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A video that's so heartbreakingly gorgeous and unswerving in its emotional sway, it'll have you pondering your own station in life.

A "sketchnoter" offers a new way to visualize our own conversations. When what you see lures you to listen and read.

As the world shrinks and technology empowers us, Jennifer Cobb says, we must not forget slavery can take many forms, including abdicating our responsibility of tikkun olam. What do you think of her assessment?

Wisdom from Google's senior management that reminds us who drives technology.


Being mindful may mean you just can't shoot that next photo or journal that gorgeous sunset. A 3-minute TEDtalk.

A smart film about the NYT photographer and seeing beauty in our everyday encounters.

One of TED's most popular lectures, Dr. Brené Brown offers solutions on how we can deal with vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame.

A spectacular feat of engineering and creativity that you have to see to believe. And just guess what inspired its making. Just marvelous!

"I picked up a camera in journalism class, and it was truly spiritual." We've had the honor of working with Ann Marsden many times over the years. Her passion for her craft inspired all of us at On Being, and we’ll miss her deeply.

A search for stories about the relationship between children and grandparents revealed words of wisdom for current economic times.

Writing in order to know. Writing in order to be changed. Writing as compassion.

This week's On Being roundup: Learning to be of interest to each other from Richard Blanco and Elizabeth Alexander, a guided meditation, and Twitter conversation about what the rise of "Nones" really says about America's religious landscape.

A community college professor responds to Seth Godin's story with his student's poetry.

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I like your writing Seth, do you do a mailout of the blogs like Bob?

Love this interview.

I have been a huge fan of Krista and Seth. I appreciate their generosity, openness, and creative approach to being. I love Seth's approach to marketing with I live by.

Henry Pierre

thanks for this great interview. I will be following this channel now, and I always love hearing what Seth has to say.

Reading Seth Godin's blog everday I now ahs found you canI be a part of your trible



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