don't have it transcribed, but I believe it came toward the end of the conversation.
Dave McGuire

Having been brought to tears several times, I am most grateful to you both. Certainly it makes me feel less alone to hear two sincere, open hearts co-operate in showing what openheartedness looks like, feels like. Not woo-woo, sentimental new agey openheartedness. Not, as Tami said, like what the boys in the marketing dept. say will sell. Not what's particularly popular. The real thing, really opening, is not easy, painless or quick. Embracing wholeness can be messy. It can be very painful. Both of you made it clear as can be that the spiritual process of waking up must not be sugar coated. I thank you Krista and Tami. You have aided my process and THE process immeasureably. Your honesty, integrity and straightforwardness bless me and all your listeners, and I reap the benefit in feeling the warm and open hearts of two kindred spirits. Namaste

Loved the show and Tami's suggestions. However, on the topic of pets in the workplace... for those who may be allergic to cats and dogs it can produce more stress. Most office buildings are not cleaned well enough to remove all the dander and fur. For many people, their pets are part of the family so it can create tension in a team if you don't respond appropriately to their dog or cat. And, because they don't want to stop bringing their pet to work, they refuse to acknowledge the impact on your health. So, let's be careful about suggesting that people bring their pet to work without discussing the other side affects.

I listen most Sunday mornings and really appreciate your show. I enjoyed Tami Simon today and appreciate Sounds True as well. Thank you, Dottie Higgins-Klein, Philadelphia

Brilliant interview/conversation.... I always enjoy listening to the unedited versions of your podcasts.

I am a longtime podcast listener - usually during the wee hours when I can't sleep. The magical middle of the night just heightens my listening and am always left moved and inspired. During this interview I heard Krista say something so simple and true for me as well. She said that she often hears from listeners that while listening to On Being content, they feel less alone. I had never thought that, but it's SO true for me as well. It's like Martha Beck calls people who are "connecting natural and supernatural worlds for the purpose of providing comfort and healing to all beings" (Finding Your Way in a Wild New World) Team members. As she meets like minded people she recognizes them as Team. I love On Being for introducing me to Team members. I find comfort and strength in knowing you all are out there and this forum lets you know that I'm out here too. Thank you, thank you.

This program was called 'Speaking of faith', now it's called 'On being', it perhaps should be called 'Buddhist practice'. With all due respect to Buddhism and this excellent guest, it's all about how to do different kinds of meditation. Krista is even suspicious of the word 'prayer'.

'Buddhism and Hinduism show us aspects of Christ we would not see without it', said one priest who lived in India. But maybe one day we will have a Catholic on the program - or the name of the program will change.

God is no doubt the source of 'Being', and Jesus told us 'No one comes to the Father but by me'. Perhaps you could have a Catholic who could talk about the mystical tradition in Catholicism. After all, if you're not evolving toward God, what are you evolving toward?

I guess this reminds me of Nietzsche - God is dead in the hearts of my countrymen. But how do you live without God? Well, one is kind, generous, fair, etc.

But why live without God? Today is Corpus Christi, and the pope had a worldwide hour of Adoration. We all knelt before Jesus in the Eucharist, who is Being made flesh, the God-Man, and we adored. And I invite others to this adoration.

What the heck is she talking about?!

Yes, when I listened to this podcast this is EXACTLY what I thought. (And...yes, I do care and I tried really hard to glean something useful from this interview.) Listening to Tami sounds like this: (low monotone voice). "Bluh bluh bluh transformation....bluh bluh bluh....traditions....bluh bluh bluh...spiritual work....bluh bluh bluh....openness....bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh". Platitudes, ephemeral words, floxum and fluff.... She talks and talks and talks and says NOTHING.

As someone who practices yoga and meditation I have some foundation for this material and STILL it was torture to listen to this interview.

The interview with Tami Simon touched me deeply. In many ways, Tami's path has paralleled my own.- coming from a loving, secure family but feeling somehow alone in my inner life. My journey took me from an undergraduate degree in engineering, discovering my inner spirit which found no words, but which led to careers as protestant pastor and transpersonally oriented pastoral psychotherapist from which I have retired. I have yearned to find ways to express my sense of a spiritually oriented business to provide psychotherapy and rejoiced to hear Tami explain it so fully. Now I am working to creatie a video and probably a book to present my wife's dementia, which enabled her to discover and work through childhood trauma of which she had been completely unaware. As a result she crossed the Threshold to the next world in peace. Tami's description of her own journey and her own work has given me both insight and inspiration. Thanks to you both for this moving interview.

On Tami Simon's interview:
I've worked in the Entertainment business for 30 + years and have always felt that there was a duality between how people behave and how they teach their children outside of the office versus their behavior in the office. Like the running mantra in The Godfather II,
"business is business" . I never heard anyone else highlight it as Tami did. BRAVO- I'M NOT CRAZY! :)

Found the conversation engaging, even though New Age is not formally my thing. I note that we all are about the same age, Krista, Tami, me so we must have experienced the world similarly. I think Tami is connected. I'm making some notes from the mp3 - I'm using it as my Rosetta stone between New Age and classical religion. BTW I did give up the classical observation for a whopping 25 years - but now that I'm back (Catholic) I just see all the similarities across all the religions and the meditative practice. My meditative space also includes a 40 minute walk every morning. I've learned to sometimes keep the radio off for about 20 minutes after returning too, so I can write down some notes. This point was covered in this very show - crowding and space. Even NPR can crowd out mindfulness. Moderation.

I learned long ago from a minister never to stop what good anybody is doing. So yes, I'd probably rather work for Ms Simon than be a grunt ina robber barron sweatshop in the Victorian age, but "sprirtual entrepeneur"? Come on. Why is "on being " always pushing big business on us in teh name of "sprirtuality"? Oh Ms Simon m,ay be very nice but the point is that she is using hi tech and "spirituality" to promote a system that by its very nature engenders inequality and poverty by concentrating wealth at the top. Oh but they are so "spiritual" about it. This program could benefit from a bit of critical thinking about who benefits and who does not from such "enlightened" top down enterprises.

I listened to this conversation with great interest, because I recently left my job of 10 years and wondered if the mission of preserving and growing the organization eventually took precedence over the original mission in all organizations like it did in the one I just left. i would love for Tami to write a book or at least an article about what she has learned about being in business and running a company. I especially appreciated two concepts: the idea of "the good minute" and the "gap" for an opening. I am going to put the first to use right away, and reflect on the second . Thank you Krista for this and all of your work and Tami for your wisdom and practice

The unedited interview with Tami Simon was full of treasures, and sparked the following blog entry from Movement Matters, for the Early Childhood Movement and Music Association:

Here is an excerpt:
We think, when we are surrounded by people who expect action, that we don’t have time to experience the gap, to feel the emptiness, to listen for the music. But if we practice experiencing the gap when we’re alone – at our instruments, washing dishes, taking walks, or doing whatever quiets us – then we can learn to expand this experience into a social context.
Because there is never not time. Even in an emergency, our ability to respond quickly and effectively is schooled by our ability to “feel the emptiness in the situation.” That is the place where there is no resistance, where just the right move, the brilliance, can comes through us.

Thank you so much for the terrific interview with Tami Simon. Now I know she is the "real deal" - a person who epitomizes what it is to have a genuinely deep spiritual practice along with a very successful career in business.

Also wonderful to hear two of my favorite interviewers interviewing each other. Super buzzed! Thank you and Namaste! Laura

As a longtime business man and spiritual practitioner, I want to cast a vote
of respect and admiration for Tami Simon's ability to survive and flourish in
a business that has seen a lot of companies come and go during the last 30+
years. No small feat. Hats off!

Thank you so much for the terrific interview with Tami Simon. Now I know she is the "real deal" - a person who epitomizes what it is to have a genuinely deep spiritual practice along with a very successful career in business.. i want to suggest you here a site visit it you can get a lot of it.

Enjoyed the interview - especially the observation about attending to the pauses - "embrace the space"

Thank you, thank you very much Krista for all that you´ve given to me and others. your work is just a loving massage for the soul.

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