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If the measure of living well is defined by what we do to create "peace on earth good will to [all]" then Hitchens did not live well; but then neither do theists. Beliefs, regardless of what they are, cause conflict. Humanity will likely die in conflict. We are not living well.

"When an atheist dies it is wrong to wonder what is happening to them now that they are dead.

Why is it wrong to wonder about anything? That's what having an intellect is all about. I suspect even atheists would concur on that point.

We don't need to wonder...the same thing happens to atheists as happens to theists. The difference is that Atheists think that nothing happens and theists BELIEVE (but can't prove) that we transcend this life to one that has higher meaning.

I as suspect that Hitchens now knows.

Christopher Htichens does not know the answer to that question - he is dead. He doesn't know nothing - he's dead.