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Where's the unlike button?  The Post piece is a generational rant, and I am sorry to see an excerpt posted here. 

So then, now what?  Like every generation, not just your own, you have had a coming of age and a realization of the fallenness of mankind.  Which generation has not? . I challenge the statement of the quote's second paragraph. Recall the Vietnam era, recall the scandals of Nixon and North. What is meant by "out of my way"?   for you to do what? to be what?   The fact that you are incensed by events and failures of the previous generation is a good thing---apparently someone of that same generation taught you some sense of decency and morality.  Is it just your generation that is livid by events? Our generation, like every generation, has never been unified in spirit or in purpose, and we have had to deal with similar b.s. among ourselves, let alone from the previous generation.  Out of the way? to do what, to be what?  Just step up and join with like-minded people of any generation to fight hypocrisy, to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly.

I'm happy to see this generation speaking up.  I've been waiting a decade for the younger generation to finally have that kind of courage.  Even though I'm not proud of what my generation has done, I'm proud that my children are the ones that finally spoke up.  I'm afraid what he doesn't understand is what we inherited.  The structure for what we have now was put in place in the late 70's early 80's.  Unfortunately, when I was about his age - so from that standpoint, he has every right to feel that way.  I didn't stand up at the time.

Every generation has to come to grips with its predecessor's short-comings and failures.  That is part of growing up and becoming an adult.  Welcome to the real world Mr. Day.  Your day will come too when your offspring tell you to get out of the way.

Thomas L Day, if you mean that you will now critically evaluate all by merit and not by origin or author, or that you now have confidence that your ideas are as valuable as any of your elders, then this is a good step forward. If you mean that you are going to reject anything coming from your de-selected groups - then GUESS WHAT IT WAS THAT GOT US INTO THIS MESS!  and please re-think whether you want to do the same. 

Our parents were tempted and disillusioned by more fantastic inventions and dazzling advertisements than their parents' generation. Their egos were fed with promises of progress; their lower natures lured into new realms of prosperity and convenience. They were unprepared. You and I have the benefit of critical thinking about these things. They did not. They were not yet conscious of the self-serving nature of the dream they were participating in. We have this awareness. We have the responsibility to live differently.

I agree with much of the rant, about taxes and a lack of leadership, but the analysis of the source of the problem is completely off base. There are a number of historical inaccuracies, I would focus especially on America having "the highest admiration overseas". I'm not sure what date he is pointing to, but for the most part, we have been envied for our over-consumption or feared for our over-policing. I'm happy to hear of people losing their faith in old-school football coaches and Catholic Bishops. I hope Thomas and people like him find that there are people of all ages who lost that a long time ago and have found new ways to work together.

Mr. Day is somewhere between 25-30.  His parents are somewhere between 45-55.  Joe Paterno is 84, i.e., not in the smae generation as his folks.  Isn't he in the Tom Brokaw "Greatest Generation"...yeah.the same generation that brought us Hitler, Stalin, WW II and then also got rid of those same landmarks.  I'm happy to read that he intends on being a leader but if he's telling a generation to get out of his way, it seems he's telling the Greatest Paterno generation....not necessarily his parents' one.
BTW....I have a son in Mr. Day's generation...he and his friends have not yet told me to get out of their way.  In fact, they're still actually asking for advice.  Hope I'm worthy enough to keep giving it.

I'm sorry you feel that way.  I'm a former civil rights worker, someone who taught for 40 years w/o an incidence of inappropriate behavior with students.  You're right to be angry; I am.  I'm a Michigan fan who rooted for Paterno when he wasn't playing the Wolverines; I admired the man.  Now I can't; I've lost someone that I respected, but I still have some heroes.  Look around; check out what Nickholas Kristoff is doing.

More finger pointing and bruised egos is not what we need. The problem we face is because we as a people believe in competition as a virtue rather than cooperation. This young man has stated "get out of my way, so I can lead" and that is nothing new, but if someone were to say join with me and let us cooperate for a solution, be you old, young, rich,or poor, regardless of race or culture, gender, or faith let us find, not our differences, but a solution to this life. Then this young man would be a part of the solution instead of more of the same ole same old as he is now.