"This enemy of ours is not just Wall Street; it's a whole culture."

Who better to turn to about Occupy Wall Street and all its other offshoots than Grace Lee Boggs. Born to Chinese immigrants in 1915, the philosopher has seen and thought deeply about issues of social justice, racial and gender equality, and the resurrection of community for more than 70 years now — not from within the halls of academia but from the pedestrian malls and streets of the United States.

"You're going to have to be thinking about values and not just abuses."

She offers a historical, sideways approach to OWS and provides a long view of constant questioning. Not only does she think on the grand, larger scale of social values, but she also is embedded, rooted and dedicated to a place — the city of Detroit.

In the video above, she addresses all the people participating in Occupy Wall Street with a note of encouragement and a call for contemplation and reflection. She embraces the movement but also challenges the protestors too, asking them to examine their own minds and hearts about whether they'd happily be part of the culture their against, if they were given the opportunity. She also calls for deep introspection and intellectual rigor as part of the effort.

For a good introduction to Grace Lee Boggs life, check out this two-minute introduction from the documentary film tracing her life, American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs. It's definitely worth watching.

(Photo of Grace Lee Boggs by Photo by David Schalliol/Flickr)

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 OWS has always lacked a wizened unifying voice that has had the experience and results of fashioning from the crumbling old and tired ideas, new humanistic ways of creating community life once again. Reimagining in action over the course of thirty years in a dead city! What better template for a recast then this!