Here’s a photo I considered as the lead image for our recent show on “The Genesis of Desire.” The episode is a deep-dive into the biblical stories of Noah and the Flood, and Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden — touching on themes of the language of desire, engagement with the world, and, yes, the timing and appropriateness of sexual relations.

I was enamored with most everything about the composition of this photo by Flood Gondekowa: the title, the sense of struggle, the tension of the fist grasping a comforter sans duvet, the size and shape of the ring as if it were an uncommitted covenant with someone or something, the aqua overtones. 

Alas, I ended up not using it. The visual innuendo might have been too provocative for our audience’s sensibilities — or at least for our host. She was raised Southern Baptist after all. *grin*

Photo by Flood Gondekowa/Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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That made me laugh out loud! I love the image also, but you are probably right a little provocative. I have read some of these comments and surprised at some of them. you definitely handle them well I am impressed.

Thanks, Shakura. We try not to take ourselves too seriously... *grin

You caved!   Why pander?  The image with all it's symbolism is excellent!  I truly believe you needlessly condescended here... my opinion.

Perhaps, Kenneth, perhaps I "cave" but I've also learned that the fine line between my taste and sensibilities and respecting the varying sensibilities and perspectives of our audiences is important too. But I take your point. Thanks for your perspective too.

Thanks for considering my image and being cool about the CCL.

Thanks for letting us consider your great work. It's really gorgeous.