Sketchnotes: Thupten Jinpa on Translating the Dalai Lama+Enlarge image

The flow of Geshe Thupten Jinpa's thoughts is an exercise in listening. He is articulate, his words intentional; he is soft-spoken, his ideas rich in their complexity. To trace the stream of of this former monastic's life and thought is a discipline in itself. To sketchnote Krista's conversation with the Dalai Lama's principal English translator requires many of the same qualities that Mr. Jinpa embodies: attention, compassion, focus, humility, action. No small feat.

Doug Neill picks up on the visual metaphor of reincarnation being like a "stream that Buddhists would argue gets carried over from life after life." He gives you a visual path to understanding Mr. Jinpa's statement that meditation is not simply "someone sitting quietly, emptying their mind."

I'd ask you to have these sketchnotes open while you listen to this show. Print it out, if you like, and follow along. Then let us know how you found these sketchnotes helpful, what you picked up on because of them. And, tell us what ideas or phrases you were surprised not to see included in these visual notes.

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As a visual learner, this way of presenting spoken information is WONDERFUL! The breakdown of the process and purpose of meditation was especially helpful, not just the emptying of the mind but showing where knowledge gained can cultivate action.

I don't understand how the picture is supposed to help. Maybe it would help a chimp.

I really appreciated this!

Thank you - great notes
I look forward to them

Helps me organize my notes. Thanks