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Go to the woods of Kyushu, Japan. Engineer a massive xylophone (or is it a marimba?) to run down the slope of a forested hill. Take a wooden ball, place it at the top of said instrument, and push it. What do you get? Bach's treatment of a traditional church hymn! Namely, "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring."

And, all this for a Japanese commercial for a kidney-shaped smartphone with the tagline, "Touch Wood." I may be late to the party on this one, but when I think of all the time it took to set this up, the precision and measurements used to adjust it and actually make each piece, and how many takes the film crew shot, it continues to inspire even if it's a year old.

And, here you can see how it was made:

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I loved the part where the little ball is making its way towards us. Bobbing this way and that making its little sound. Much like a person ambling along in the woods, even skipping along playfully.. Very friendly and spontaneous. The sound was mindful of those dripping water buckets also used in Japan, for fountains? A curious sonorousness. What a charming gift to us.
And oops, I totally missed that it was a commercial. Ha

a remarkable endeavor by creative people.


People will do anything for publicity. Amusing. Too long. And hardly sounded like Bach

Glad their talent, patience and ability are being used for creativity

I am in awe of all the work and talent that came together to make this amazingly beautiful art. Thank you for bringing me a huge smile and filling my soul with such beauty.

I absolutely loved this! How very beautiful in so many respects!!!! Thank you so much, Japanese engineers and crew! You have given me something beautiful to go to whenever I need a shot of strength and peace!!!!

Timings off. Pitch is Ok. Cool attempt though.


what a piece of work is man!


'A little envy there, Bog?

It is great to see the work from friends at DOCOMO! I enjoyed meeting with some of your finest engineers years back and now I see some of the fruits of your labor! Well played

This is fantastic. What a wonderful experience just watching it.
Thank you for all of your effort.
God Bless you.

This is inspiring! Bach, wood and the forest!

Bravo. Delightful.

Excuse me for my ignorance, but as I just can recognice part of the song, the parts I din't know weren't so beautiful. My brain could play the music all the way with the ball, but as I got to an unknown part it was less musical. But even so, I enjoy the performance of that little ball.


Absolutely lovely! Who would even think of this, let alone get it to be so magical?

My one question - - - who paid these folks to come up with this marvel?

wonderful! only the Japanese could do something so good. congratulations

Its fantastic, its awesome

Moved to tears ... water ... essential for life ... and man's desiring ... that so many come together to gather ... what seemed so recently beyond imagining.
Thank you!

EGO! That's all this demonstration is all about considering the cost could have been spent helping unfortunate ones specially children and contribute to making this planet a better place to live in. WASTE OF MONEY ALL IN THE NAME OF ARTISTIC EGO!

"When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him." - Jonathan Swift -Learn to let go, this is art!

Patients is truly a gift. This is awesome. Bless all who helped put it together. Hugs....

This my piano lovely teacher must hear. She will greatly appreciate this version of Bach's beautiful Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring

Enfin ça fait vraiment plaisir de voir de l'énergie créative, positive !

it inspired me!it is music, art and artistry combined to make true beauty- mindblowing! im going to show it to my brothers adn my stepdad> i am a 10 year old girl

A mais importante propriedade do ser humano é a inteligência criativa.
A inteligência deve ser usada, exercitada e transmitida, devendo ser estimulada no processo de educação desde o lar.
Educar respeitando e tendo consideração pelas pessoas, contribuindo para que se aprenda a admirar a criatividade das pessoas, seja numa frase, seja numa poesia ou romance, seja na música, seja na técnica e qualquer outra atividade humana ou produto humano
Parabéns aos criadores do anúncio que surpreende pela inteligência e pelo poder criativo contido em todo o processo de seu desenvolvimento pela equipe de japoneses, desde o idealizador até o executor...

Tem toda a razao.

Beautiful!!! made me happy:)

What a beautiful gift to us all - lovingly and carefully and skillfully made! Thank you! Thank you!

I do not understand Japanese, but I do understand and appreciate Bach! Outstanding accomplishment! Beautiful rendition. Congratulations!

The look of relief on his face at the end, priceless!

I'm sure there were people watching Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel saying, "Why is he putting so much effort into painting a ceiling. What a waste of time!"

This is so true! A very apt analogy.

Incredible....and amazing...

Reminds me of the Honda 'Cog' advert.

Fabulous! May all realize that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. John 3:16

Amazing! What craftmanship!

Brilliant! Good to see ingenuity that doesn't produce technology (even though it is advertising for it and, of course, technology is used in the production).

I admire the patience of those people, who made this possible.

This is brilliant!! How clever are some people to be able to produce this.

Amazing! Appealing!


What a splendid commercial! I agree that this is a truly magical moment! I wonder, being crass as I am, how much it cost to make?

I can't imagine the minds that came up with idea. The engineering is unbelievable and to find others to share in this project is a miracle. Beautiful!

I wish Bach could have seen and heard it!

pretty cool, but that little ball reminded me of a kid forced to take piano lessons. LOL

That was amazing! I hope they sell a lot of those phones to pay for the work that went into making the advertisement!