Stephen Colbert's moving tribute to his mother Lorna has touched all of us on staff this week. Yes, it is touching and might get you choked up a bit. Not to be overlooked are his insights into his mother's Roman Catholic faith and her deeply held values:

"She knew more than her share of tragedy — losing her brother and her husband and three of her sons. But her love for her family and her faith in God somehow gave her the strength not only to go on but to love life without bitterness, and to instill in all us a gratitude for every day we have together."

As I raise my children, I think of how I can imbue my children with these life lessons about being grateful for every single day we have on this planet.

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Thanks for posting this. I watch the Colbert religiously but I have always appreciated most out of character moments when his own faith radiates. It is good to know America's favorite and most brilliant character is played by a man so willing to be real.

....having had very loving and exceptionally fun, interesting, and amazing parents (both 85 now), i can only send my very best smile/laugh/ and hug to a son that made his mom VERY proud.....and makes the world a better and happier place every day.

i am grateful too....

Thank you for giving us such sweet insight into your heart and mind, all the while attributing it to your mother's influence. Inspiring. We all benefit from the lessons and dispositions you learned from her and continue to demonstrate. On with the shows.

Incredibly moving! Remarkable, both the man who paid tribute to his mother and of course, the woman who raised him!

I would have liked to hear the German prayer his mother remembered. It must have meant a great deal to her to remember it.

I didn't watch this viral video until you posted it with the frame of faith and family around it. What a moving testimony to the power of love. I will now always see Lorna when I look at Stephen. She lives on as love always does. Thanks for posting.

Colbert was so touching paying tribute to his mother's life.. He was fortunate to have her in his life and even more fortunate to realize the treasure she was.

Beautiful tribute by Stephen. My mother, Grace, also died at 92, and I agree there is never enough time when you have a wonderful mother. All 7 of us siblings are grateful and sad at the same time.

What a beautiful, loving tribute to a beautiful, loving mother. Thank you for sharing this with us.

So sorry for your loss. It's never easy to lose a parent no matter how old you are!

Dear Stephen Colbert,
You did your Mama proud when you remembered her tonight. Thank you for telling your viewers about your beautiful Mom, for sharing her enduring faith, and for letting your love for your Mom shine through your tears. Well done.

I lost my father last week, and fully understand the hole in your heart. You mother, I'm certain, was an extraordinary woman, mr. Colbert. Xoxo


So impressive. I like Colbert more than ever because of this tribute and his willingness to be vulnerable.

Thanks for sharing. What courage it took to share the intimate details of their lives. Sounds like an amazing woman and you were very lucky to have such a strong influence to make you into the honest and caring man you are today. Thanks again.

You are truly blessed. Thank you for this moving tribute to your mother and letting others see who she was in this world. I know she is still watching you - every day.

This was the most eloquent and endearing elegies that I've ever heard.

I love Colbert's ability to talk honestly about faith in an original way. Somehow he' s one of the most authentic people on TV.

Thank you for this personal, moving tribute. Deep grief means deep love happened. Love is stronger than death.

Nour (my wife) and I both appreciate your meaningful messages and your gentle manner of delivery. I have been an occasional follower for years, my wife more recently ... thank you for your encouragement.

Very beautiful. I watch his show all the time what a very grateful son.